Cosma Empire Chapter 1323

“Two things…

At night in the house of Holmes, his secretary was reporting some information about Durin that had been obtained through various sources since that day, and he had found two other things outside the clean-up of those that were not available.

Holmes sat on the couch with a glass in hand, and Durin obtained recognition from many noble parties in the new party by persuading the old party to support him.

For these people, the concept of a new party and an old party is, in essence, a noble one, some very good friends before or before.

Durin persuaded the old party to feel Durin’s recognition of his identity – as noble.

This is a very good development, and there is no more sense of security than “own”.

Holmes is now lagging behind Durin, and he thought it was a evenly matched competition, and he was completely behind Durin at the beginning.

Durin has consulted and reached consensus with him before the present attitude of Audja, and it can even be said that Bower’s accident may have been handled by both individuals themselves.

Durin put everything in place, pushing things forward, and he took a far higher position than Holmes.

He could have said that he had been phased out earlier, but he didn’t want to be phased out, so he had to fight Durin alone, not Audja.

The thought was recovered, Holmes looked towards his own secretary, a glass of wine, and the liquor burned his voice, blinked his eyes and said, “Hope is some good news.”


secretary was slight, and there was some excitement on his face. “First thing, we found Mr. Bower’s secretary who was working when he failed, and there were other things in it.”

Holmes ordered a little bit, “Say something that would make me interested.”

“I looked at this girl named” Paula “from the local police station and, by the way, found out about 7: 00 p.m. the previous night, Ms. Paula called for a call for help.”

“When police patrols arrived at the scene, a large amount of blood was found on the ground.” The Secretary passed the photo of the film, and Holmes put down the glass and watched it in his hand.

A total of four photographs, which are a lot of blood on the floor, have traces of drags in one of them, and it is clear that terrifying has happened in this house.

The Secretary continued to present that “on the basis of information provided by the adjacent neighbourhood and apartment administrator, two police officers had previously visited Ms. Paula at the door, but none of the other police officers in the police police records received instructions to arrive at the scene.”

“The police guessed that someone was taking the police into the room to rob…”


secretary didn’t say that Holmes looked at him in the face, “Is this a sign of a burglary in the room?”

The blood on the ground and the marks left behind by some hidden bullets on the walls, which are no longer as simple as killing, just as wanton killing, but as a result of police robbery?

Secretary laughed, Holmes Yang came to the fore, suggesting that he continued to say, and sometimes something was not so easy to distinguish. “Ms. Paula is now temporarily confined to the police custody and investigation at her aunt’s house, and the police have found it possible for them to act retaliatively.”

Holmes threw the photos on tea and looked to Secretary, “So we found the girl,” Paula? “


He took a deep breath, a little thought, and he said, “Find a way to bring her here, she’s very useful to us.”

Sometimes, as a public figure, Holmes was reluctant to use less light methods to do something and so on, and he preferred to be able to decide to win in an equitable environment.

But many times things have evolved so far as people’s will has changed, especially in the face of such an important opportunity, that little reservations are less important.

When a leading position is obtained, it can be shown that his chest, but if it’s behind, it’s fair, that’s stupid, that’s damn it.

“What’s the second?”


Secretary just said that there were two things, the first thing that was important, that Paula’s girl could connect Durin and Bower to the wounding of the new party leader by shaping the image of a new party leader who had no choice but to compete for power, so long as that image was accepted, Durin would not have the opportunity to become the leader of the new party in his life.

No one would be willing to leave a place where his subordinate might conceal that he was in important positions, both within the party and outside the party, and that he would not be reused in other parties.


long as this is done, Durin can no longer be a threat.

The first thing is so important, and that makes Holmes wonder what the second thing is.


secretary laughed, and he looked around, and then bend down on Holmes’ ears and said, “I found Durin having a private girl on Imperial Capital.”

Holmes looked back and looked at him, and the eyes were coming out of the light.


empire is open, and there is no doubt that some things are not so important in the minds of the young people of the Empire, who have been drained or drained by themselves, in order to get their families and their homeland out of poverty, in order to get their families dressed up and to have their stomach eaten, in the bar.

In particular, the campaign of bombarded women’s rights has continued until today, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether boys are cheap or girls are cheap, so that mothers have been instructed to live outside their homes when children go out to school or work.

The openness of life does not necessarily imply that marriage must be sluggish, and that there is some kind of distorted moral paedophilia for all people in this society, whether on the road or in the palace, the Emperor, who has no other job than the creator.

They both hope that all people will be clean and sacred, and that they will never strictly demand themselves, which creates an interesting social phenomenon.

This is not a bullshit, it reflects the ugliness of the most extreme consequences in society, and everyone wants to live in heaven, and everyone around himself is a dirty Angel, but this does not work on his own.


bad life before marriage is a personal option available to all single persons, but after marriage, society requires that the vast majority of people comply strictly with certain things, such as respect for marriage, respect for the other half of their own, and that nothing can happen.

