Crazy Leveling System Chapter 689

Crazy Leveling System The latest chapter, the body of the VIIIth chapter is never separated, floating astronomy
After Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun left, the gods were gone, and they were finally relaxed, but the heart was extremely complicated. The fastest update is the Heavenly Plum God Race, which was originally planned to be released in a while. Now, let’s not be said to be born. It is good to be able to protect yourself.

Elder Rank died a lot, and the most important palaces were destroyed, including the day Great Array. Everything is destroyed, it makes people feel guilty.

“I didn’t expect that I just retired, and this happened…”

Mei Wenshu sighed deeply, watching this piece of mess, the heart is even more sad. One by one, they all planned to be born in a while, but they never thought of provoking such an overbearing Expert, and crushing all their existence in the backhand.

Are they willing? It’s definitely not reconciled. It’s like putting people on the ground and then being violent. No matter who is wrong or who is right, they are hard to swallow this breath. Just how can I not swallow this breath, what can they do, it is not honestly swallowed.

Heavenly Plum God Race is not as brilliant as Dāng~, and there is no such power as Dāng~, it has already fallen.

“It seems that I have to rectify the situation in the family. Everyone is so arrogant and arrogant. I don’t know there are people beyond a person, there are Heavens beyond the Heavens?”

Mei Wenshu turned to look at everyone, coldly said: “From today, Heavenly Plum God Race has re-opened for a hundred years, no one is allowed to go out! Now everyone has come over to repair the palace, and repair the Great Array here!”

They are bitter, and now they can only do so.

“Patriarch, don’t we avenge?” One of the deacons was angry. He wanted to kill it before, but Patriarch didn’t allow anyone to make a move, only standing on the side.

Some people would rather die than want to stand here and be abused.

“Revenge, do you think I don’t want to?” Mei Wenshu shook his head: “Old Ancestor said, he can feel that this person’s Power is very terrifying, and that it is a sword that will give us a slap.”

“One, one sword is smashed, our Old Ancestor is the Super Expert that survived the Battle of Heaven World…” The people were shocked. They were all wronged, but now they are like being watered by a basin of cold water. And down, from the head to the feet.

“It is because I survived the Battle of Heaven World that I can feel how strong he is. I am afraid that it is too easy to reach the Saint King Stage Late Stage. It is too easy to deal with us.” Mei Wenshu shook his head and said: “The big man can bend and stretch.” I only ask for less of this idiot in the family. If it is not because of them, will we become like this?”

“Seeing that the five Sacred Tools don’t have it, like giving us rubbish, even the average Divine Nation is not so generous. We cultivate her resources and add up to an estimated two Sacred Tool. Now I lost five directly!” Mei Wenshu regretted a bit: “If you can make friends with us, we will definitely have more powerful helpers!”

“Hate, hate… but everything is a foregone conclusion. It’s useless to say anything. If you are unwilling, you will desperately go to cultivation, reach the cultivation base of his stronger, and be able to go than our cultivation base.” Suppress him. I am looking forward to this day!”

“But if there is no such cultivation base, if you see him, how far will it take me to go! I don’t want to see this thing for the second time, a black sheep!”

Mei Wenshu is very sad, but more is still sensible. The husband can bend and stretch, and if he does not compromise, the whole family will perish. Is it for the sake of dignity to die, or to live for the overall situation?

Moreover, things here may not be able to spread out, so it will not damage the reputation of Heavenly Plum God Race.

While starting to repair the palace quickly, Yi Tianyun took Shi Xueyun to the cabin of Heavenly Plum Mountain Range and fell down. A group of people stared at Yi Tianyun.


They were all shocked, and the most shocking thing was that Yi Tianyun took Phoenix. Because Yi Tianyun is not just coming in with them, how come in Phoenix in the blink of an eye?

“Little Brother Yi, what is the situation?” Xiao Wu ran out of the wooden house, and there was something happening in the palace. They must definitely come out to see it, but they dare not approach.

“Nothing, I will pick you up and leave here.” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile: “Well, are you willing to go with me? I can give you a good taste, but you have to work for me.”

Xiao Wu grabbed his head and said: “If you become your man, can you go home and see if you can get some money back to subsidize your home?”

Xiao Wu said this, it just makes people know what to consider or cry or laugh, and there are really enough things to consider.

“Dāng~ No problem, as long as you work for me, don’t say subsidize the family, take care of your family.” Yi Tianyun laughed.

“That line, I am willing to go with you. Only you are willing to talk to you, as long as Little Brother Yi says something, what do you do, usually do not have the strength, and you will not.” Xiao Wu Lehehe.

“Do not worry, you will soon surpass others.” Yi Tianyun reached out and a Martial Art got into his head. “Keep it up, cultivation, you will definitely become a generation!”

Immediately he called a Core Transformation Stage demon beast and carried him to Heaven Ascending Divine Altar. They still have things to do and will definitely not take Xiao Wu away.

He is not worried that Xiao Wu will be betrayed. The character of Xiao Wu will not be rebellious, and he is very honest. Whoever is good to him, he will be good to whom, it is so simple.

“When you come to Heaven World, you don’t forget to recruit. Do you think he is very Innate Ability?” Shi Xueyun can’t see a little bit of Innate Ability, only see a clumsy and honest muscular men.

“Dāng~ There is Innate Ability, you will know it later.” Yi Tianyun squinted at her and smiled, indicating that Blue Phoenix flew to the sky and left the area completely.

“Well, you dare to play a riddle with me!” Shi Xueyun snorted, I feel a little dissatisfied, but it looks a bit playful.

Yi Tianyun reached over and took her over. After the two looked at each other, he said with a light smile : “Aunt, you are beautiful.”

“I still use you…”

After all the words were finished, Yi Tianyun had kissed him and gave her a deep kiss. The sudden move was really scaring Shi Xueyun, but she did not struggle, but the pretty face was red, even red to the ear, like an apple.

“Hey…” Blue Phoenix screamed and expressed dissatisfaction.

Yi Tianyun gently stepped on it, so that it didn’t ruin the atmosphere, but the strength in the hand did not decrease, and continued to hold her waist, no plans to let go.

Xiao is very chilly here, but in this air is full of fiery and embarrassing, it seems so bright spring. This is the first time that Yi Tianyun has been so rude and wild. At this moment, he only wants Shi Xueyun to integrate into his arms and never separate.

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