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Chapter 17: Miyamoto Takako

At this point, the scorpion had already made breakfast, and was on the table from the new hot meal… and the other women were busy in the bathroom, washing it…

“Xunzi, look, what I found!” At this time, Shizuka came out of the room, holding a sword in his hand, like a treasure, ran to the side of the donkey, a happy face, a quick request I, I will give you the expression.

“This is… Sword…” The eyes of the blind man suddenly appeared. For a Kendo, the favorite is the sword: “Where did you find it?”

“Wooden wardrobe! Originally my socks were broken… I found it in the room, I didn’t expect to find this in the closet!” Jingxiang looked proud. Is there anything that is worthy of pride in such a thing?

The blind man said: “Wooden wardrobe? I didn’t find it when I cleaned up the room!”

“It’s in the mezzanine… mezzanine!” Saying, would you find a pair of socks to open the mezzanine? Sure enough, the natural thoughts of my generation can not be tried.

“That’s really hard for you!” The nephew smiled. Seeing that the scorpion has never been open, Shizuka handed the sword to her with a look of frustration: “Hey~ send you! I won’t use the sword.” “Thank you!” The scorpion took it unceremoniously. You don’t need to be pampered for your own sisters. Take out the sword, meet as smooth as a mirror, sharp and extremely, really a rare sword. However, although it is a good sword, it is not a historical sword. It is only done by modern crafts, but it is no worse than those so-called famous swords.

“It’s a good sword! Thank you, Jingxiang, I like it very much!” Hearing the praise of the scorpion, the disappointment of Shizuka went all out and put on a satisfying expression.

Meimei’s eating a delicious breakfast, Sun Wukong and others set off again to collect energy…

After a night of time, there were a lot of zombies on the street outside the house… everyone rushed all the way to a residential street, and Li pointed to the street not far away, very excited: “Goku…where… there It’s the place where my family lives… I want to go home and see… maybe… Mom is still alive…”

Sun Wukong small was amazed: “Hey? Unconsciously, has it been near your home? If so, then we will look at it in the past!” Saying, killing the street that Li pointed to… The Hummer is also close behind…

Compared to the main street of a big city, the community where residents live, the zombies are much less. All the way, only a few zombies can be seen on the roadside. The scorpion, finally, couldn’t stand it. After getting the permission of Sun Wukong, he also got off and joined the battle…

Watching the front of the scorpion sword cut off the head of a zombie, and then a sword directly divided the zombies next to the two halves, the women in the car are sighed again and again.

Yuriko: “The body of the scorpion is really good! After getting the sword that Shizuka gave her, it is really a tiger!”

Nan Lixiang nodded and said: “It is really powerful, but this expression is too strange?”

Gui Meilin watched a look of excitement and smashed the scorpion, thoughtfully said: “Look at her look, it seems to enjoy the battle!”

“Hey~~ It’s really…” For this result, a few women were also very surprised. I didn’t expect that the dignified nephew would still have this side.

All the way to kill, Sun Wukong stopped on a trail. “What’s wrong? Goku!” The blind man came to his side, wondering. The Hummer also stopped at her side after a while.

Sun Wukong pointed to the house next to it: “There is a survivor in this house, there are five in the front house, and there are more than a dozen survivors in the farther!”

“Hey, Goku, don’t see it, can you find someone else?” Shaye’s eyes lit up and looked at Sun Wukong. For Goku to have such an Ability, they are not surprised but curious.

“Ah! Everyone has anger, I just sensed that’s all!” Sun Wukong nodded.

“That… are we going to save them?” Nan Lixiang looked at Sun Wukong with some hesitation. After all, she is a policeman, but now she is a woman of Sun Wukong, so she must ask for the consent of Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong pointed to the small house next to it: “The life and death of others is not my business. However, the survivor of this building, her temperament is very similar, I think, even if it is not Li’s mother, it is She has a blood relationship, not a younger brother, or a younger sister…”

“Hey?! I don’t have a younger brother, no sister, I am the only child in my family, my mother… must be a mother!” Litton was excited when she got off the train. She immediately got off the bus and rushed toward the house. Sun Wukong followed. In the past…

“It’s really hot-headed! Then let’s hurry up!” said the scorpion on the car. After the girls got off the bus, they followed the past…

“Mom…Mom! It’s really you!” On the second floor, Sun Wukong slammed the closed door, and the woman in the watchful standing stood up, holding the rifle, excitedly rushed over. ……

“Hey? Hey? Li?…” Watching suddenly plunged into the figure in his arms, this one-handed short-haired beauty was surprised and immediately rejoiced.

“Hello!” At this time, the nephew came in with the ladies, and politely performed a gift to Li’s mother.

Li’s mother immediately held a long gun in her hand and cautiously gave a ceremony to the girls: “Āiyā!Āiyā… Hello, it’s polite…” She said, her belly suddenly screamed. Suddenly got a big red face: “Ah! It’s really embarrassing, because one day and night did not eat thing, so…”

Li also made a big red face to her mother’s performance. The girls immediately took out the food in the bag and handed it to her… Li’s mother’s eyes suddenly lit up, and one old man pulled to the side, and there was no image to eat it…

The girls looked at the black line… and Li’s face was even redder. Turning his head over, he couldn’t bear to read it: “Bastard! Where is the reunion of the loved one in the end?…”

“Āiyā !Āiyā! Thank you very much, Li, you have made a lot of good friends!” Li’s mother ate while she was eating.

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