Control Time in Naruto Chapter 773

“Be careful!”

“Not an ordinary child! Use a cannon, hurry!”

Some pirates screamed.

I saw a cannon on the pirate ship being pushed out and aimed at Wendy’s direction.

looked at this scene, Wendy opened her arms, her cute little head turned her head up to the sky, took a deep breath, as if swallowing the sky, and then bulged her cheeks, making a roar of the evil dragon .

“Heavenly Dragon’s…roar!”

bang!! !

The mighty air flow rushed out, like a vortex, extending several hundred zhang. It hit the shell that hit the shell directly and crushed it directly, and then it was a blow. It hits the hull of the pirate ship, and blasts the entire ship off at once.

Even the sea below was sunken by this blow. Strikes came out of a huge huge pit with a radius of nearly thousand zhang. For a while, the sea roared and splashed into the sky. .

On the cargo ship.

The captain and the first mate and the others, including those of Knight, all fell into a sluggishness, and they were all somewhat unbelievable looked Wendy.

If it weren’t for the incomparable coldness of the water splashing from the sky, they would never believe that Wendy’s tiny body could contain such terrifying power.


The other pirates still on the ship were panicked and stiff. I don’t know who made a strange scream, and then jumped from the ship. After going down, plop jumped into the sea with a sound.

The other people are also waking up from a dream, losing one’s head out of fear, all of them jumped into the water one after another, picked up a wooden board, and quickly fled to the distant leech.

Looked all the pirates fled, Wendy finally relaxed.

She turned around.

I saw the Knights, the gazes looking towards her were completely different from the previous ones, with a look of fear and awe, while the captain and the chief mate were still a little shocked.

After a while, the captain of the cargo ship who had reacted opened his mouth, thinking of something, rushed back to his room toss, and then ran out all the way to Wendy.

He is holding a stack of banknotes.

“Magic, Lord wizard…Thank you for saving my cargo ship. This is the ticket you paid before. Please forgive me…”

He directed to Wen Di knelt down, and at the same time raised the banknote with both hands over the top of the head.


Wendy looked at this scene, suddenly flustered.

Shicai was able to calm down when facing pirates, but she really couldn’t cope with this situation, and she was a little at a loss for a while.

And at this time, Kaede’s voice came into her ears with a slight chuckle.

“Accept it.”

After hearing Kaede’s words, Wendy finally settled a little bit. After a short period of hesitation, he still obeyed Kaede’s command, and cautious and solemn took over. I received the banknote and said: “Well, that, you are welcome, I am also a boat passenger, and I should help if I get into trouble.”

“I really appreciate it!”

The captain still keeps Apologizing.

This also made Wendy quite embarrassed, especially those gazes nearby, which made her feel embarrassed. Finally, she lowered her head and ran back into the cabin.

Kaede who watched this scene burst into laughter and said: “What’s the embarrassment, you helped them expel the pirates. Isn’t it right to get their respect and money?”


“Yes, but…”

Wendy is still a little at a loss, standing or sitting neither.

Looking at this cute look of her, Kaede laughed, extend the hand touched her little head, and said: “Okay, it’s over, you should continue to rest.”

After being touched and killed by Kaede, Wendy finally recovered. After being relaxed, she looked at her clothes and stayed for a while. She was a little shy and didn’t dare to say something, and said, “Kaede big brother , That… my pajamas…”


Kaede smiled, pointed at her and used the dress-up magic again to let her I changed back to the clean nightgown I was wearing before.

This time Wendy finally relaxed and got back into the bed. Kaede, with her cheeks slightly red, said: “Night, good night, Kaede big brother.”

Kaede pointed She smiled nodded.


The next day.

The attitudes of many crew members on the ship towards Kaede and Wendy have obviously changed because of the pirate incident. In the morning, the crew sent a delicate breakfast.

This early is also quite plentiful. It saves Kaede’s long-distance ingestion from the mainland of Ishugar, and enjoys it with Wendy, who is a little sleepy because her sleep is disturbed by pirates.

Wendy’s sleepy look is quite cute, her hair that was originally supple has become a little loose and untidy, she stretched out her small hand and rubbed her eyes, her big eyes were a little listless.

Fortunately, she is the Dragon Slayer wizard after all, and soon recovered.

The physique and vitality of the Dragon Slayer wizard has always been much stronger than that of the ordinary wizard. Wendy’s sleepiness is only caused by the fact that she usually sleeps on time and is suddenly broken, and she can recover when she adapts.

On this day, Wendy has been looking forward to Kaede’s story all day, and after patience until the afternoon, Kaede finally started telling her a new journey.

The new story is a more peculiar world, where there are weird people, there are heroes, there are all kinds of weird abilities, and there are many kinds of tricks. Wendy is also listening with big eyes and brilliant colors.

Finally, when the story of the night is over, I will freshen up and rest on time.

That’s it.

For five days in a row, Kaede finished telling her her story, and the last day was the part of the earliest period in the fairy tail world.

And Wendy also realized the power of Kaede from this. It was the power that shocked her heart. Although it may be just a powerful individual in other worlds, in this World, Kaede is already beyond creation. Exist like a world god.


After the shock, her feelings towards Kaede remained the same as before, and she did not have the kind of fear of the gods. Of course, this is also the reason why Kaede has always been so gentle, but also because She is Wendy, Wendy of Fairy Tail.

Kaede doesn’t mind telling her more stories about herself, because he knows that even after hearing these stories, Wendy will still not change.

The people in this world, especially the young girls in Fairy Tail, almost have the same abilities as they did not change their original intentions. Everyone is the same.


In the past about 1 month later, the freighter arrived in the Western Continent, the Albares Empire!

“Finally here.”

Wendy jumped from the boat to the dock and took a breath of the dock air. She was a little cheerful and reluctant. It was rare to spend a month alone with Kaede. That passed.


Kaede appeared next to her, reached out and touched her little head, said with a slight smile: “Okay, it’s time to investigate the content of the commission. Let’s try it first. “

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