Yi Tianyun thought that the Star Emperor would not make make a move so fast. Who knows that this has just come back, and he immediately started to do it himself. This speed is amazing. Say it is easy to do it, but also do not leak!

However, as a star emperor, there are still capabilities in this area. If you don’t do a good job, who dares to do it at will? If you are discovered by the Emperor Luo Xing, then you don’t know how to die.

Everyone knows that Luo Tianxing is very optimistic about Yi Tianyun. Whoever dares to come along is like touching the brow. Even if it is the star emperor, it will be killed! Dāng~ However, if it is the Emperor of the Great Star, it will be suppressed and not discussed.

To do this kind of thing, I believe that there should be no amethyst make a move. This reward is not tempting for the Polar Star Emperor.

In other words, will the Polar Star Emperor make a move?

In Yi Tianyun’s opinion, even if it is a superstar, there are also uneasy kings! Nothing is absolute. As long as there is absolute temptation, it is not impossible for the Polar Star to sacrifice itself.

Many things are abandoned when they are abandoned, and there is no room left.

“This is a small effort, will the Star Emperor come?” Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yes, from the perspective of energy fluctuations, it is the Star Emperor is not wrong, and it is still a very powerful Star Emperor, at least the existence of Intermediate or Late Stage Rank. But pressing on his own aura, it is not possible to sense who it is, obviously Do a good job of perfection.” Jue Luoji Xingdi did not have any accidents. As long as there is a little leak of aura, he dares to say that no matter who the Emperor is, he must be finished!

Yi Tianyun is a great hero, and his ability is amazing. He must be a Super Expert in the future! I dare not say that I can break through to the Extreme Star Emperor, but I can definitely break through to the Star Emperor. At that time, the leader of the Star Emperor exists, and the status is afraid to be comparable to the Polar Star Emperor.

In this case, can he not be angry? Even if it is replaced by another one, such as the singer and the singer, he will be violent, these are great heroes. In addition, besides betrayal!

I didn’t expect myself, but I was tempted by the other side. This is the most irritating thing.

“I don’t feel aura…” Yi Tianyun shook his head. He didn’t look at the other person’s figure. The other person was hiding too deeply. He couldn’t detect where the other person was.

If you look at it for a second, he will be able to see what identity the other person is, and then hide the aura is useless! However, it was too late, let him watch it for a while, then he really died there, so he did not dare to stay for a little while.

I can run, I will run right away, I can’t think too much. A little pause, it is death.

Soon, other guards quickly rushed over, and the report said: “There are no fewer than ten stars in the vicinity.”

Jue Luoji Xingdi took over the list. After viewing it, it was locked with a brow. Obviously, it was completely unclear who it was. So many of the stars, many of them seem to have no problem, as for the problems, they really can’t see.

“Oh, it seems that I can’t see it…” Jue Luoji star sighed. “It seems that you can only move to the cultivation of my hall, otherwise your life will not be guaranteed.”

This is the most helpless way, and it can only be done. Otherwise, come to a star emperor again, then it will be troublesome.

Dāng~ However, it is estimated that the residence will not be locked in the future. After all, there has been a sneak attack here. If you attack again, you are not ready to catch it.

However, it is still possible. Once it is relaxed, it will be attacked.

There is no doubt that it is safest to move to the side of the Emperor. If this is not safe, then there is nothing to say.

Yi Tianyun’s eyes flicker, if his cultivation base reaches the Star Emperor Rank, it is really all that can be left, and one can’t let them escape.

Now he is thinking, do you want to use the ancient stone, and then find the Divine Medicine you need, then break through and kill them.

Dare to provoke yourself, and still betrayers, how can not bear. If it is the star emperor of the foreign domain, the star Imperial City here dares to do it yourself, and it really angers him.

“Right, do you want to go to the restricted area?” Jue Luoji Xingdi suddenly thought of a point.

“Forbidden zone?” Yi Tianyun wondered.

“The restricted area is actually a relatively special area. It is in a very remote area of ​​the outer domain. It does not belong to the control area there. It is very chaotic. We generally don’t let the Cultivator here go to the restricted area, for many Cultivators. Words, there is really too dangerous there.” Jue Luoji star emperor said solemnly: “At the same time, there is also a very rich resources, strength is strong enough, if luck is good enough, it can greatly enhance the cultivation base!”

“Is there even Divine Medicine, which is promoted to the Emperor’s Law, is there?” Yi Tianyun said in front of his eyes.

“Yes, and still quite a lot.” Jue Luoji star emperity said solemnly: “The most critical thing is that only the ten-star Supreme Rank can be entered inside. For this reason, even if you encounter enemies or even traitors, you can have your own Protect the power!”

“Is this still the case?” Yi Tianyun was a little surprised at the moment, so that he would not say that he was his own world, at least not so embarrassed.

“That is the rule that the Emperor of Heaven set out for each other! The situation there is quite special. If you send the Star Emperor into it, it is easy to have a big melee and the loss is heavy. The ten-star supreme is different, the number of both sides is more, if the chance is good, Promoted to the star emperor!” Jue Luoji Xingdi smiled and said: “It can be said that it is a paradise to break through the stars!”

Yi Tianyun was pleasantly surprised: “Then I am going, there is no place to go, it is suitable for me.”

“Yes, I didn’t want you to go there. After all, it is very dangerous. Considering that you have no pressure on the ten-star supreme, you can let you go.” Jue Luoji said: “It’s just like this. You will be exposed there and fight with a lot of ten stars.”

“This is no problem, be careful, no one can kill me.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

He can break through to the ten-star supreme at any time. At that time, he is absolutely invincible within the ten-star supreme. As long as he does not come to the emperor, it will not be a problem for him.

“The point is, as long as you don’t face a group of ten-star supreme, you can kill each other and even run away.” Jue Luoji Xing smiled and said: “Then you decided to go?”

“Dāng~ Yes, this is very much in line with my current situation.” Yi Tianyun smiled, and there is a way to show his talents. The key is to earn Divine Medicine.

In this way, the ancient stone can be saved, and it can be used temporarily. However, he will look at the situation to use, after all, the demand for Divine Medicine is very short. If you can get a lot of things, maybe there will be a group of stars…

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