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Chapter 3, the first wish, world ring

“No…Impossible…this is impossible…” Piccolo couldn’t believe this at the moment. The opponents who were evenly matched before, now can’t take the other side’s move.

“What is impossible! I will let you see how big the gap between you and me is in the end!” Say, Sun Wukong clenched his fists and shouted, and his “qi” instantly rose to Vertex, time, rock tremor, ground crack, the gravel around Sun Wukong floats under his terror’s Ki…

“This… this gas… How could it be… too… too formidable… I can’t win… Body… Shaking… I’m scared?… Damn… Just kidding ……” Sun Wukong’s formidable, gave Piccolo a deep sense of powerlessness, and the whole body was shaking in fear. Just like original work, Piccolo is the same as ‘Insta-kill’ by Ladiz… No, at this time, he is even stronger, because at this time Sun Wukong, his combat power-level has reached 3W5 More, it is a lot stronger than Vegeta, which was first in Earth.

“You are too weak now! I have no interest in killing you!” After the fight against Piccolo, Sun Wukong flew away. Piccolo is still not dead, because he still needs seven Dragon Balls. Moreover, his opponent is not Piccolo, but in the universe, those who are about to appear are more than a perverted strong person.

“Abominable… Damn… It’s so small to see me Great Demon King Piccolo… Damn… Sun Wukong… I will repay you a hundred times of today’s shame…” Piccolo humiliated, angry hammering On the ground…

The final consequence of this incident is that after a year of First Under the Heavens competition, Piccolo did not appear, but has been concentrating on training until he thinks that Can defeat Sun Wukong will reappear… Of course, for First Under the Heavens martial arts convention, Sun Wukong at this time is completely uninterested, and he is interested in the strong people in the universe.

In Bulma’s home, in the empty yard, Sun Wukong pours out the seven Dragon Balls in the bag and piles them on the lawn. Behind him is a girl who looks forward to and curious. The reason why Sun Wukong ran to Bulma’s family to summon Shenron was to let the nephew and other women have a long experience.

Bulma, beside Watching, asked: “Buma, can these seven Dragon Balls really summon Shenron?” The girls also looked at her. Bulma Mystic/mysterious smiled and said, “You will know when you look at it!”

“Come out! Shenron!” Goku screamed, and the weather changed, and the sky darkened. A huge Shenron from the Dragon Ball, straight in the sky…

Shenron: “Speak your wish! No matter what you can, I can do it for you… but only one…”

“Really Shenron…” The girls were shocked.

“It’s amazing, right!” Bulma was very happy with the expression of the women and looked proud.

After calming down the excitement, Sun Wukong uttered his own wish: “I need a space ring, the bigger the space, the better, and can live, there is also a Time Chamber like The Lookout. It must be installed with a freely adjustable gravity device, the size of the gravity you can make as much as you can!”

Shenron: “…your request is quite a lot…but it’s in the scope of a wish…you wait…this wish is a bit difficult…I have to spend a little time…”

About five minutes or so… Shenron’s eyes suddenly lit up, and a quaint ring fell from the sky… Sun Wukong excitedly caught it.

“Your wish has been achieved…but this small ring, I can only create a quarter of Earth’s space! Let’s go in and see it yourself! I have already tied you and your spiritual. Together, you only need to move your thoughts and you can enter it… Then, farewell/goodbye!” Shenron slowly disappeared, waiting for the Seven Dragon Ball to be turned into seven streams of light and scattered toward all directions. Sun Wukong suddenly vacated, picking up an energy cover and covering the Dragon Ball… The ball of light trembled for a moment, and the seven Dragon Balls that had been scattered also lost their potential and turned into stones. …

Sun Wukong excitedly picked up the petrified Seven Dragon Ball on the ground, hey hey smiled: “still brother has the foresight, he has already created this energy shield, and then don’t have to spend time looking for the Seven Dragon Ball, and, Throw the Seven Dragon Ball into the Time Chamber in this ‘Ring Ring’. Will you just have to wait for a day’s time to make a wish again? Hey hey !”

“Is this really a space ring? I only saw it in the novel!” Jing Xiang fluttered with big eyes and watched the space ring in the hands of Sun Wukong.

“Earth a quarter of the space? How big is this! Fast, Goku, let’s go in and see!” Nan Lixiang is also a face of excitement, this is the space in the legend, can you not be excited?

Sun Wukong thought about it, and saw that a woman, such as Bulma, was suddenly sucked into a small black hole that was rotated… Then, Sun Wukong’s body was slowly sucked in…

In ‘Space Ring’, this should not be called ‘world ring’! The black hole rotates, and the figure of the people appears in a lawn. Surrounded by mountains, the birds and flowers are like a fairyland on earth.

“Wow! It’s really beautiful here!”

“It’s really big! Which ring are we really in!”

The girls were amazed, and Alice was already happy to run around in the flowers…

“Wow kā kā! This Shenron thinks really thoughtful! It is really suitable for my harem here! Hey hey!” Sun Wukong’s face is excited. Looking around, I found a castle not far away, and the eyes suddenly brightened: “Sister paper, let’s go to the castle!”…

The castle is large, brilliant and gorgeous. The Time Chamber is in the innermost part of the castle, similar to the one in The Lookout, except for a rest house, nothing in it. And inside the house, there is a gravity device, up to 10W times the gravity!

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