Yi Tianyun After the breakthrough, the force off the charts, aimed at the wooden pivot is the frozen mammoth. Powerful combat power, easy to crush the wooden pivot pole star emperor, even do not need any gorgeous moves, is simply a punch and kick, the power of the explosion has surpassed the wooden pivot star emperor!

All the way to the fight, the wooden Shuji Xing Emperor is all awkward, and he did not react to what happened, he was beaten without any help. The scales above the body are constantly being blasted, and they are detached from the body, and the blood is continuously spattered.

The mad insult, which caused the woods to be seriously injured, and the situation became very bad. Less than a little effort, the wooden pivot star was severely wounded!

It’s all happening in a very short time.

Not to mention that it is the wooden king of the emperor, even the other emperors, did not react to what happened, the whole person is embarrassed. Not for anything else, but the breakthrough of the cultivation base!

What is breakdown, this is the breakthrough! From the ten-star supreme breakthrough to the star emperor Rank, this can be understood, now from the Star Stage, the Stage, once again into the Intermediate Stage cultivation base, the Dāng~ is amazing.

They have never seen it, the cultivation base will breakthrough so fast. Generally, it is the Divine Medicine that absorbs the world, so that it can jump so many levels in a row. This example is not without, but what does Yi Tianyun eat?

Looks like nothing has been eaten, it has already rushed to this level!

“What’s going on, fast, stop him!” Purple Peak Imperial City is going crazy, and the wooden pivot is starred like this. Continue to do so, Mushuji is not killed!

If the battlefield is gone, it will be gone, but the polar star can’t be without it!

“What do you want to do?” The Qianling Emperor’s silhouette flashed and approached here, his eyes flashing.

The two of them had a stiff expression and they said it before, and they couldn’t just come around. If it comes to chaos, it is a violation of the rules. As long as the wooden kings do not admit defeat, they can not intervene.

“Come on and lose!” Zifeng Emperor shouted, wanting to let the wooden pivot pole star admit defeat.

As soon as you admit defeat, you immediately rushed in to save people.

“I, I…” When Yi Shuo’s mouth opened his mouth and wanted to say something, Yi Tianyun hit him on the face and interrupted his words.

Follow the continued stop mammoth, and give the wooden pivot to the emperor to give a half!

“I want to admit defeat, is it possible!” Yi Tianyun sneered, if he was conceded, he was in vain.

If you can’t fight, what is the meaning of his breakthrough?

To this end, he continually greeted the past with his head, and the head of Mushuji Xingshi was to be blown up.

“He already wants to admit defeat, but he is just being speechless!” Zifeng Tiandi sighed.

“I didn’t hear it, this is not a confession!” Qianling Emperor coldly said: “So don’t mess, otherwise it will break the rules.”

“Yes, if it is turbulent, it is to break the rules. When we can play two tricks?” At this time, the space on the side was torn open, and the Emperor of Heavenly Blade jumped out from the inside and looked serious.

Obviously, as soon as they get in trouble, they will play with them immediately.

The Emperor of the Blades has always been concerned about the situation here. When the two Emperors want to start, they immediately appear to avoid being disturbed.

This will suddenly become tense, and both sides will become swords drawn and bows bent, and they will be ready to fight at any time.

But for this scene, both sides are shocked. Yi Tianyun broke through again, it was something that they had never thought of, and suddenly turned over the battle and turned into a crushing battle!

Continuing this way, the wooden pivot star must be blown up.

Next to the Scorpio Scorpio Emperor stupid, his companion is about to be blasted. If he is on the court, is it estimated that the end is about? He felt incredible. Dāng~ At the beginning, Yi Tianyun was almost killed by himself. Now flip it over and hang them?

How long has this been done?

For the most embarrassing thing, it is still the Emperor of Heaven. He really saw the end from the beginning, I did not expect Yi Tianyun to rise like a comet in a short time, and then shine this land!


Yi Tianyun coldly snorted, the strongest blow, the heavy armpit.


The body of the wooden pivot was smashed into a blood mist, but it began to condense quickly and wanted to reshape.

Yes, Yi Tianyun will not give him the opportunity to continue chasing it down, sweeping all the way down, the blood mist is broken again, and the soul is hit hard. Eventually the blood mist shook and it was completely dissipated.

A very polar emperor, just died.

“dīng,successfully killed Mushuji Xingdi, get the Five Hundreds of Star Energy Value, 30,000 Slaughter Value. Ultra Rare, Ultra Rare, Rare! ”

After killing the wooden pivot, the things that popped out were really rich, and the two Ultra Rare gadgets. The ancient stone will not be said, the gate of the sky and the wooden god card are not seen before.

“Exceeding level kill is cool!”

Yi Tianyun feels very happy, especially the rewards I get, it is too rich, the exciting level kill is the coolest, especially the killing is stronger, getting things is even more amazing.

Before he killed a lot of Star Emperor, in fact, Ultra Rare Rank is too little. Some things are Rare, but they are not very good. After all, Rare does not mean that it is very useful to him.

The gate of the sky: the ability to go to the sky area, the dangerous level is the level of the polar star.

Mushen brand: It can summon wood god three times, and the power of Mushen is strong enough to reach the stage of the extreme star, which can heal and fight.

“These two distinct things, very good!”

Yi Tianyun In front of the eyes, the wooden god card can also summon wood god, the combat power is to the extreme star stage Initial Stage Rank, which is not good? Especially this kind of thing, can also be thrown into the Shop to copy and purchase, it is cool to fly.

When counting Loot, everyone outside was shocked to see this side, the battle was over, but everyone still hasn’t returned to it for a long time.

They are to see that Yi Tianyun can suppress the wooden pivot, but when he really killed the wooden pivot, he was still a bit embarrassed.

Yi Tianyun really killed a polar star emperor, and it has been a long time since no polar star emperor died, especially in the case of mutual competition.

“I really defeated the Polar Star Emperor, and the Tianyun Palace Lord is really too strong…” Zong Qingji’s eyes were full of horror. Although they hadn’t had a small Yi Tianyun before, they never thought that Yi Tianyun would grow like this. rapid.

Although others are extremely star emperors, they have never killed a polar star emperor. Yi Tianyun is rather powerful, successfully killed a polar star emperor, set an amazing battle!

These battles are enough to stand out from a group of Palace Lords!

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