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Chapter 10 Gaocheng Lily

“Everyone, don’t give up, be sure to hold on!” The leader took a shot and killed a zombie, and encouraged him loudly. The voice is very beautiful, it is a woman.

“No… the weapon has no bullets… I can’t do it…”

“Ah… save… save me…”

“Oh… it’s too late…”


For a moment, only the woman left in the field was struggling, and the zombies were getting closer and closer. “Damn! Is it over?…Saye…”…

“Goku, go save her…” Saye hurried to Sun Wukong. She feels that the only remaining person, the voice is very similar to her mother.

“Well! You are waiting here!” Sun Wukong nodded, picked up a long gun, opened the door, and rushed over… Sun Wukong used the long gun in his hand as a wooden stick, waving all the way, the zombie blocked He took the fly out with absolute power…

“Well… great!” The woman watched Sun Wukong and sincerely praised it.

“Wow! Goku’s brother is really amazing!” In the car, Alice looked at the face of the adoration.

Xunzi was very excited. She used to be restrained by Sun Wukong. She rarely restrained herself. Now she has the approval of Sun Wukong, and she has untied her stagnation for many years.

“I am going to help Goku! Li, protect them!” The blind man opened the door and rushed over… The wooden sword in the hand spurs forward and pierces the head of a zombie directly… Once again, a sword will squat, and a living will be a The head of the zombie blew…

All the way to rush, the scorpion in the zombie group left and right slash… sword sword headshot…

To say that Sun Wukong battle is full of domineering and violence, then the battle of the scorpion is elegant in the blood, with temptation in elegance…

“It’s this feeling… It’s this feeling… It’s really…” The more the scorpion is killed, the more excited it is. Later, the facial expression is red, and it is involuntarily screaming.

“Well… great…” The women in the car watched the scorpion in the battle, and they were amazed.

“However, the expression of the scorpion is a bit strange!” Li frowned and muttered.

Watching the performance of the scorpion, Sun Wukong hey hey smiled: “watching the scorpion’s battle, it is really a kind of enjoyment! Then, I can’t fall behind!” Then, the strength in the hand added points, arrogant all the way to rush forward Forcibly opened a road… a pike in the hand swept the zombies around the woman, the zombies hit the wall, the body burst…

“Hey, are you okay?” Sun Wukong was in front of her, so there wasn’t a zombie in front of him…

“Nothing, thank you very much… The zombies here are too much, we must rush out immediately.” After the surprise, the woman immediately calmed down.

“This is too simple!” Sun Wukong smiled and said: “Follow me!” said, killing again, wherever he went, the zombies flew, the blood splashed…

“This…this…” The woman behind her was shocked by Sun Wukong’s inhuman power.

“This guy is really a monster! The zombie is in front of him, just like a toy!” Sayah in the car sighed.

Not long after, hundreds of zombies here were killed…

Sun Wukong came to the side of the scorpion and smiled. “How, I feel so cool!”

The scorpion calmed down the excitement, and the facial expression still had a blush like a climax: “You… will you be responsible for me?”

“That is of course!” Sun Wukong laughed, pulling the hand of the donkey and heading for the carriage…

Several women got out of the car, and the woman behind Goku saw Shaye, and her face was excited: “Saye?” The woman took off her hood and revealed a mature and beautiful face.

“Mom!” Shaye’s eyes suddenly wet, and she plunged into the woman’s arms…

“Thank you for saving me. I am the mother of Shaye, the lily of Gaocheng. If it weren’t for you, I will never see Shaye again! Thank you for your care of my daughter all the time.” After the lily was comforted by Shaye, facing Goku is grateful to a few people.

Gui Meilin returned to the ceremony and said: “Where! Friends should help each other!”

“Mom, how come you are here? Dad?” After stabilizing the emotions, Shay looked puzzled at her mother.

“Your father… is dead…” Lily showed a sad face.

“What… Dad… Dad he… How could it be…” Shaye was stunned, although she didn’t like her father, but now she heard the news of her father’s death, and still couldn’t help but cry. “Dad… how did you die?”

“I was killed by my own hands…” Yuriko’s face was in pain.

“What?!” Shaye surprised her eyes wide open and her face was unfathomable.

“A large group of zombies broke through our family’s defense. Your father was protecting me. Under the siege of a group of zombies, he was accidentally…by being bitten by the zombies…not long after, he himself became… …he is very painful…has always begged me to kill him…” As he spoke, the voice of the lily began to whimper and could not be said…

“Mom…” Shaye’s two mothers and daughters embraced each other and cried together…

Sun Wukong listened to the horror: “I remember the original work, it seems that there is no such plot? Is it because of the butterfly effect, the difference in still time?” At this time, Sun Wukong’s heart is also confused.

Immediately ran a clap and attracted the attention of the ladies. “So now, Shaye’s family is no longer necessary. Our next target is the friend of Shizuka Nanlixiang! Shizuka, your friend’s number remembers Let me call you and ask!”

“Ah, I have forgotten this kind of thing! But… my mobile phone is forgotten at school…”

“Use me!” Gui Meilin handed her mobile phone to her. “Ah, thank you!” Shizuka took it with pleasure and pressed the number: “呃~~1 is here…2 is here…3 is here…” Saya helped the forehead, helplessly said: “still me Come and help you!”

“I will forget the number! Don’t bother me!” Jingxiang carefully pressed this number.

All women: “…”

After more than a minute…

“Hey ~~” The phone finally passed.

“Ah! Lixiang, you are still alive! We borrowed some guns… I also encountered a lot of tragic things!” Jingxiang looked surprised.

“That kind of thing to say, where are you now? My room?” The voice of Nan Lixiang came from the phone.

Shizuka: “We have left there… Now looking for you, where are you?”



“……什么?!你交了个男朋友?……他人how ?不会是骗你的吧?……”南里香的注意似乎全被静香前面的话给吸引住了,后面的话完全被她忽视了。

静香立马羞红了脸:“才没有呢!Goku 人很好的!”


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