Many people in the room recognized Yi Tianyun. They looked at Yi Tianyun’s eyes very strangely. When they thought about it carefully, they felt it was clear.

Yi Tianyun will come to the restricted area, which is a bit of a surprise for them. After all, Yi Tianyun is so dangerous now, but after careful consideration, I feel that it is safer here.

At least you won’t encounter Star Emperor, at most, it’s up to 10 stars. More than ten stars, the Rank is in, that is, the Emperor Rank goes in, it will be perceived.

“Tianyun Nine, go in this time, do you have an action? I can protect you, even if I die, I won’t let you die!”

“I can also protect you, let’s act together! In a group of actions, there will undoubtedly be a lot safer. Rest assured, I will definitely not be a traitor!”

“I will not be a traitor. Tianyun is so big, and if he is a traitor, I will not let him go!”

They are full of blood, one can say, and want to protect Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun doesn’t know who is the truth, and God knows which one will be behind the knife?

Dāng~ Even if it’s all true, he doesn’t want to act with others. He plans to act best alone.

“No, many thanks everyone’s kindness. This time I came to temper myself, if there is protection, then there is no meaning of tempering.” Yi Tianyun found a dodge, so that they would not be so uncomfortable.

After they heard it, they nodded and thought it was a pity. However, here, I am really tempering myself. As for my own safety, I have already set aside the situation.

After all, if you want more opportunities, you can only fight! No danger, where is the opportunity?

After he finished speaking, he felt that the Emperor Luo took him to the front and said: “A wanted order makes you become more famous, and the prestige becomes extremely high. Dāng~ I was at you. This cultivation base has not been treated like this.”

“I don’t think this is a good thing.” Yi Tianyun is crying and laughing. Being wanted is definitely not a good thing. The whole world is chased and run. It is chilling to think about it.

“I thought you felt very comfortable?” Jue Luoji Xing said with a smile: “Otherwise, how do you compare the limelight every time?”

“Adult, do you think I want to do this?” Yi Tianyun can’t smile, how can feel comfortable, “Adult, then I am going through the order, how can I cancel it?”

“This is simple, you broke through to the extreme star emperor, it is estimated that it is almost the same.” Jue Luoji star emperor touched his chin and said seriously.

“Breakthrough the polar star emperor…” Yi Tianyun’s eyes are a glimpse. This is not a big problem for him. “Well, I will break through the polar star emperor!”

It is true that the breakthrough of the Polar Star Emperor will not be wanted, but who can kill a polar star emperor? Unless it is besieged by several other great stars. In this case, the polar star who issued the wanted order personally attacked, and where will the war order continue to be issued?

Moreover, now that the rules are signed, the Extreme Star Emperor Rank can’t fight at will, in which case the wanted order will naturally fail. Star Emperor Rank, still in the scope of the battle, it will still be wanted.

“It’s easy to break through… but it’s almost the same. If you are in the secret, find a strong inheritance, you can’t say it can be rushed to the level of the polar star.” Then, he said: “However, I suggest that you do not accept those inheritance at will, and some inheritance may allow you to break through to the extreme star emperor, but it is the polar star emperor, understand?”

“The peak of the Emperor is the star of the Emperor is not wrong, but it is the path of others, perhaps in this life, you can only stay in the category of the polar star emperor. I may only stay in the level of the polar emperor in this life. But there are still some hopes that can break through to the level of the Emperor.”

Jue Luoji Xingdi began to persuade, indicating that Yi Tianyun should be cautious about this secret.

“I understand.” Yi Tianyun nodded. The great expert with inheritance was very powerful, but some of them went to the extreme star, and they only built a secret here and passed the inheritance.

As for whether Inheritor can break through to the higher Stage, I am afraid that even they themselves do not know. After all, they have not succeeded in breaking through, and Inheritor can not rely on their own inheritance to break through, it is not clear.

“There is one more thing, you have to be cautious. Maybe you have the power to deal with the ten-star supreme, but there is a little attention.” Jue Luoji Xingdi looked serious: “The Divine Sense crystal I gave you before, is one of them. “”

“You mean, other ten-star supreme, it is also possible to hold Divine Sense crystal?” Yi Tianyun’s serious expression, the Divine Sense crystal given by the polar star emperor, the power of the explosion, at least have the slam of the Star Emperor Intermediate Stage Rank.

In this case, if the opponent also has Divine Sense crystal, it will be able to kill him if it breaks out.

“Yes, if you go in this thing, it will definitely attract the attention of others. It is very likely that the other star will make Divine Sense crystal to kill you, so be careful. At the critical time, you will use me. Divine Sense crystallizes to resist.” Jue Luoji Xingdi took out two Divine Sense crystals and said, “But you can rest assured that in general, the other party is not willing to make too many Divine Sense crystals, after all, use If you drop it, it will cause some trauma to yourself, which is not cost-effective.”

“Then you are…” Yi Tianyun took over the two Divine Sense crystals handed over, which was a bit dumbfounded.

Say you can’t make too much, now I feel that the Luoji Xingdi has made a total of three.

“My Spiritual Force is a bit more powerful, don’t worry about me.” Jue Luoji star extended his hand and patted him on the shoulder, smiling: “Go, hope that when you come out, you will bring a brand new self!”

“I will!”

Yi Tianyun is also welcome, to collect this Divine Sense crystal, perhaps he does not need it, but it is also possible to use it?

After saying goodbye, he went straight into the front channel. After he saw him deeply, he turned and left. Life and death, you can see how you choose.

If he has been under his protection, he is afraid that he will never grow up.

Yi Tianyun passed through the passage and came to the front of the front door. When the guard saw him coming, he confirmed: “Tianyun Nine, are you sure you want to enter the restricted area?”

“Yes, I am sure.” Yi Tianyun nodded.

“That’s good, this is the opening channel Token for you, please collect this Token. Without Token, we will not open the door, in case there is a demon beast.” The guard is serious.

The Emperor’s Hall is very strong, the outer domain Cultivator is afraid to come, but the demon beast is not necessarily. When the head blew, it rushed to the side, and the door did not dare to open it.

After Yi Tianyun was closed, the guard opened the door and opened a gap, indicating that he walked in.

Yi Tianyun nodded and stepped into the door. Then the door “banged” and it was closed, and he officially entered the restricted area!

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