Control Time in Naruto Chapter 770

Villa garden.

Kaede put down the spray can in his hand and looked towards Wendy who ran back all the way, said with a smile: “Is the commission selected?”

“Yes …Yes.”

Wendy holds the commission in her hand, but she is a little afraid to look at Kaede’s eyes for a while. This is the first time she has been thinking carefully, and the character is simple and she is very Feel ashamed of what I did.

After a long time of entanglement, she passed the order to Kaede.

“This, is this okay?”

Wendy’s start to talk by cautious and solemn, her eyes dodge.

Kaede looked she couldn’t help but chuckled. If she changes to Mebis, she will probably spit out the tongue naughty at this moment, and she will be very sorry to put it on Wendy.

“No problem, it’s okay.”

Wendy breathed a sigh of relief when Kaede agreed, but there was still a little blush on her cheeks, still a little afraid Look up at Kaede.

Kaede looked her cute look could not help but reached out and touched her little head, and said: “Okay, it’s a bit late today, you clean up, we will leave tomorrow.”

“Okay, okay.”

Wendy is well-behaved and nodded.


The next day.

Magnolia port terminal.

Since the West Continent and Isugar are separated by the sea, sailing is bound to go to the West Continent. Of course, Kaede can also directly take Wendy across the space, but that would be meaningless. .

There are very few ships going to the West Continent. Most of the large cargo ships crossing such a long distance, but at this time there happened to be a ship just waiting to set sail.

“Two distinguished guests, do you want to go to the Western Continent? That…but our ship has no space left.”

Captain looked Kaede and Wendy something Helpless scratched his head.

Wendy said timidly: “Well, I am a wizard, I can help you deal with many problems.”


The captain’s mouth trembled. Obviously, he didn’t think Wendy would be such a strong wizard, but Kaede next to him seemed to be quite extraordinary.

Kaede looked this scene and couldn’t help but laughed. Looked Wendy and said: “You have to be more confident. Just say that you are a very strong wizard and can solve many dangers on the road.”

Little Wendy’s timid and weak look, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to execute the commission by herself. In fact, she has experienced Kaede’s many times of training, and the strength is already in S-Rank wizard. Very strong.

If you use the gifts and all kinds of magic items that Kaede gave her, it is difficult for the Saint Ten Great Demon guide to be her opponent. It is not a boast to say that it is a very strong wizard.

“In this way, if there is any danger on the road, we can help you solve it. If you think this is not enough, I can pay another 1 million J boat ticket.”

Kaede Chong With the easy-going start to talk of the captain.

When the captain heard Kaede’s words, he suddenly entangled and said: “Ah…this…well, I should be able to free up a cabin. What do you think of the two…”

Kaede looked towards Wendy, said with a slight smile: “What do you think?”


Wendy was blinked, showing a lovely smile, Both cheeks were slightly red, and said: “There is no problem in the same cabin with the Kaede big brother.”

“Well then.”

Kaede looked towards the captain, and said: “That’s it. “

The captain smiled and said: “Please get on board, two wizards.”


Under the command of the captain, he forced the two sailors on the ship to share a room, and after some consideration, he arranged the third officer to the sailor’s room… after a while, he finally gave Kaede and Wendy made a nice room.

Kaede took Wendy into the cabin.


Kaede waved his sleeves casually, and a simple cleaning magic was released. This cleaning magic instantly covered the entire cabin and swept the entire cabin.

There was a bed and a sofa in the cabin. Kaede took out the bedding from the space and threw it on the bed, let it spread out, and then waved his hand again. A large number of books flew out of his hands and fell. Go to the wooden shelf next to it and pile it up.

Looking at Kaede’s new cabin in just two clicks, Wendy blinked her eyes, showing a cute smile, and then took out some of her own things and put them away.

“Where are you going to sleep?”

Kaede looked towards Wendy slightly smiled.

Wendy looked at the room, then whispered: “That…it seems to have only one bed…I can be with you Kaede big brother…”

Then, a blush appeared on her little face.

Although in childhood I slept with Kaede in the same room, and sometimes ran into Kaede’s bed, it was after all her childhood.

“You can do whatever you like.”

Kaede smiled slightly.

Of course he doesn’t mind sleeping in the same bed with Wendy. After all, Wendy is much better than other young girls and won’t do anything excessive to him, besides, only abnormal People would mind sleeping next to a Lolita like Little Princess.

While speaking, Kaede walked to the desk, took out a book that he had taken out, and began to read it.

Wendy placed her things obediently, and then went to the porthole of the room, resting her chin on her two small hands, and leaning on the window to look out.

About a moment later.

The ship finally made a long whistle, and then pulled up the anchor.

It was also when this large cargo ship started up, Wendy’s cute little face suddenly changed, and Byakugan turned up, the whole person suddenly became stiff, and the plop came from the window. The side was planted.

“Uh…this is…what’s going on…”

There was a dizzy look in her big eyes, and she felt a violent dizziness.

Kaede looked over and noticed her appearance. After a short startled, she laughed heartily and said: “hahaha, you have finally grown to this level.”

The dragon-killing wizard grows to a certain level and will stun the vehicle.

It will take a long time for Wendy to grow to the point of fainting transportation in the normal plot, but because of his training, Wendy is now up to the standard.

Kaede smiled and stretched his right hand towards Wendy. A beam of white light overflowed from his fingertips and shot into Wendy’s within-the-body.


Wendy let out a whimper, and noticed that the dizziness faded quickly, and finally took a breath, feeling that she was resurrected.

She shook her head and said in a little embarrassment: “Am I becoming like Nazge?”

“Well, it seems that you have indeed grown up. Less.”

Kaede started to talk with a smile, and said: “But don’t worry, I have just helped you permanently get rid of the side effects of the dragon-killing magic that stuns vehicles.”

“Thanks, thank you Kaede big brother.”

Wendy looked towards Kaede with a blushing face.

Kaede slightly smiled and continued to read the book.

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