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The second volume of Dragon Ball (1) The first chapter restores the original Dragon Ball

“Here is the world where Goku lives?”

“The tree here is so big!”…

“Wow! Look, the one lying there should be a dinosaur, right?”

Sun Wukong slowly walked out of the Dimension door and heard the excitement of the girls. I saw them surrounded by the body of a dinosaur and was shocked. The body of this dinosaur was killed when Sun Wukong collected energy points before.

Scorpion looked surprised: “This… is indeed a dinosaur…”

“It seems like the appearance of Tyrannosaurus Rex…” Shay helped the glasses, said.

“We won’t be coming to the Cretaceous Era/Time?” Shizuka squinted and thought about it.

“What kind of world is this, even dinosaurs!” Nan Lixiang said with a sigh.

“Look! It has a big hole in the neck, it seems to be dead!” The lily is very careful to observe.

“Who is so wicked! I killed it! This is a dinosaur that has been extinct for about 200 million years!” Gui Meilin looked angry. Well, she is a living beings teacher.

“Gui Meilin, you are not afraid! You dare to swear! This dinosaur is my kill!” Sun Wukong walked behind Guimeilin and came up with a slap on her sharp buttocks.

“I’m sorry… I don’t know what you did…” Gui Meilin was red.

Yuriko looks at Sun Wukong: “Goku, do you have a dinosaur in this world?”

“It’s not just dinosaurs, but more horrible monsters than dinosaurs. So, don’t run around. The world’s perverted guys are more than just a monster. It’s possible to have you second!” Sun Wukong looks serious To the girls. Immediately and small, I was amazed: “Isn’t this the place where I used to go before? I didn’t expect it to be in the same place when I came back! And this dinosaur seems to have just died soon… It seems that even the time flow rate It’s different! This is really good news! hey hey!”

“Goku brother, you world, do you really have dinosaurs? There are no long-necked dragons, triceratops…” Alice looked excited and looking forward to watching Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong smiled and nodded. “You should have it! However, I have never seen it, so it is hard to say! But we don’t just have one Earth, there are many, many planets, and those metamorphosis in the universe.” Person is even more numerous, and some can even destroy a planet casually, and even more perverted, can destroy the whole solar system, even the whole universe!”

“No… isn’t it?!” The girls were shocked and opened their mouths. Nan Lixiang looked disdainful watching Sun Wukong said: “Impossible? Who are you fooling? How can there be such a perverted guy on the world? Also destroy the solar system… whole universe? You are my three-year-old! ”

Sun Wukong snorted and said: “Believe it or not, you will know it anyway!” Then he waved his hand: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense! Let’s go find a place now, take a good day off.” “Look, take out the Dragon Ball radar from your arms and look at it. The closest thing to them is the reaction of the Dragon Ball around the southwest side of the five miles: “Then we set off from this direction!”

“Goku brother, what’s in your hand? It’s so beautiful!” Alice came to Sun Wukong and watched the Dragon Ball radar in his hand.

“This! It’s the Dragon Ball radar…” Sun Wukong replied casually.

“Dragon Ball radar? What?” Alice was curious.

“Dragon Ball radar! It is the radar that can find the Seven Dragon Ball!”

“Which round stone is it?” Alice continued to ask.

“Well!” said Sun Wukong took the Dragon Ball out of his pocket. At this time, the Dragon Ball had been removed from petrochemicals and returned to its original state.

“Sure enough, these seven Dragon Balls are not available in other worlds! Because there is no ‘God’ relationship, still other reasons?” Sun Wukong said with emotion, he was about to put the Seven Dragon Ball back in his pocket. But it was discovered by the eye-catching Li: “Goku, what is the ball in your hand?”

“Oh! It’s seven Dragon Balls, the stone that I saw before you! Now I am back to this world, so I recovered.”

“Seven Dragon Balls! If it can be used on our world, how good!” Nan Lixiang looked with emotion.

Gui Lizi shook his head and said: “Don’t think so much, we can leave the world, it is already lucky!”

Shaye: “This is what the Dragon Ball is like? Nothing special.”

Shizuka watches the jungle in front of him, a frustrated road: “We are not going to go out all the time?”

Sun Wukong nodded. “Yeah! Although I will fly, I can’t hold you eight people!”

Shaye looked at BS with a look at Sun Wukong: “You guys are really stupid! You won’t bring us out two or two?”

As soon as the voice fell, I saw a huge fat flying dragon flying over them, and opened his mouth and bit it into the lily…

“This…this will not be a dragon?…” The women suddenly became shocked and picked up the guns in their hands and fired them… But the bullets hit the fat dragon, but they didn’t work.

“How… how could it be…” The women were shocked. Seeing that the lily is about to be taken away by the dragon, Sun Wukong’s figure flashes, and the dragon flies for a few tens of meters away. He crashes into the ground, leaving a huge hole, pumping his legs and swearing.

Watching the frightened women, Sun Wukong shrugged and said: “So, the monsters in this world are very ferocious. Now, do you think I will take you out in batches?” The girls were shakenally Shaking his head, joking, Sun Wukong If they are gone, what should they do when they encounter this dangerous monster?

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