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The sixth chapter Niu Xing vs quite big

Feeling the pretty Berserk’s Ki, the bully’s facial expression has changed, knowing that it is quite strong, but he did not expect the other party to be forformable to this level!


A long sigh, quite big like a bull, rushed toward the bull star… Wherever he passed, the ground was collapsed and cracked by him…


Niu Xing is also a scream, and he has no hesitation in the past…


The two hands touched each other, and the formidable suffocating directly rolled up the surrounding ground, the sandstone shattered, the earth and stone rolled…

“You are quite strong!” He screamed and slammed into the past.


The two sides collided and they were quite big with Venus. The Niu Xing was even more able to bear, and the fall back took a few steps before stopping the figure.

“You guy!” Niu Xing was furious and screamed and rushed over…


The fierce confrontation between the two men was the boxing to the flesh, the trees around them, the rocks and the rocks were all destroyed by his two fights, and even the terrain was changed…

Watching the ‘bovines’ hurried away from this place, fleeing…

“Ha ha ~ ~ happy! Too TM is so good! I am taking a punch!” The bigger the more excited, the more the combat power-level gradually climbed. A fist hit, directly pulled out a large pit tens of meters deep.

The avoidance of the Niu Xing risk insurance, a whip leg swept away toward a very big head, it is necessary to kick his head in one fell swoop…


Very loud and excited, how to scream, do not avoid, directly head over the past…

“Looking for death~” The coldness of Niu Xing’s face, the strength soared to the top, and the sly kicked toward the very big temple…


Very big, the head is low, rushing away, and the top is on the powerful right foot of Niu Xing. The power of formidable repercussions directly smashed a mountain next to it, and the ground with his two centers was a large pit that was shocked by nearly a hundred meters.

“Hey~~ Is your strength only this?” A big grin, a big hole in the ground, and suddenly rushed away… The power of formidable directly to the top of the star Go out. Immediately, he reached out with his hands and grabbed the right foot of the Niu Xing. He pulled it hard and used the head to slap it over.

The bullish facial expression changed a lot, and hurriedly grabbed the big horns that would pierce his body with both hands. However, the force of formidable directly shocked him, and he was still stabbed into the body by a small horn!

“Hey ~ ~ to die!” Niu Xing roared, a big mouth, an energy beam directly shot toward the head.


Such a distant distance, quite big can not escape, the energy beam directly hit the top of his head, quite as a meteor was bombed out, tripping a mountain, stopped the figure.

“哞~~~王八蛋! My cloak~~” was a big roar, a gas storm that was better than before, and the earth and stone buried in him were shattered, revealing that he was slightly Wolverine figure. The animal skin on the body has been broken, especially the cloak of ‘drawing the wind’, which has been broken into several pieces.

At this time, the big man has already turned red eyes and is in the form of berserk. That cloak, but in addition to his little brother, is his favorite, most precious thing, which was destroyed at this time, can you not be angry?

I saw that his hands were high, and a huge energy ball condensed rapidly. From his formidable Ki, it was enough to destroy this band.

The Tauren patriarch looked at the horror, standing on a stone cliff, and shouted: “It’s quite big! Stop, do you want to destroy our tribe? I declare! You win this match, stop! Stop! ”

“Well? I won?” The anger was so loud that he woke up and said: “In other words, the two flowers are mine? Wow kā kā ~” The energy bomb in the hand slowly disappeared. The patriarch and Niu Xing and others suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. I have to say that although quite big is very stupid, but the strength is indeed the strongest on their planet.

However, when I saw my beloved cloak, I suddenly made a scream of screaming, and screamed at the Niu Xing: “Nima! If you don’t pay me, it’s a more windy, more handsome cloak, I will follow You are not finished!”

Niu Xing was stunned by the guilty conscience. In the past, he was very dissatisfied with the title of the first great force of the big man. Today, he finally saw it, and he really said nothing! He had to be grateful that this was just a test, or he would definitely hang.

However, although the heart is imaginary, it can’t be revealed: “Isn’t it a broken cloak? I will send you a cloak made with Solopi in the next day!”

“Solopi?” The big eyes suddenly brightened: “This is what you said! If you don’t give it, Lao Tzu won’t know your grandmother.” Solopi is a wild animal skin on this planet. It belongs to the most expensive and beautiful animal skin.

The battle here is naturally the attention of Sun Wukong. On the cliff not far from here, Sun Wukong and his party watched the whole process of the comparison between the big and the big stars. The girls looked at the surprise, and obviously they were shocked by such a battle.

“Goku, if you play with them, who is more powerful?” The nephew and other women curiously looked at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong said faintly: “Don’t compare it with me, the one finger of the brother can also insta-kill him!” Training in the Time Chamber for more than half a year, Sun Wukong is not a tens of thousands of combat Power-level people can compete.

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