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Chapter Fourteen Kamehameha

For the existence of the Seven Dragon Ball, the girls were very surprised, but they could not be used on this world, which made them very disappointed.

“How much energy do you have now? Can we go to your world?” Shay looked forward to watching Sun Wukong. Although it is impossible to save the world, the girls are just disappointed for a while, because they understand that they are not saviors and there is no greatness to save the world. If they can do it, they can try it, but since they are hopeless, they have to give up. It’s a gift from heaven that my own group can leave here.

Sun Wukong opens the ‘Dimension shuttle back and forth system’, watches the numbers in the lower angle of view, saying: “11053 points!”

Shaye frowned and said: “Only 1W is more? We have 8 personal, isn’t it still close to 7W energy point?”

“Accurately, it is near 8W, because opening the Dimension gate also costs 1W points.” Sun Wukong corrected.

The blind man caressed the wooden sword in his hand and said: “In other words, we have to kill the zombies to collect energy now?”

“That needs to be so trouble, brother as long as a Kamehameha in the past, you can move a city, energy is so easy.” Sun Wukong did not care about the hand.

“No!” Unexpectedly, the girls agreed. Scorpion looked serious at Sun Wukong: “Although I don’t know what Kamehameha you are talking about, if you do this, wouldn’t you kill those who survived in the city? Even though the lives and deaths of others are too much for us. It doesn’t matter, but after all, we still have human beings, and we still have human hearts, so don’t kill if you don’t kill!”

“Hey!” Sun Wukong suddenly slammed. He has forgotten that the sister papers around him are all kind and good sister papers. The story of the massacre is simply that it will be alright!

“If you don’t do this, is it too slow?” Sun Wukong shrugged helplessly. If he didn’t kill the city, he could also bring the zombies together, and then an Energy Wave passed, still a single expanse. However, this is still very trouble! When is the death of nearly 80,000 zombies? It’s better to kill a city directly.

Nan Lixiang looked at Sun Wukong with a look of suspicion and said: “I said, can you really have a Kamehameha that can ruin a city?”

“That is, brother’s combat power-level how to say there are more 3W! A city in a district, small meaning!” Sun Wukong looks proud of the color.

“Really? If you are a strong guy, you are not a human being, but how can you destroy a city?” Li obviously didn’t believe it. The girls are also looking suspicious.

“In this case, my brother will give you a hand!” Seeing the women do not believe, Sun Wukong suddenly mad. Watching the sea airport not far away, to Nanlixiang Road: “Nan Lixiang, there should be no survivors at the airport?”

Nan Lixiang frowned and said: “If you are at the airport, the survivors should have only me and my companions, but my companions should have died in that explosion. I think, yes, probably no. Let’s go!”

“Good! This is the case…” Sun Wukong said that he was vacated and came to the airport above the sea airport. He shouted to the girls in the distance: “You are optimistic!” said, Sun Wukong made a wave of Kamehameha The starting style, the word-speaking lightly screams: “Turtle… send… gas…power…!” Slowly condenses a strong Energy Wave.

“Wave!” 霎, a formidable energy beam shot from his hands to the sea airport below…


The beam fell to the ground and exploded. A strong energy wave went toward the all directions spread… Nothing was destroyed. It was only a moment, and the whole sea airport was shrouded…

“Boom~~~~” whole sea airport was moved to the ground under the turtle wave energy… The waves rolled, like heavy rain pouring… Don’t say zombies, even the whole sea airport sank into the sea in the smoke…

Sun Wukong looked at the energy point at this time: 58555. A surprise on the face: “I didn’t expect there are more 4W zombies here! It’s really a surprise!” He said, turned and flew to the girls…

The women on the shore, at this time, have been shocked and stunned…

“Goku, you are so powerful! The big sea airport, really was ‘boomed’ by you, it was lost…” Sun Wukong landed, and the surprise swooped into his arms. All the eyes are the little stars of worship.

“I know that Goku is a superman, Superman is the best in the world!” Alice also smirked at Sun Wukong and hugged his thigh.

“No… I didn’t expect that there was such a perverted guy in the world…” Nan Lixiang, who came back from the gods, was amazed. And Li, watching Sun Wukong’s eyes are already heart-warming. Since ancient times, beautiful women loved heroes, and the performance of Sun Wukong can no longer be described by heroes. As for Gui Meilin, this mature and sexy spectacles, I was enamored with Sun Wukong, and the flower-faced expression at this time is clear at a glance.

“You guy, it really isn’t human!” Shaye stared at Sun Wukong, only to be so emotional. Lilyzi smiled slightly and said: “In this case, I am not worried about our safety.”

Sun Wukong proudly smiled and put a po color, said: “How, do you think that the brother is very fierce, look at your heart itch!” The women directly gave him a big white eye.

Nan Lixiang’s watchful Sun Wukong: “Since you have such strength, you must be able to save more people…”

“But! Do you think that you have nothing to do with your brother? Are you still saving the world? Even if you save them? Do I still have to eat them? What do they drink? The paper, save the world, is not that simple. Besides, I am not a person on this world at all, and I will leave one day.”

After Nan Lixiang listened, he bowed his head. In fact, she also knows this truth. But she is a policeman, there is such a hope, she does not want to give up.

“Okay, let’s collect energy now! Before that, let the brother have 5W8 more than a thousand energy, we can collect more 3W, you can leave the world!” Sun Wukong clapped his hands and will go away The ladies pulled back…

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