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Chapter 12 saves Nan Lixiang

“Āiyā! It’s really fierce to play there!” Not far from here, Sun Wukong sighed with a stick of zombies. At this time, the instinct that belongs to the Saiyan battle has gradually come to Awaken. The feeling of a headshot makes him feel a little pleasure…so he is momentarily unable to stop here everywhere. Kill it up…

However, what he did not know was that the battle not far away was caused by him. Originally, the group had already cleared the zombies around and the road was blocked. However, because of Sun Wukong’s relationship, the blocked road was destroyed by several places, and because of his amnesty, the zombies around him were attracted…

After discovering the zombies, this group of people naturally shot and killed, so the battle became more and more intense, and the zombies were attracted more and more. It didn’t take long before it became the current situation…

And the women, such as Xunzi, are now in the Hummer in the sea not far away, because they are afraid of danger, so Sun Wukong told them to wait at sea, there will be no zombies, it is absolutely safe place.

“Well! I have already wasted a lot of time, still looking for Nanli Xiangmei paper!”…

On the other hand, Nan Lixiang has already fallen into a hard battle. Rao is her in the British military. She is helpless to the endless zombies: “Oh, if you don’t leave, the fire there will soon be burned into the oil depot. It’s dangerous…”

“It seems that this battle will be very interesting!” He said, one roll, two shots, and two zombies headshots from the back… got up and ran away…

On the street, Nan Lixiang took a few shots and killed a few zombies. He leaned back against the wall, gasping slightly, and the continuous battle, she was already tired. The dense zombies on both sides of the road, a bitter smile on his face: “I didn’t expect so many zombies to appear here… This is the trouble, my bullets are almost running out… The body is coming to the limit… It seems that I am going to end?”

“pēng pēng ~~” Nan Lixiang used a last bullet to kill a zombie, picked up the butt in his hand, smashed the heads of several zombies beside him, and looked at the oil depot not far away: “It seems It is impossible to escape… If the oil depot explodes, the hangar will also explode together… This belt will be moved to the ground!”

“Boom ~ ~ bang ~ ~” Nan Lixiang’s voice just fell, not far from the oil depot has exploded … blaze stood straight … …formidable explosive force with a fierce blaze, all the way toward the all directions swept… …where, Energy of Destruction everything… burn everything…

“Is it over?… Shizuka… Sorry… It seems that I can’t pick you up… I really want to see what your boyfriend looks like… Hey~ It’s a worrying guy… “Watching the fire that swept in front of him, Nan Lixiang slowly closed his eyes…

However, at this critical moment, Nan Lixiang suddenly felt a tight waist and was directly hugged in his arms. The wind whispered in his ear. When he opened his eyes, he found himself at a height of nearly 100 meters and below. The airport swallowed up by raging blaze was suddenly shocked: “I…not dreaming?”

Watching the beauty in the arms, Sun Wukong smiled and sighed: “Fortunately, catch up, are you okay?”

Nan Lixiang shook his head and found that he was actually held by a strange man. The facial expression suddenly became red, and he immediately broke away from the arms of Sun Wukong…

“Are you sure you want to go down? Here is a height of 100 meters from the ground!” Sun Wukong hey hey laughed.

Nan Lixiang stepped on the air and looked down. Immediately, he screamed and hanged on Sun Wukong’s body, his legs tightly clamped on his waist.

In the sea, the waterway dual-use Hummer, the women watched the blaze of the sky. Shizuka looked nervous: “You said, Goku, will he have something?”

“How can that metamorphosis be possible! You don’t worry about it!” Shaye didn’t care, but the flash of worry still didn’t pass the lily around her.

The scorpion watches the fire in the distance, saying: “I give the man I recognize the absolute trust! So, we just have to wait for Goku to come back safely!”

Over the fire. Rao is a cheerful and generous Nan Lixiang at this time is also shy red face, because the two people’s posture is too unsightly, it is easy to make people think of other places.

Nan Lixiang tried his best to calm down his beating heart. I remembered what I said before on the phone with Jingxiang. Watching Sun Wukong, thoughtfully: “…will fly? One foot can kick the bus…hehe… …I thought that Shizuka was joking with me… I didn’t expect it to be true! You…should be Jingxiang’s boyfriend, what is Goku?”

“hey hey! It’s really down!”

Nan Lixiang watched Sun Wukong and frowned. “I didn’t expect that my boyfriend who was looking for Shizuka turned out to be such a big satyr! Say, did you deceive Shizuka?” Nan Lixiang is the most clear character of Shigawa Shizuka, the soft sister. Paper is confused and natural, but it is the most vulnerable. Therefore, she has always protected the fragrance, so she did not let her hurt.

Sun Wukong watching Nan Lixiang’s face of suspicion and hostility, a serious saying: “You don’t watch this brother, brother is very fucking! Really, you have to believe me! And, now, this is what you jumped up. It’s none of my business!”

“So, what is your hand?” Nan Lixiang looked directly at Sun Wukong’s eyes, a faint road.

“I don’t want to! But when I let go, you will fall down!” Sun Wukong said, holding the hands of Nanlixiang’s buttocks tightly, and the figure slowly landed on the ground. go with……

Just landed on the ground, Sun Wukong just released his hand, Nan Lixiang was facing him underneath.

“Nima! You want to let the old man break the grandson!” Sun Wukong’s body was slightly floating, and the legs forced the foot of Nan Lixiang, and she couldn’t draw any effort.

“hum hum! Sample, dare yin brother! Look at the brother’s counterattack!” Said, Sun Wukong moved his right hand little bit toward the long thigh of Nanlixiang.

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