Crazy Leveling System Chapter 2664

“No, I can do it myself. Moreover, what you should do most is to hurry up for cultivation. Just get a chance, you still have to use it best.”

Yi Tianyun refused euphemistically. From his ability, he did not need to be a ten-member.

“Also…” 琅h ten self-deprecating smiles, she almost forgot, Yi Tianyun Heaven Defying is strong, where do I need her help?

She is next to me, afraid that it is a tiring thing, where can I help?

“Then I will leave, you should be careful.” After the tenths of the audience, they turned and left.

As long as you don’t encounter a great expert in the secret, no one can deal with her. She is not only the first-class combat ability, but also the stealth ability is first-class. For this reason, the existence of the same level is basically not her opponent.

For this reason, Yi Tianyun is also not worried, she will have any accidents here. Moreover, she did not provoke anyone, and she was not wanted, and she did not have to worry about this accident.

琅h ten people care about people, but let others see it stunned, 琅h ten will still care about people?

They looked at Yi Tianyun with a strange look. 琅h10 is really a famous ice-cold beauty, basically no one has a good face to anyone, let alone care about people.

This scene can be seen in their eyes, they must be pulled out, is it ten turns?

All along, 琅h ten is definitely a cultivation madman, not to worry about anything. This is in the secret, what happened.

They are very envious, and 十h is definitely the next one, and has a great chance to become the star emperor. At that time, there is a star emperor as a companion, can you not be beautiful?

However, they thought it was really right, 琅h ten people have such a big change to Yi Tianyun, it is indeed what happened in the secret.

Yi Tianyun, after saying goodbye to them, looked at them faintly, and ignored the thoughts of them. They turned and left.

Others originally wanted to call Yi Tianyun and wanted to act with him, but when they thought about the things that Yi Tianyun had made, think about it, they still want to live. Unless you want to die, you will not dare to act with Yi Tianyun. After all, you will be tempted to provoke a lot of Expert.

If it is to protect Yi Tianyun, there is a foreign domain Cultivator coming over and helping to resist, they are still very happy. Originally, I wanted to fight with the foreign domain Cultivator, but Yi Tianyun just liked to get together to provoke those demon beasts and demon trees, which they can only recognize.

If it is in the hands of the outer domain Cultivator, it is honor, then it is stupid to go to the dead tree together.

After leaving, Yi Tianyun quickly rushed to the area where Divine Medicine was located. However, along the way, I still observed a lot of secrets around him. He was very interested in this secret. He can change aura, meaning that he can enter these secrets at will, and then he can search for more treasures.

Investigating Eye, you can’t directly lock the area where the secret is located. There is no fixed name in the mystery. Without a detailed name, there is no way to find out.

This is the same as finding someone. As long as the name is locked, even if it is a duplicate name, it can be screened out.

The secret is not a name at all, and it is completely unsearchable. For example, the secret that was just called the Hall of Immortal.

This is not related to the relationship between the two characters of the mystery. The secret is just a general term.

But as he progressed, it was really a secret.

“It’s really a mystery here. It’s no wonder that the opportunity is called Cultivator…” Yi Tianyun immediately came to the front of the secret, reached out and touched it. As before, he was bounced back and forth, representing that he was not allowed to enter. .

“Don’t let me in, then I have to go in!”

Yi Tianyun sneered, quickly changing the aura, then gently, the door opened easily and let him in.

This kind of mystery is stupid. As long as aura, it will default to oneself, and even think that it is the owner’s door. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to simulate other people’s aura exactly, even if it is a little like, it can’t be exactly the same.

Can change this aura, only Yi Tianyun can do it.

After opening the gate, Yi Tianyun drilled in, and the movement here again attracted other people around. This kind of movement is easy to be perceived, especially the fluctuation of energy dissipation after the door is opened.

For this reason, every time you come out, you must be prepared for the battle. There may be a person attack of their own influence, or it may be a foreign domain Cultivator, which is a double crisis.

If I had to work hard to get the chance, but I was killed but I was killed, it was really dead.

“This opportunity…”

After Yi Tianyun came in, he was also vigilant to check the situation, so as to avoid the corresponding abnormality.

But this time I didn’t encounter any abnormalities. I just saw a died during meditation on the high platform and didn’t do anything about him. After he came in, there was a wave of volatility in the sky, and a Martial Art appeared soon, then fell into the hands of Yi Tianyun.

After Yi Tianyun took over, I took a closer look and found that it was really a good Secret Art.

“Yueyang Divine Art…” Yi Tianyun’s eyes are a glimpse. This is the Martian-level Martial Art. It seems that when you enter newcomer, you can get these inheritance Martial Art. In addition, it seems that there is no benefit at all. .

There is nothing else besides this, it can be described as poor and white. However, for other people, this is definitely a big chance. Can you get the Star Emperor Martial Art, can you not belong to a big chance?

Switching to other people has long been crazy. For Yi Tianyun, this is really nothing to be happy about…

Martial Art, he really does not have much interest, mainly because he killed the Star Emperor Rank, and will continue to fall, and he is not worried about the bottleneck, where is needed.

He also has the Fusion system, but it can be Fusion, suitable for his own Martial Art, where is the need for Star Emperor Martial Art?

“Continue to see the next secret.”

Yi Tianyun shrugged and felt very difficult, then went on to the next secret. He feels that searching the secrets is really a good choice… he doesn’t need it, it doesn’t mean that others don’t need it, and it doesn’t mean no one wants it! Take the sale of points, it is also a good choice for Dāng~.

After going out, it was immediately killed. Yi Tianyun’s eyes were fast, and he slammed his legs. The violent Power swept around, and then several people who were close to it were directly smashed into a bloody fog!

On the side of the situation, the upper limit of the Cultivator, when looking at the people who came out, suddenly sweating. I didn’t expect it to come out Yi Tianyun!

“Good overbearing Power, no wonder dare to provoke those demon beast…”

They were amazed, and they were amazed at the strength of Yi Tianyun’s. They were so strong. In the blink of an eye, they rushed to the outer domain Cultivator!

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