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Chapter 5 Niu Xing and Huge

Spacecraft has been flying for three days in the universe, and Sun Wukong has nothing to do with a few sister papers. Didn’t see him now and Jing Xiangmei paper?

“Goku, look, I found a planet with a life reaction!” Bulma pointed to the Dragon Ball radar and was excited.

“Really? Where? What?” The girls also looked at the Monitor. It’s a blue planet that’s about the size of Earth. It looks pretty.

Solved the static incense, Sun Wukong lifted the pants and walked over, watching the planet on the monitor, said: “So go to the planet and see it!”

“Okay, then, everyone is sitting!” Bulma snorted and controlled the spacecraft to land on the planet… and the sisters sat down and tied the seat belts. Sun Wukong came to the side of Shizuka, took her into her arms and sat back to her position. Well, Jing Xiangmei paper has been softened by his play, and there is still strength to sit!

In the tremor of spaceship, through the atmosphere, the first planet that Goku and others entered the universe for the first time.

Spaceship slowly landed… The door opened, and Sun Wukong first came out and found that the climate here was about the same as Earth.

“Is this the outer planet? So excited! I didn’t expect that I could come to the outer planet!” Li Xian was very excited.

“But the climate of this planet is almost the same as that of Earth, but it is quite surprising!” Shaye habitually helped his glasses. Because Sun Wukong likes her spectacles, she deprives her of the right to contact lenses.

“Hey~~What will the aliens look like?” Alice was very excited and looked forward to her face.

“I want to know too!” The nephew and other women are also curious.

“There is nothing to guess about this. Let’s go to the place where they live and see if we don’t know it!” Gui Lizi took the lead and walked away. After the girls followed, Sun Wukong took spacecraft into the world ring and followed the past…

Mengshan Village is a small village inhabited by the original people of Kada Star. At this time, there are two people standing in opposition. Well, the people on this planet are very much like Tauren, bull nose, cow ears, muscle strong, very strong.

“Niu Xing, you count as a JB, even dare to slap the corner of our boss, are you not looking for 屎 (death)?” Among the group of people on the left, a younger brother standing in the front row screamed with anger and anger, as if Others took their wives away. I saw that this guy is thinner than other Tauren, shorter, and not as thick as others, it seems to be cunning. There was a white cloth tied to the top of the head with two black characters: the military division.

And the man next to him, tall and tall, with a strong Tauren with 25 meters is their boss is quite big. This guy looks very mighty and looks a bit like Ox King, but it is a bit silly. It’s just that dressing up, it’s really flattering.

I saw him holding a large kitchen knife with a few mouthfuls in his hand. The animal skin of the lower body flew and flew, revealing a dark and furry thigh, wearing a cloak with several holes. A twisted big word: hunger strike expert. No, it should be five characters, because the word ‘food’ is marked with an ‘X’ and a word ‘world’ is written next to it.

Behind the big one is his little brother and many townspeople. On the left are several old Tauren and a cow head. And the cause of the incident is all because of her. Although the cow is really long, but it is the same as the bull star and the big man at the same time, because these two cows have a common hobby, that is, ‘big’, they like ‘big’ girl. The cow named Erhua just met this requirement, and it was over-standard. You didn’t see the two basketballs hanging on her chest!

In contrast Niu Xing, the long one is normal, and in the words of the Tauren, it is mighty and domineering. In addition to the mount of the fire cow, it is simply an alternative ‘White Horse Prince’! From the perspective of various standards, it is simply a big explosion! No wonder the cow looked at his gaze. And Niu Xing belongs to the village of Dam in the west.

“We don’t talk nonsense, still let the second flower girl pick it up!” Pretty disdainful look at the military division, very sympathetic, very confident, because he knows, the two flowers are like their own, quite big two Goods, who would like it!

“Say, two flowers, who do you choose?” It’s quite big, and turned to the cows on the side. The second flower is very entangled at this time, although she has a good impression on Niu Xing, but she also knows that if this is a big irritates, then the consequences are really impossible to conceive, because the second goods are usually very terrible, What’s more, still a second war.

The two-grand grandfather saw her embarrassed look, silent for a while, said: “Since the two flowers can not make up their minds, then you two will take their own force to decide the outcome! Usually my family can not decide, that is Whoever wins by comparison, who will marry the second flower!”

“Wow! Contest! Controversy!…” The very big younger brothers have drunk up, and they are very confident about their own strength.

The opposite Niu Xing is a bit hesitant. He admits that although he is very big, his force is the first in the family. There is no doubt about it. If it is a contest, it is really a bit difficult.

When Niu Xing’s younger brother saw his boss’s embarrassment, he immediately yelled: “What is more than a test, at least three games and two wins! This is fair!” “Three wins in three games… two wins in three games…” A group of younger brothers follow suit…

After some deliberation, the contest was finally defined as two wins in three games. The first game, the force against the show: Niu Xing VS is quite big!

“You are a badard, I want to tear you up!” The big chopper in his hand danced a beautiful knife flower, facing the evil star of the bull.

Niu Xing directly ignored him, and watched him with a contemptuous look: “You have two goods, the competition is not to use weapons!”

“Nima! You dare to swear that Laozi is the second one? Laozi is the most troublesome. Others yell at me is the second one!” The big man was stunned on the spot, roaring, and the foot cracked the ground, Ki soared, the wind raged This guy’s combat power-level is no longer 20,000…

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