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Chapter 13: Dragon Ball turned into stone

“You…what do you want to do?” Nan Lixiang screamed at his eyes and waved his fist directly at Sun Wukong’s right eye…

“I pick up!” Sun Wukong easily blocked Nan Lixiang’s hand. Shaking his head and sighing: “Hey! This character, compared with the static fragrance of obedience, is really too far!”

“Hey! Jingxiang blinked his eyes and will see your perversion. You must have used improper means to get a static incense!” Nan Lixiang looked gnash one’s teeth.

“Cut, swollen, maybe… Brother is pushed back by Shizuka…” Sun Wukong pretends to be innocent.

“No…Impossible…” Nan Lixiang immediately vetoed, but the tone was somewhat inadequate. She knows Shizuka too well. If there is a special situation, and Shizuka has a good impression on the other party, maybe this will happen. Suddenly, said: “Okay! I believe your words for the time being, let’s let go! Take me to see Shizuka.”

“There is a problem with wood!” Sun Wukong said, picking up Nanlixiang and flying directly to the sea…

The scorpion stood on the roof of the car, watching the figure flying in the sky, and smiled: “It seems that it is going very well!”

“Goku brother…” Alice put her head out of the window and waved her hand happily.

“Ah~ Goku and Nanlixiang are all right, it’s really good!” Shizuka sat in the driver’s seat and was happy.

“I said that this guy will not have anything to do!” Shay helped his glasses, said.

Sun Wukong landed slowly on the roof of the car, put down the Nanlixiang, and smiled at the scorpion: “I am back!”

The nephew smiled softly: “Welcome back!”

“Nan Lixiang, you are really very good!” Shizuka happy to stretch out his head from the skylight at the roof, he must climb out, but because the chest is too big, it is stuck.

Nanli Xiangxi came down, pinched the static incense card in the chest of the sky window, said: “Āiyā! Every time I see you on the big breasts, I can’t help but want to pinch it!”

“South… Nan Lixiang, don’t be like this, there are so many people here!” Shizuka blushes and glances at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong kneels, sticking a pair of claws from behind Nan Lixiang, and heading towards her chest… The brows can’t help but pick and pick up nothing. Shizuka is a smile. You don’t understand the idea of ​​staying naturally!

“You…what do you do?” Nanlixiang was like a frightened rabbit, and immediately flew to the side, glaring at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong hum hum said: “You touch my sister’s chest, I will touch your chest!”

Nan Lixiang was too angry: “You… you are a pervert… Shizuka, listen to me, immediately break up with this guy!”

“You don’t want it! Goku is very good for people!” Shizuka’s facial expression is reddish, and the face is happy.

“You are so dark, let’s die!” Nan Lixiang looked at the fire, and his good friend was abducted, and the next one was under Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong reached out and grabbed her bare feet. She grabbed Rao at the bottom of her feet: “You little girl is really not long-term, what a wolf! How can a good boy like a brother be so upright, selfless, and full of fun? It’s a satyr. It seems that I need to find a time and talk to you in private.” The blind man on the side turned a blind eye. A few women in the car simply pretended to have nothing to discover.

“You… you bastard… fast… stop…” But for a moment, Nanlixiang laughed and sat down on the ground, saying no to him: “I’m sorry… I was wrong… haha… beg you… Don’t bother… I surrender… I admit defeat… I admit that you are not a satyr… I also agree with you and Shizuka… Haha… Stop… I… I can’t breathe one’s prime… …ha…haha…call…”

“You… I… Goku… Brother… haha… I beg you… around me… haha… I’m not really one’s prime… I’m dying…” Nan Lixiang has laughed softly. Fall to the ground and roll straight.

The static fragrance on the side finally can’t stand: “Goku, Nan Lixiang is wrong, you still spare her!”

“Well, look at the copy of Jingxiangmei’s paper, brother will spare you this time…” Sun Wukong saw it almost, and also let go of his hand. Nan Lixiang sat on the roof of the car and gasped for a while to slow down one’s prime.

“Goku brother, are we going to go to your world?” Alice’s happy voice came from the car.

“That’s right!” Sun Wukong said to the side of the quiet incense: “Still incense, drive the car to the shore!”

“Well! Good!” Shizuka shrank his head into the car and climbed over the women’s body all the way to the driver’s seat.

“What is going back to your world, what do you mean?” Nan Lixiang looked confused.

“Xunzi, come and explain it to her!”…

After landing, the nephew at this time has already explained Sun Wukong’s identity to Nan Lixiang. After being surprised by this, Nan Lixiang looked forward to Sun Wukong and said: “That, since you can take us away, can you take the survivors of this world to leave together?” Since she is a policeman, naturally there are also The duty of the police.

Sun Wukong couldn’t help but glance at her and said, “I am not a savior. What do you do with so much leisure? Besides, every time I leave the world, I have to spend the energy of 1W, and a zombie has only 1 energy. Point. Even if I kill the zombies on this world, I can’t save the people on this world!”

“This way?” Nan Lixiang is obviously very disappointed: “Do you have any other way?”

“I originally wanted to save the world with the seven Dragon Balls on my world,”… Say, Sun Wukong took out a round stone from his arms: “This is what I found before I came to this world.” Three-star Ball, but after entering this world, Three-star Ball became a stone, which also shows that Seven Dragon Ball can not be used on this world!”

“Seven Dragon Ball? What is it? Can it save us this world?” Lilyzi doubted watching Sun Wukong. Several other women also looked at him.

Sun Wukong nodded and said: “Seven Dragon Balls! A total of seven, after collecting seven, you can summon Shenron, it can help you achieve any wish! But unfortunately, maybe Dimension is different, Seven Dragon Ball can’t be used on this world…”

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