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Chapter IV rushes to the universe

Then, everyone conducted an inspection here and found that although there are mountains and rivers and trees, there are no other living beings. So they went out and caught countless fishes, put them into the river and the sea… and caught countless animals into the jungle. Of course, those dangerous animals were saved! In this regard, one of the Small world was born!

Then, I bought countless daily necessities and moved into the ‘world ring’! Of course, the money is out of Bulma! Sun Wukong saved her countless lives, and this money, she still willing to come out.

After going to Jialin Xianren to ask for some senzu bean seeds and training methods, Sun Wukong transplanted the senzu bean into the world ring, so that the girls watched. This already means that the continuous supply of senzu beans in the future…

After everything is ready, it is already three days later! However, during this period, one thing made Sun Wukong very disappointed. Although he put the Dragon Ball into the Time Chamber in the world ring, but one day later, when he took it out, he still had petrified form. Originally using seven Dragon Ball make a wish, it consumes the positive energy of the real world. Only when the positive energy of the real world is restored, can you use the Dragon Ball again! The positive energy consumed by a wish basically takes a year to recover, so before the positive energy of the real world is restored, even if you put the Dragon Ball in the Time Chamber, it is impossible to use it!

And the nephew and other women also stayed with him in the ‘world Ring’, and then handed the use of Qi to the girls, and passed them Sky-dance Art, but only the scorpion, the lily. Nan Lixiang, Li, Gui Lizi five women learn. Shaye and Gui Meilin are not interested in playing and killing. After learning for a while, they feel too difficult to give up. After studying for a few minutes, Shizuka gave up, and Alice felt fun. She trained with them for two days. After a fresh feeling, she gave up.

After teaching a few women, Sun Wukong started TRUE’s brutal training alone… At the beginning, it started with 10 times the gravity. After getting used to it, I jumped directly to 20 times the gravity…

Once you reach the limit, you can directly eat the senzu bean recovery, and the combat power-level goes straight up… It takes only three days of time (three days in the Time Chamber) to adapt to the 100 times the gravity. Sun Wukong in the original work took only six days to reach. I have to say that Sun Wukong’s talent is now more excellent and terror than Sun Wukong in its original work.

However, Sun Wukong knows that this is far from enough. Only when he can transform into Super Saiyan, will there be capital to go to the universe…

However, what makes Sun Wukong depressed is that he has been training in the Time Chamber for more than half a year, not only unable to transform into Super Saiyan, but his potential seems to have been exhausted. He knows that he may have encountered a bottleneck. Only the body is transformed into Super Saiyan, and then can re-energize his potential and move forward…

Unfortunately, although he knows the shortcut method of the body transformation Super Saiyan, that is the angle, but he does not get angry! So he ended his retreat training, intending to go to the universe, looking for strong person battle, to seek his own breakthrough…

If you want to go to the universe, you will naturally have a spaceship. So Sun Wukong took a moment to find the spacecraft he came to when he was a child, and gave it to Bulma’s father, asking him to help transform it…

During the transformation of spacecraft, Sun Wukong rarely enjoyed the fragrant and leisurely time! Shun took Bulma and Gui Lizi to eat. Of course, it is not a legitimate means to use, but a strong push, there is no! However, it is a kind of feat that can be sighed by the ability to push a sister’s paper and let her follow you with sorrow!

This also led to Bulma dropping out of school in advance. You said that so many sister papers to accompany Sun Wukong to the universe ‘exploration’, leaving her alone at home, this is impossible! Moreover, reading for Bulma has long been dispensable, and her IQ has long been able to blast the so-called brick home!

After three months, spacecraft was finally fixed. The women watched this huge round sphere in front of her eyes and looked amazed.

β€œIs this really spacecraft? We… can we travel to the universe?” At this point, Saya still has some unfathomable. This is in their world, but it has always been a human dream. In this world, it has already been realized.

“However, I think, this thing is like a big ball!” Jingxiang watching spacecraft, the eyes are very bright, I don’t know what I am thinking.

“I said, you don’t feel where you are, just come over and move thing, you will be set off!” Gui Lizi entered a spacecraft with a lot of snacks.

A few women in Shaye spit out their tongues and began to help, and moved some daily necessities into spacecraft…

“So, Dad! We have to set off!” Everything is ready, Bulma bids farewell to his parents. And the nephew and other women also told them to them.

“Goku, I gave you Boma, you have to protect her! And everyone is also!” Bulma’s mother is still a smile, a mature and steady face.

“This doesn’t have to be said, I know!” Sun Wukong swears. Nonsense, can your own sister paper be protected?

“Unfortunately, I am old, can not afford to toss, otherwise, I also want to go to the universe to see it!” Bulma’s old lady looked regret.

After the end, everyone returned to the space ship and closed the door. “Everyone is wearing a seat belt, I have to take off!” Bulma sat down in the driver’s seat, her tone was a little excited, and she was the first to go ‘play’ in the universe!

“Okay!” With the excitement of the girls, Bulma started the spaceship. After a roar of space, spacecraft ‘ε—–’ rushed out of Earth…

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