“The wooden pivot is dead…”

The news was quickly spread, and some directly transmitted the news to the battle hall at the great hall, so that everyone knew about it.

The Cultivator of this battlefield great hall, after knowing it, quickly spread to other battlefield great halls, so that the entire upper bound knows.

Suddenly the whole world was boiling up and it was incredible!

Now even if someone thinks that Yi Tianyun’s strength does not match the status, it is now obediently shut up. Can kill the existence of the polar star emperor, no matter how weak the cultivation base is, at least this record can not be elite.

“Too Heaven Defying, Tianyun Palace Lord actually killed the wooden pivot star! Tianyun Palace Lord, isn’t the Ten Stage Supreme Stage Stage cultivation base, how can the exciting level kill the wooden pivot star emperor?”

“Your information is out of date? Tianyun Palace Lord is in the breakthrough, rushing to the Intermediate Stage cultivation base, and then suppressing the wooden pivot, and finally killing the wooden king.”

“What situation, continuous breakthrough to the Imperial Stage, cultivation base can have such a play? Has it been pressing the cultivation base before?”

“Heaven knows what’s going on, but even if it’s the Stars Intermediate Stage, the Stars Intermediate Stage can kill the Extreme Star Expert, this truly is incredible!”

“Yes, let alone the Intermediate Stage of the Star Emperor, even if it is the Empress period of our star, we can’t fight against the Emperor of the Stars! Especially the old brand of the Emperor, the most can resist two or three strokes, where can Kill each other?”

“That is the Tianyun Palace Lord too Heaven Defying, but unfortunately it has not been witnessed, it must be spectacular!”


Everyone knows this news, they are shocked to say nothing, have seen the exciting level of killing, absolutely have not seen the exciting level to kill to this extent!

This is not a special fission, and Yi Tianyun is basically the first Super Expert within the Emperor. As a star emperor, you can kill the polar star emperor. Is this not the first of the star emperors?

The face of Zifeng Tiandi is very difficult to read. The wooden pivot star is really dead, and he still died under his nose. He couldn’t recognize it if he wanted to admit defeat. This is the rule, and the loss can be considered a loss.

As long as you don’t say it on your mouth, it’s not a confession. Sound transmission doesn’t count!

This is a loophole. If you have been mad at the other side and let the other party not say anything, it is really being blown up. They also want to do this, they want to keep yelling Yi Tianyun, and Yi Tianyun will not be able to admit defeat.

Who knows that things are the other way around, that is, Mushu, the best star, can’t admit defeat, and is beaten again and again!

“The wooden pivot is dead…” Zifeng Tiandi’s face is gloomy terrifying, how to say that the wooden pivot star Imperial City is his own, although it is not good to deal with Yi Tianyun, but there is nothing wrong with other things. At that time.

It is dead now, and it is so thorough!

The death of the great star emperor, but also lost so many sites, it is even more painful.

“This victory has already come out, and the two battlefield areas are divided into our side.” The spirits of the heavenly face are expressionlessly looked toward towards the Purple Peak Emperor. In fact, the heart has already laughed.

This time it can be described as a great harvest, not only to kill the polar star emperor, but also to get so many benefits, how can you not laugh?

It’s just that Zifeng Tiandi is here, still calming down, not too arrogant.

Zifeng Emperor did not speak, but stared at Yi Tianyun in the distance, clenching his fist, his eyes filled with killing intent. A terrifying killing intent, from his within the body, shrouded this large area, giving people a very strong repression, many people are forced by this killing intent, forced to retreat.

“Zifeng Emperor, do you want to go back!” The snorted cold-snorted, more terrifying killing intent, rises in the sky, with the killing intent of Zifeng Tiandi, bursting in the air, the two cancel each other out.

The situation looks very bad. If you continue to do so, you must be fighting.

Zifeng Tiandi soon put away the killing intent, but looked at Yi Tianyun’s gaze, full of anger, if someone stopped, he really had to start.

Yi Tianyun shrugged unwillingly, and he had already prepared for it. I have been targeted before, just to upgrade the gear, from the polar star emperor to the Emperor stare.

“Very good, there is a super genius in your star area!” Zifeng Tiandi coldly said: “I hope you can save him when you arrive!”

This is already a threat on the bright side, and they simply ignore their ideas.

“Reassure, we will do this, you have the ability to fight!” The bladed goddess coldly snorted, has never been afraid of the foreign domain Expert, to play.

Nowadays, their two Great Influences are stuck at a limit point, and they may feel like they are erupting at any time, but they may remain untouched.

Now it’s a tipping point. Whatever it is, no one knows.

“Go!” Zifeng Emperor waved his hand and turned away. He did not intend to stay here. “The other two battlefields, I will arrange to evacuate, evacuate within one month!”

He does not have to wait for the thousands of spirits to make time demands, and he has already set a time.

Dāng~ When they were leaving, Yi Tianyun suddenly shouted: “Scorpio is a star, you wait a moment!”

Scorpio Essence Emperor will look at frowns, coldly said: “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, that is the wanted order, should you revoke it?” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile: “If you don’t revoke it, the reward will be raised by 10 Times, 100 Times?”

The Emperor Scorpio also thought that what Yi Tianyun would say, it turned out to be such a thing. Suddenly, he felt insulted. Before that, they were ordered by the general order. Now that Yi Tianyun’s combat power has reached the extreme star, Rank, the list of wanted orders is basically meaningless.

As previously said that Luo Tiandi said, as long as the breakthrough to the extreme star Rank, the list will be invalid.

Yi Tianyun is not a breakthrough to the celivation base of the Pole Star, but with this combat power, can it not be revoked? Because the price of the reward is already equal to killing a polar star, the price it has to pay is equal to all of its own worth.

This is tantamount to hiring someone to kill the same opponent as yourself. Can you do not need a great price?

“Hey, I will revoke it, you can rest assured!” Tianzhu Jixing was very annoyed, his companion died, and Yi Tianyun did not forget to make up for it.

After they finished, they completely withdrew, ran away, and left their faces completely. Before they thought that Yi Tianyun couldn’t turn the sky, how strong it is, it can’t be stronger than the wooden pivot star emperor, but they think wrong, where is strong, but strong!

After they left, everyone began to cheer and reach the highest climax of the history!

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