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Chapter VII Horse Racing

The girls nodded unfortunately. Although they did not see Sun Wukong, which was completely outbreaked, Sun Wukong was invincible in their eyes. This belief was deeply ingrained when Sun Wukong first saw the strength.

However, for this planet, there are still people near 30,000 combat power-level, but Sun Wukong is somewhat unexpected. This kind of combat power-level can is compared with Vegeta after the outbreak.

The Tauren patriarch (the grandfather of the cow) stood in the ruins of the canned bear, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and announced the second test: “This second game is a gentler way. !target is the Jiamu River ten miles away, whoever rides the mount first to the Jiamu River, who will win.”

“Horse? It’s a good idea!” Niu Xing proudly smiled and rode his tall and handsome fire cow in the same place for two laps. He looked disdainfully: “So, what about your mount?”

Quite straight and immediately shouted to the military division next to him: “Go, bring Laozi’s black scorpion!”

The military division wiped the sweat and said: “Boss, the last two days, you don’t want to give up the black donkey. Didn’t you have been slaughtered and eaten?”

“Hey? Is there anything else?” The doubts of a big face suddenly realized: “Ah! I remembered it, MD, I was sitting on it and didn’t get out of a dozen meters and gave it to me! I gave it to me.” have eaten!”

“Haha~~~Which people use black scorpions to mount? That small body can you bear this big man? And, you even have to eat your own mount too…” ‘Two’ has not yet Say it, Niu Xing stopped in time, but he knows that you can be stupid, stupid, but you can’t say him, otherwise you will be miserable. When the wind turns, he said: “In other words, are you not riding?”

Quite suddenly loudly screamed: “Who said that Laozi is not riding? Military division!”

“Yes!” The military officer immediately responded with a loud voice. He landed on the ground and squatted on the ground. He walked up straight and walked up. He was very proud. “Look! This is the mount of Laozi, obedient, well-behaved. Can understand the cow. How, have you been shocked by the ride of Laozi’s mount! Wow kā kā ~~~ drive ~ drive ~ ~” said, quite big, also with the big kitchen knife in his hand on the ass of the military division came two under.

The pain of the military division is grinning: “Boss, can you lightly? No, it hurts! And, under the crowd, how much to give me some face!” Nima, you are all used as a mount to ride, there are faces. Speak?

“Less Luo Luo, I will give strength to Laozi later. If you lose, you will give Laozi a toilet for a lifetime!” quite big and came up twice in the ass of the military division.

The military officer burst into tears: “Boss, it seems like I have been pouring the toilet for you?”

For those who are quite a village, they have no words to cover the performance of the two big goods. They are ashamed! There are so many goods in their own village.

“This… this is your mount… Ok! Then… let’s get started!” Niu Xing couldn’t bear it anymore. He found himself laughing, but for the sake of the image, he still had to endure. But he endured, it does not mean that people behind him can bear it! So, the laughter rang through the sky.

At this time, the old patriarch, has made up his mind, said that he did not marry his granddaughter to such a second goods. At this time, his eyes on Niu Xing are also a lot of good, at least the guy is more reliable than the big one. too much.

The patriarch drew a line on the ground, asking the two to stand up and then shouted: “The game, start!”

“Hash ~ ~” Niu Xing screamed, a whip on the buttocks of the sitting fire cow, the fire cow ‘哞~~ yelled, raised four hooves and ran, a smog ran away, leaving All the way to the dust…

“I wiped ~ the dead cow ran fast, the military division, give some strength! Drive!” Very big said with a large kitchen knife in his hand on the military teacher’s ass a burst of bang…

“Oh~~ vomit~~~哞~~~”

The military division was photographed with a strange scream, and the open limbs were running without a hitch… The speed was also very powerful! However, it is a lot worse than the fire cow still…

“Fast… fast…we can’t even see the ass of others…”

Very big and anxious, the force in the hand suddenly increased…


The sound is loud and bright…


The screaming of the military division, directly soft to the ground, the right ass eggs have swollen old: “Boss! I am no longer!”

“Grass! It’s useless! Get up, change me!” Very big and took a shot on his butt, walked down from the military division, and squatted on the ground: “Come on, we have to lose!”

“Yes, Boss!” The military division ‘噌’, jumped from the ground, sat across the big back, and shot a bar on his ass: “Drive ~ ~ boss! !”

Very large and four limbs used together, 噌噌~~ all the way to rush, the speed is fast, it is astounding… Not long after, I saw the back of the bull star…

Niu Xing saw a big follow-up, suddenly shocked: “by ~ ~ these two goods fast speed! MD, missteps! With the guy’s combat power-level, this speed… Driving ~~Hash~” Niu Xing immediately slammed on his mount’s buttocks, and the speed of the fire cow accelerated a lot…

“Boss, hurry up… hurry up… I’m going to catch up with that stupidity… ah… his speed is speeding up… boss… speed! drive~~” The military officer rides on the big back Excited shouting. Seeing that both sides opened a little distance, excited, he took out the dagger of the waist and smashed it on the big ass egg…


A big scream, the momentum of the front rushed, and fell directly to the ground, licking the mud…

“呸~呸~~” Severely spit out the mud in the mouth, and the look of the face is tangled: “Nima! I only take the knife back to shoot you, you TMD take the real knife bucket, your IQ is still high, my pressure Great!”

“Boss, I am not here to cheer you up!” The military division looked innocent.

“You are not allowed to take the knife bucket!” I climbed up quite a bit, and once again, I ran forward, and the speed was faster than that of the previous one, with his metamorphosis and ass. The little injury did not have any effect on him at all.

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