Crazy Leveling System Chapter 2665

Yi Tianyun is killing, naturally it will not be the upper limit of the Cultivator. But if the Cultivator in the upper bound really attacks himself, then he really doesn’t mind exploding them.

The rule here is that, who makes a move, then kills the other party, then it will not be punished. After all, even self-insurance will not work, how come to gain experience?

After Yi Tianyun faintly swept around for a circle, he asked: “Who do you know, where is the secret in the neighborhood?”

“I know!”

At this time, there is a ten-star supreme, and I walked out from the front and said: “In the area in front, I can take you there.”

“I also know one. In another area, if you want to go to Tianyun, I can take you there.”

They all volunteered to stand up. In fact, they still want to add a sentence, that is, don’t attract demon beast.

Yi Tianyun nodded. They knew the secret and didn’t mean they could go in. There are more secrets here, but it is another matter if you can get in.

“You don’t have to take me with me. Just tell me the direction. I will try it myself,” Yi Tianyun said.

“Tianyun Nine, are you still looking for a secret? You just didn’t come out of the secret. Generally speaking, a secret is almost enough. Or, if you go to other secrets, you can’t go in, and it’s still very Danger!” Someone immediately persuaded.

They know the secrets, they don’t mean they can go in! If you can’t get in, then what kind of secrets are all talked about.

Moreover, Yi Tianyun has gone in one, and continues to find the secret? It’s not bad to chew!

“Hey, what about Tianyun?” People broke through to Tianyun’s tenth…” Someone reminded me that it was obvious that Yi Tianyun’s aura was wrong.

“Breakthrough to the top ten stars…”

Everyone sighed and immediately took a sigh of relief. No wonder how it would be so overbearing? But think about it, the breakthrough is also normal, it is the nine-star Extreme Stage, and the breakthrough is not the ten-star supreme.

No one knows, Yi Tianyun is already a ten-star Extreme Intermediate Stage, and if they know the truth, they are not stupid.

Because Yi Tianyun’s combat power is too high, there is no way to estimate it intuitively. If you don’t feel the aura, I’m afraid that it’s all ten-star Extreme Stage Rank. How do you estimate this?

Yi Tianyun is not simply a measure of existence in other situations. For this reason, it is simply a ten-star supreme, and it is a big mistake.

“No problem, then I will tell you the location.”

“I know both, I will tell you!”

Every one of them tells Yi Tianyun about the point of the secret. Anyway, they can’t get in and tell Yi Tianyun that there is nothing. Here is to talk about a chance, can not go in, it is purely to look at their own luck.

Soon Yi Tianyun collected five or six secret points and made him feel very satisfied. Perhaps his Investigating Eye can’t be found, but others can tell himself that he can’t find it everywhere.

“Yes, six secret points, I hope not to let me down.”

Immediately, Yi Tianyun immediately went to the secret point, and all of them searched in the past. There is no doubt that one can’t recognize him and not let him in. This is not beyond his expectations, it is not unqualified, generally choose Inheritor, are to choose some more similar aura, will let in.

This is why he can go in after changing aura. Only when various attributes are met can you get in. Otherwise, there is no way to go in, only to leave.

Soon the six secret points, all of which were searched by him, were not as sinister as the previous one, and wanted to swallow all the newcomers.

These six secret points are very simple. If you go in, you can get Secret Art. Besides, there are no other special benefits.

Yi Tianyun felt that there should be other benefits, but some people have definitely gone in before, and then got it. The only thing left is the Martial Art.

For example, the peak of the peak of the star emperor, must be a lot of benefits, or simply by a Secret Art, can break through the polar star emperor? That is impossible!

Breaking into the polar star emperor, it is not so simple, without a lot of resources, or targeted resources, it is impossible to break through to the extreme star emperor.

For this reason, the inheritance of the peak of the Emperor is not only powerful, but also a lot of resources, and few people have gone in!

“Don’t you have the inheritance secret that has been opened?” Yi Tianyun felt it was a pity that he had been there before.

Although it is good to get these Secret Art, it still almost meant something. If he can get a batch of resources that can break through the Extreme Star Rank, it is called cool!

It is a pity that no similar secrets have been found at all, and I don’t know which secrets I have ever seen.

Dāng~ When he just wanted to go to the next area to find Divine Medicine, suddenly three figures appeared in front of him. He didn’t wait for him to talk, but he blew the Divine Sense crystal, and the three great stars Phantom Shadow appeared again. It is.

“Idiot.” Yi Tianyun sneered, then disappeared.


The thunderous bang suddenly exploded, and a large area was blown up. The horrible waves swept around and made many nearby Cultivators feel clearly.

“That, it seems to be the secret point that I told Tianyun ten times before?” One of the ten stars looked at the other side, what happened?

“It seems that Divine Sense, which is crushing the polar star, has crystallized, and it is not yet a…”

“Too, it’s too exaggerated. Too many people want to kill Tianyun.” I don’t know how Tianyun is ten.”

One by one, I can see my heart tremble. If they lead the way, I am afraid that there will be no bones. Then the horrible explosion, even if it is the star emperor, fears that it will be planted there.

On the other side of the Emperor, he felt the vibration again. His brow wrinkled: “The three guys, once again, Divine Sense crystallized so much? Two consecutive self-trauma, if it is present, I I want to kill one…”

After two consecutive traumas, the combat power must be greatly reduced. In this way, it is easy for Luo Dixing to kill one of them. Unfortunately, they are not here, otherwise he really wants to destroy the rules and kill one or two polar stars!

One or two polar stars, think about him and feel excited. Unfortunately, no one is nearby, just think about it.

“I don’t know if this time, the kid can still run away?” Divine Sense of the Emperor Luoji Sweeped over there and continued to explore the situation there.

I couldn’t continue to go too far. I was forced to explode and quickly covered a large area, and it was hard to expand to the area where the explosion occurred.

After scanning a piece, I quickly saw Yi Tianyun intact.

“This kid, evil door!” Jue Luoji star emperor laughed, but this is a good thing for him!

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