Control Time in Naruto Chapter 771

The cargo ship gradually left the port and disappeared in Magnolia.

Wendy lay on the window and quietly admired the sea and the blue sky and white clouds, tilting her head from time to time to take a peek at Kaede who was sitting not far away reading.

Involuntarily recalled a question that Lisana and the others often discussed in my mind.

It was first raised by Lisana. The content of the question is very simple… What kind of person do you want to marry in the future?

This question is still a bit too far for Wendy, so when she heard this question, she directly said very red little face, curled up in the corner and did not dare to make a sound to participate in the discussion.

Get married and so on…

It’s too shameful.

And it’s too far away.

There are two villains in her heart. One thinks that it’s good now and is Kaede’s favorite younger sister, and the other is that she hopes to grow up a little bit more. Get closer.

After a single thought, every time she came out, her cheeks were flushed, she lowered her head shyly or looked away, afraid to take a peek at Kaede.

And just at this time.

Kaede suddenly closed the book in her hand, looked towards Wendy, smiled slightly at her, and said, “Want to hear my story? Wendy?”

Wendy started, showing a cheerful look, well-behaved nodded and said:

“En! Is the story four hundred years ago?”

“no, that has been given before You have told a little, what I am going to tell is a more distant story.”

Kaede slightly smiled, saying: “I planned to tell Elisa first, but this time I will come out with you , I think maybe I can tell you first.”

The more I grow up, the more lonely and lonely, the more things I can’t tell, and I can’t tell other people.

Kaede likes this World very much, and also likes Wendy, Elisa, Mebis…the reason for these lovely girls is that he knows he can tell them those stories at any time.

They will listen and they will not change.

“Is it farther away?”

Wendy tilted her head, showing a somewhat curious look, then approached and sat down on the edge of the bed, showing a cute wait Look.

Kaede looked at the sky outside the porthole and said: “Well, that is a very distant story.”

“There was once a person whose soul crossed the world and arrived Another world, that world is the world of ninja…”

“He became a ninja, and then…”

“…In this way, he relied on his perseverance Work hard, train yourself desperately from a weak hour, step by step, a little bit of become-stronger, never stop, and finally ascend to the top of the world and become the strongest ninja.”

Kaede talked about this and stopped. At this moment, the sky outside the porthole was already dim. As night fell, the starlight intertwined on the sky and spilled onto the sea.

He turned his head and looked towards Wendy.

Wendy heard this all the time and couldn’t help but whispered: “Then, is that ninja the Kaede big brother you?”

As a wizard, and I have seen Ed Lars also knows that there are many other weird parallel worlds. It is easy for her to understand that the story told by Kaede continues to the end of ninja.

Kaede slightly smiled, reached out and touched her little head, and said: “Okay, it’s a bit late, go to bed, and I will continue to tell you the rest tomorrow.”


Wendy was nodded, and felt tired and surged up and hit a yawn.

She stood up, took out a small white bathrobe from her closet, walked to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and took a shower, then put on the bathrobe, got into the bed, a little bit Curled up there embarrassedly, secretly looking in Kaede’s direction.

But Kaede is still sitting at the desk and reading.

That’s it.

After a while she got sleepier and sleepier, and finally fell asleep quickly.

After she fell asleep, Kaede put down the book in her hand, looked back, smiled, and reached out her hand to touch her little head.


The next day.

Sunlight shone in along the porthole.

Kaede eyes opened, lightly exhaled, and then slightly smiled.

Wendy sleeps very well, basically it doesn’t happen to fall asleep to a mess. She still curls up in a small ball lying next to her, a very cute sleeping face.

After a while.

Wendy also gradually woke up from sleep, her eyelashes flickered, her eyes opened a little, she raised her hand and rubbed her sleepy eyes, saw Kaede, a smile on her cheeks slightly red. He greeted: “Kaede big brother, early…”


Kaede said with a slight smile: “Get up, it’s time to go for breakfast, yes Now, this cargo ship is about to arrive in Albares. At present, it is about half a month’s journey. Be prepared to stay on the ship half a month.”

Wendy’s well-behaved nodded, firm Said: “Well, this is also training.”

She added silently in her heart, if she can stay with Kaede, she feels nothing at all even in the first half of the ship.

Looked Wendy got up and walked to the bathroom. Kaede suddenly laughed.

Little Wendy is very good everywhere, that is, Taiping, even more peaceful than Mebis. Although she is young, in fact the girl is not very peaceful at this age, vaguely remember Elisa At that time, she looked like a girl.

This is why Wendy will silently lower her head when many girls discuss this issue, and her heart is extremely entangled.

Kaede wanted to comfort her. In fact, she was the cutest, but considering that such comfort might cause counter-effects, so in the end, she was only looked around at these times.

The breakfast on the boat is average.

Kaede is still very particular about food. It used space power directly to get it from the land earlier. Although it is to carry out a commission with Wendy according to normal behavior, it is not too much to use a little space magic. Big interference.

After eating breakfast, Kaede continued to read, and Wendy also found a book and began to read it. Until the time came in the afternoon, Kaede closed the book and continued to tell Wendy that she did not speak yesterday The end of the story.

“The ninja became the strongest, and then he had the ability to travel through space, so he traveled to the second world, that world is the world of the sea, with all kinds of strange abilities and Countless pirates…”

“He became a traveler there, sailing along the route called the Great Route…”

“…Just like that, He finally got the power boost he wanted in that world, and was enshrined as a god in that world.”

That’s it.

Kaede stopped, looked away from Wendy’s face, looked towards the sky outside the porthole, the sky was already dotted with starlight, and it was night again.

Wendy tilted her head and listened obediently. When she heard this, she asked in a low voice: “Why does the Kaede big brother want the power of one by one world? Obviously Kaede big brother is already here A world has become a god-like existence.”


Kaede slightly smiled, saying: “Good question, probably in pursuit of the unforgettable original intention. .”

Some things were overlooked in his story. Wendy was still very keen. After listening to today’s story, she grasped the point.

Wendy blinked, showing a seemingly unintelligible gaze, and said: “Then Kaede big brother, will you leave this World in the end?”

“No way.”

Kaede carefreely smiled.

Wendy was slightly surprised and a little joyful, and said: “Why?”

Kaede touched her little head and said: “Because I have got enough Strength, I can travel with this World and come back here anytime, so I don’t need to leave anymore.”

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