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Chapter 16


“Don’t!” The blind man was shocked and hurriedly stopped her: “Will you go to play can later? Help the sister wash the dishes first!”


After more than twenty minutes, Sun Wukong slipped out of the room and ran into the room of Shizuka… Don’t think that the two very clocks are short! With Sun Wukong’s metamorphosis, two very clocks, it’s been a few hours low!


“This is really a good scenery!” said, Sun Wukong hey hey smiled and got into the bed.


When I was having dinner, Sun Wukong walked out of the room with a refreshing sigh, and while singing, I was really good and had nothing to say!


Seeing that Sun Wukong was smug in the room, Shaye and Lily and the mother and daughter were not feeling well. After eating a few meals in a hurry, they ran into the room and then locked the door and felt that it was not safe. Directly closed with a wardrobe, table and chairs, the window is tightly closed, this is a relief.


They can see it, this Sun Wukong is too dangerous, and if it is not good, it will not be guaranteed in the evening! Although both mothers and daughters have a good impression on Sun Wukong, the good feelings do not mean that they can accept the sudden attack! ……


This night, Shaye’s two mothers and daughters have lost sleep, and they have to be on guard against Sun Wukong. At the same time, there is a little small expectation in my heart! In the entanglement, the mother and the daughter are not easy to sleep in the past. Outside the window, a figure suddenly appeared, and the light of a finger stretched in. The door bolts were easily cut off, and the windows opened, revealing the strong figure of Sun Wukong…


“Goku brother! The sun is sunning, how can you still not get up?” Outside the door, Alice’s knocking sound suddenly sounded.


Lily was suddenly shocked, and the door was locked, and he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. And Sun Wukong was also woken up by Alice’s cry: “Early! Yuriko!” said, and couldn’t help but arch the arch of her fullness.


The lily was slightly reddened and gave him a blank eye: “Get up! It’s not too late!” Then, wake up the side of Shaye. After Shaye woke up, he made a big red face and quickly covered his body with a quilt.


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