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Chapter VIII Ginyu Force strikes

Under the sprint of a strong and powerful sprint, he and the distance of the Niu Xing are getting closer and closer… It didn’t take long before he overtook the Niu Xing.

“Wow, haha~~~ Boss! You are so powerful! God Ma Niuxing is simply weak! Haha~~~ driving ~~” The military officer was riding on a very large body, shouting excitedly. Turning his head and sticking out his tongue to the Niu Xing, made a grimace, the angry bull star facial expression.

All the way to the rampage, quite large and finally won the victory, with three wins in three games, won the victory of this test. Niu Xing lost very convinced, because at a very high speed, how could it be that his fire cow can compare? And it’s talking about horseback riding. How is your TM being treated as a horse ride?

And that cow is even more reluctant, wanting her to marry the two goods, it is better to die! And his grandfather also looked a little too big. The guy is amazing, but his head is not good! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a light, but don’t be so two! Who can afford such a best product?

However, taken in a very large force, the old patriarch is entangled, if the face of the contract, and the character of the two big goods, the specific will be removed here!

Is it difficult for the old patriarch, but quite big? Already came to the cow’s side, a look of saliva: “Two flowers, your tits are really big! Look at the old man is so excited! No! Let me touch it!”

“Roll…go away! ……you are dead and metamorphous…” The cow was scared and fell back, the sound was tender, and it was a little bit of a feeling of Xiaojiabiyu. However, it is really unbearable to say it from such a nearly two-meter-long head of the population. However, in the eyes of the Tauren, perhaps like the cow of the two flowers, perhaps a big beauty may not be.

On the stone cliff in the distance, the women watched the big, ugly face, and looked at Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong’s brow suddenly picks up, uncomfortable said: “Look at what I do? Don’t take the brother to compare these two goods, brother is more pure and conducive than him!”

“Pure? Conservation?” The girls turned up with a white eye.

“Well?” When Sun Wukong wanted to say something, he suddenly frowned and looked at the sky.

“What’s wrong, Goku?” The nephew waited for the woman to be practically looking towards Sun Wukong.

“There are other people coming to this planet. Well, there are five people. This kind of Ki… is quite ‘strong’!” Sun Wukong watching the sky, a touch of the road.

“Is it another alien?” The girls were vividly looking at the sky.

Not long after, there were five spacecrafts in the sky, and the style was similar to Sun Wukong’s spacecraft, which was a lot smaller. The girls were curious, and the scorpion said: “Goku, that spacecraft and ours, don’t tell me is a planet with you?”

After Sun Wukong retrieved his spacecraft when he landed in Earth when he was a child, the girls all knew Sun Wukong Saiyan’s identity. If this is the case, it should be.

Sun Wukong frowned slightly and said, “Should not, but I think, maybe the guy I know may be.”

Five circular spacecraft burst through the atmosphere, falling like a rock into the ground…

Bang ~~~ five consecutive loud noises, five spacecraft on the ground pulled out a huge hole hundreds of meters wide…

Such a high-profile to go on stage naturally attracts the attention of countless people.

“Wow~~ There are meteorites falling…”

“陨石你妹! Is spacecraft…”

“The patriarch…”

“Let’s see it in the past! For a long time no aliens came to us planet…”

“Boss, have we seen it in the past?”

“Must! Go, little guys, bring guys, follow me! If these guys are broken, listen to me, rush!”

A group of Taurens have descended toward spacecraft…

“Goku, are we going to look at it?” The blind man looked at Sun Wukong.

“No, we will look at it in the distance!”

When the Taurens came to the front of spacecraft, the spacecraft’s doors slowly opened… The five men walked out of the spaceship.

The old patriarch watched five people, and looked serious: “Five, welcome you to Kada Star, here is Mengshan Village, I am the village chief, how many nobles do you come to our planet?”

“Well hum hum ~~~” Five people immediately put their painful POSE, they introduced themselves: “Recoom!”





“All Fusion!……Ginyu kind of troops!”

All the people looked silly, and everyone felt a cold wind blowing from the side…

The bulls have turned their heads to each other…

“I used to think that there are enough people in the big man and so on. I didn’t expect anyone to compare with them!”

“Yeah! It’s an eye-opener!”

“The original aliens also have two goods!…”

Sun Wukong watching The five people were speechless in the show, so silent for a while: “Ginyu Force, I didn’t expect it to be really, they are fate!”

Ginyu Force Sees that the Taurens are in the BS and they are angry. Burter used Scouter readings to compose the power-level of the Tauren. The look of disdain: “The highest combat power-level is only 19000, it’s really junk! Do you dare to look down on us?”

Captain Ginyu’s face is uncomfortable: “So, Burter, this garbage is cleaned up by you, quick fix, after occupying this planet, we have to go to the next planet!”

Burter took a few steps forward and was very arrogantly watching the group of Taurens: “We are the Super Force of the subordinates of King Fliesa, Ginyu Force, now commanding the King of Flissa, levy your planet, if there is to resist, Do not kill!”

The old patriarch’s face suddenly changed: “Expropriation? Are you coming to invade our planet?”

Burter’s tone is very arrogant: “You can also understand this, then surrender? Still to resist?”

“The patriarch, what is this goods talking about?” At this time, the two goods have not understood what this is.

The old patriarch looked at him quite a bit and shook his head. He said: “They are coming to invade our planet…meaning… they want to grab our money and grab our food. Maybe even the two flowers will be robbed by them… …”

“What? They want to grab my two flowers? I will kill them!” When I was very big, I was worried about my own two flowers. I was in a hurry, and when I mentioned the big kitchen knife, I rushed over…

Hey~~ A few beautiful knives are cut towards Burter…

Burter easily escaped a few knives and then punched it out. He hurriedly used his arm to jump, but he was instantly shot and knocked down a mountain…

“Wow, ah~~~ This guy is very powerful!” The bull climbed up from the gravel, his mouth was covered with bloodshot eyes, his eyes were red, and he entered the form of the runaway again, rushing toward Burter…

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