Maybe every marriage is blessed by God, and perhaps people want the world to be better.

Once Durin’s news of a private girl explodes, his private side will become a key element of social opinion, and social opinion as a whole will climb, and while I must not be able to comply, others will have to adhere, and everyone will treat it as a hotspot for a few months.

This would leave Durin with a lot of social divisions, because he was an asshole who failed to comply with ethical norms, not only because of the affair of marriage, but also of private girls.

The social prestige of such a wolf is not enough for him to take up the position of the leader of the new party, since every leader, in both private and working terms, should be in line with social standards.

Leaders themselves are a spiritual symbol of some aspects of the new party, making such a stigmatized, socially ethical and public opinion acceptable leader, blasphemy against the new party and desecration of every new party.

Holmes finally got completely excited and had these two viable plans, and he felt like he’d done it again.

He couldn’t stand to stand up and come back in the lobby, and then point to his secretary, “Arrange someone to control Durin’s little girl, and that woman, and don’t be surprised, and that secretary will invite her as soon as possible, and we don’t have much time.”

Yes, there was little time, the last meeting of the old party, which had been held before March, and the new party would have held once in those days, as planned, but with Bower’s sudden admission to the hospital, it had to postpone the time.

In the last three days, a meeting will be held, at which Odja will certainly be nominated and will be given the opportunity to do so through becoming a new leader of the new party, as will Durin.

It must be done before they do so, otherwise it will be too late.

With the approval of Holmes, the Secretary immediately used some of the strengths and white gloves that they had been operating on Imperial Capital.

Honestly, when the phone calls out, the secretary still has some emotional pain, because after this evening, these forces or individuals who run 3-5 years or even 7-8 years have to be completely abandoned.


reason why they were abandoned was, on the one hand, a direct threat from Durin, to think that the identity of Durin would never allow those responsible to live after those events had occurred.

So these are implemented regardless of the role they played before, and they have social resources, starting today, all of them.

These people will naturally return to Woodland and continue to serve Holmes in that safer place.

Secondly, Holmes arranged for what they did, after all, to be less positive, to develop white gloves in Imperial Capital in advance, and to do these dirty things in advance, so that some people would not be satisfied, so that recovery would also be necessary.

that many funds, the payment of personal relations and the time he had to abandon the secretary or the pain, but he still notified those people that, as long as the matter had been done, the proceeds would be sufficient to cover the current losses.

Ten minutes later, Paula was taken away by two senior agents of the Bureau of Inquiry on the grounds that the murder associated with Paula would be carried out in cooperation with the investigation.

Because there are qualified documents, how can Paula not at all suspect these people, and…

On the other hand, three electricians have obtained a permit for the security of the rubber Bay to enter the rubber Bay villa area.

The three people were driving in the name of repairing the circuit, and the security guards were at first sceptical that when the circuit was repaired at night, the other side could propose that people no longer use electrical appliances after sleeping at night, but rather that they had a good chance of repairing the circuit.

Many people use electrical appliances in the day, and once the circuits are cut off, electricity companies will be complained and community service companies will be sued.

The general rationale for such an assertion is that the duty manager is allowed to enter the circuit repair.

The car stopped by an electrical stake, and three people began to undergo repairs in accordance with normal processes, and their eyes were always on a villa.

That’s the villa George’s family lost to Durin, and the price is now more than 3 million to 4 million, and that’s how it’s still hard.


special concept of business and environment in the rubber Bay villa community have resulted in concentration of commercial bunkers, together with some privileged residence here, and every time a real estate is publicly auctioned, prices will fly quickly to the sky.

As long as living in the bay of rubber, it was half successful until today, when advertising advertisements and their concept of business remained eloquent and were still being studied in depth by many.

More than 11: 00 p.m., many lights in the community have been extinguished, and the vast majority of those living here have entered sleep.


a long time now, the middle and lower levels of society believe that rich people will be obsessed with paper and night songs, but this is not true.

Almost all of the 50 most successful former people in the business field of the Empire were sleeping by 11: 30 a.m. and woke up by 5: 30 a.m. the following morning.

Those who cannot often rest on time are often due to the relationship between work and occasional remuneration, sometimes for a few days, but as long as there is no work or remuneration, their lives will become very prescriptive.

This is a norm and, indeed, a more stringent self-regulation, but many people who do not know how to think about things are too bad, and, sadly, are generally recognized at the bottom of society.

After all the lights were extinguished, after the night patrol walked out of Durin’s villa, one of the electricians quickly left the electric stake, and before leaving, he hung a suit on the shelf.

He switched his hands around the back of the villa, picked up the glass door next to the pool and entered the villa.

Most households living in high-filtered areas would lock the doors on the right side of the villa, but some of the windows in the back would often be locked, the more developed.

that person was easy to go up to the second floor, and in the main bedroom west of the second floor, he saw his goal of this mission, a woman, and a child.

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