After Yi Tianyun and Jue Luoji Xingdi finalized the plan, they immediately acted, and they were not willing to stay here for a while.

This time, I was led by the Emperor Luo Jingxing, and I was also attacked by the Star Emperor on the road. Now, for the purpose of killing, there are too many tricks. Sometimes, when you don’t need to see people, you will be madly attacking.

If you are alive, Yi Tianyun has a life to live, no problem with the waves.

Now is walking on the road, saying that there is no enemy to kill from the ground, directly give him a fatal blow, throw him into a slag!

For this reason, Luo Jixing can only lead him personally, and change to other people. Wherever he needs to do this, he will go alone, there is no need to escort.

A polar star escorts the past, this is really a big name.

“Tell you a few points in the restricted area. Although the most important thing is to be cautious, there are some things that can be told in advance. There are many demon beasts in the restricted area, and the number is very large. Demon beast is not very good for both relationships. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about joining forces to suppress us.”

“In addition to a lot of demon beast, there are a lot of nests, often from the inside to search for a lot of treasure. Then it is the secret, the most precious inside is the secret!”

Jue Luoji Xingdi said sole solemnly: “If you find a very good secret, it is possible to break into the star emperor and even the extreme star emperor in one breath!”

“What is this secret?” Yi Tianyun’s eyes narrowed, and even the Imperial City’s Imperial City could break through, so exaggerated?

“The secret is something like a ruins. It is a super secret that the ancient great expert left! No one knows when it exists. When we find it, it already exists.” Jue Luoji Xingdi said sole solemnly: “However, It’s not something you can just go in. Everything depends on your chance. Sometimes it’s inexplicable to you, sometimes it’s blocking you directly.”

“If you can get in, you can basically get it. But everything is left with a heart, God knows what will happen?”

“Remember the peak of the Emperor, the peak of the Emperor is the ten-star supreme, and when he comes out, it becomes the star emperor. Soon it will become the polar star emperor, breaking the speed phase Dāng~ amazing! “There is no envy of the singer Luo Xingdi: “Where like me, I can work hard to reach the cultivation base.”

“There is still such a thing…” Yi Tianyun looked at her eyes and felt very surprised.

I didn’t expect that the peak of the star, the emperor, and this kind of luck, was described as a description of the Luo Xing Emperor, just like the Polar Star Emperor can easily achieve.

“Yes, so the secret is the most important thing. If you find it, try to get in. If you can’t get in, then there is no way. You can pick some Divine Medicine and the like. It’s also good.” The polar star emperor continued.

“I understand.” Yi Tianyun nodded. Anyway, when he saw the secret, he had to rush into it.

Although he does not have a cultivation base bottleneck, but can look at what is inside, or is interested in Dāng~.

“The front is here.” Jue Luoji Xingdi slightly raised his head.

Yi Tianyun looked forward and couldn’t see anything. However, he knows that this is the scene that the Emperor Luo can see, and his cultivation base is too low, where can be seen so far.

Soon, with the rapid flight, the front “forbidden zone” gradually appeared in front of the eyes – this restricted area, not a special space, is actually a vast and innocent forest, and the forest that was blocked up before it looks very similar.

“In this, there will not be the tree vines of the Emperor Rank?” Yi Tianyun’s face changed. If these trees and vines were entangled, he really couldn’t escape.

“Yes, here, like the other side, there are tree vines with the Emperor Rank. The main trunk is the Peak Emperor Rank.” The expression of the Emperor Luoji is serious: “If you want to go in, you must I have to pass the safe passage, otherwise I don’t know how to die. Even if I am, I need to be careful, not to mess.”

I felt that the Emperor Luo was in front of me, and soon a large hall appeared in front of me. I did not expect a large hall.

“This is the main hall built by our upper bounds. There is a distance from this side. It is the main hall of the outer Cultivator. These halls are corresponding to a safe passage. It is undoubtedly the most in this hall. Safe. If you can go out of the hall, it is not necessarily safe.” Jue Luoji Xingdi explained: “This hall, but the Emperor of Heaven, who dares to work on the hall, is equivalent to angering the Emperor, for this is very safe “”

“The Emperor’s handwriting…” Yi Tianyun stared at the big hall below, which looked unpretentious and didn’t have much highlights.

But in the vagueness, he could feel a smashing Power coming from the hall. It may not be very strong, but he believes that if it is a little bit hard, the result is that it will be attacked by the invaders.

The cultivation base is lower than the extreme star, Rank, and it is estimated that it will die. As for the extreme star Emperor Rank, it is estimated that it has been seriously injured.

How can the power of Emperor Rank be worse?

Jue Luoji Xing Emperor took him to the door of the main hall and smiled and said: “Even me, I have to go through the door honestly, hard from other places, I am also seriously injured.”

Yi Tianyun has a glimpse of the heart, and this day the emperor is really strong. Jue Luoji Xingdi is already strong enough, and he will be seriously injured if he is not careful.

At this time, his eyes shifted to the gate, and there was no Expert stationed at the gate. It was purely to send two nine-star supreme garrisons.

This is normal. It was originally a palace built by the Emperor of Heaven. Who dares to mess? At that time, there is no need to guard the make a move, a bunch of polar stars or the Imperial City make a move, and when it comes to reprimand, it must be a storm.

When the guards saw them coming in, they respectfully said: “I have seen the adults of Luoji Xing.”

“You have worked hard.” Jue Luoji star emperor entered with Yi Tianyun, and they did not stop.

After entering, Yi Tianyun saw a few scattered ten stars in the room, and even nine stars, but they are all Late Stage Rank.

There are not many people here, after all, not everyone, will be specially approved. Without the approval of the Polar Star Emperor, the cultivation base can’t come in at will.

“I have seen the Luo Taixing Emperor!” When they saw the Luo Xing Emperor, they respected each other.

After they greeted, they soon saw Yi Tianyun next to them.

“Tianyun Nine!!” They immediately recognized Yi Tianyun. Now Yi Tianyun is so famous, who doesn’t know?

As long as the wanted order is not removed, he will always be so famous. Even if it has been for tens of thousands of years, as long as it is not removed, it will always hang, which is equal to a propaganda.

Yi Tianyun touched the nose, he is really famous, this is not a good thing…

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