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Chapter 18 is about to leave

“In other words, mother, how can you stay here alone? Is it so hungry? I don’t believe that you can’t get it with your own hands!” Li watched her mother, and she was very confused.

“You said, I will come to the air!” Gui Lizi said indignantly: “I was kind enough to go out for those neighbors to take food and other things. At the beginning, everyone worked together, quite smoothly! But since the power outage It started to wrestle… Yesterday, I saw that the food was almost running out, so I suggested that everyone go out to find food again, but because of fear, those neighbors dare not go out again, so I had to go out and look for food alone… …”

After a sigh of relief, Gui Lizi took a sip of milk and continued: “After the results came back, they would not let me in! It seems that strange people have come in, and they have all been drawn together… and then I am Outside yelled at quite a while, they not only did not open the door, but also threatened people with guns… It was raining outside, and my shouts also attracted a lot of zombies. No way, I had to kill them, and then I hid. In this room…if there is still clothes in the house, I may have caught a cold…”

Li listened very angryly: “These neighbors are too much?”

Shaye habitually helped the glasses and said: “I think you didn’t find food at the time, you are not a food?” Gui Lizi nodded: “Well! The food nearby is basically scraped!”

“It seems that they are afraid that the food is not enough, so they will not let you in…” Shay has come to a conclusion.

“Hey! These people are too odious, I don’t want to help them so much!” Gui Lizi’s angry face, biting the bread in his mouth.

Sun Wukong said: “In this case, you will go with us!”

“It’s like an invitation to run away! So, where are we going?” Gui Lizi holds his face with one hand, slightly tilted his head, and his face is shy. Then, immediately became serious again: “If there is no clear purpose, you will soon encounter difficulties, and it is impossible to survive.”

“It’s okay, Mom! Goku is very powerful! And, now the people who are looking for are basically looking for it. We can go back to his world with Goku, yes! Goku?” Li said, looking Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong nodded and said: “It is true, as long as we have enough energy points, we can leave the world!”

Gui Lizi’s eyes widened and he was surprised: “Leave the world? You shouldn’t want to be sensational?”

“Oh, your sister!” Well, Sun Wukong wants to say this, but he can only think about it. Look at Li, and say: “You still have to explain it to your mother! Hey~~How about every time? When you meet a sister paper, you have to explain it!”

In this way, it took about ten minutes of time, and Gui Lizi finally understood what was going on. For this, her performance was quite calm. Who told her that she was a woman with a personality grid!

“In this case, then I will go with you, this world, now there is nothing to be nostalgic!” Gui Lizi nodded and agreed.

“That… Mom… You don’t ask Dad about it?” Li looked at her mother with some hesitation, and she stopped talking.

“Small is not going to be killed because of this level! Even if he is really killed! It must be to protect other people… For him, he is also dead.” The face doesn’t look like it.

Li bites her lower lip, tears are already spinning in her eyes: “Dad… is dead…”

Gui Lizi’s body obviously trembled, the eyes of the boss: “What do you say… You… Dad is dead? Xiaozheng really… Dead?” Li’s tears finally couldn’t help but slipped out, one I rushed into the arms of Gui Lizi and burst into tears: “Dad is dead, I saw my father who became ‘they’, I… killed my father…”

Gui Lizi’s hand trembled, gently stroking Li’s head, and the tone was no longer as calm as before: “Li… don’t cry… even if you don’t have a dad…and mom is…”

“Yeah, Li, you and our sisters are there! And Goku!” Her daughters also persuaded Li Rou.

“Yes! Sister Li! You cry even loudly! After crying, it will be fine. When my dad left, I will be fine after crying!” Alice on the side also persuaded.

Li wiped the tears on her face and stopped crying. To say pity, Alice here is the most pitiful. She doesn’t think she can compare a child. After all, she still has a mother, isn’t it?

Packing up the mood, Li looked at Sun Wukong and looked at her mother again, and her heart was somewhat guilty. With Sun Wukong’s shameless urine, if you let your mother follow him, one day will become the two mothers and daughters of Shaye? However, if she does not accompany them, she naturally will not let her mother stay. In desperation, the heart can only sigh: “It seems that you have to convenient this guy… oh~~”

“Okay, if that’s the case, then we will set off it right away! It’s still close to 20,000’s energy point, you can leave it!” Sun Wukong watching the girls, said.

“But, from the current car, there are not so many people!” Shizuka leaned his head and thought about it.

Indeed, it’s already a thing that has been squeezed before, not to mention a person. Sun Wukong thought for a moment and said: “In this case, you are here to wait for me. After I have gathered energy points, I will come to you!”

“It seems that it can only be like this!” The girls nodded and agreed. In this way, Sun Wukong went out alone to ‘collect’ energy points. Of course, before leaving, for the safety of the ladies, he found several security doors nearby, and then completely sealed the doorway inside and outside, then he left with confidence…

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