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Chapter 9 is quite large for berserk

“Well? Combat power-level 35000! This guy can even freely increase the combat power-level?” The value on the Burter watching Scouter is amazed.

It was quite big like a bison. It crossed the past. When it passed, the ground collapsed and the aura was really fierce. Angrily screamed and jumped, and punched Burter down.

At the foot of Burter, he flew directly to the rear and stopped in the air. This hand, looking very stunned: “You…you guys will fly?” The other Tauren are also surprised watching Burter.

“Don’t tell me, with your 3W’s more combat power-level, willn’t you fly?” Burter is also surprised to watch.

“I won’t fly! You come down, and I am playing on the ground!” It’s very uncomfortable.

“Hey! aboriginals is aboriginals, not even Sky-dance Art, I really don’t know how you train to this level! Since you want to play on the ground, then I will accompany you!” Burter disdain I looked very big and landed on the ground.

Seeing the other side down, quite rushing to the past, a straight fist to take the other side of the door. Burter didn’t evade, and immediately responded with a punch and slammed into a big fist. The power of formidable repercussions directly cracks the surrounding ground…


The two people’s battles are getting more and more fierce and faster. When they arrive later, they can only see the afterimage after the collision between the two people. The formidable repercussions directly collapse the mountains and the gravel, and the battle is not intense. .


The two men once again touched a punch, Burter watching avenue: “A Tauren, there is such a formidable strength, it is quite surprising! How, do you want to come to the great subordinates of the great King Friesa to do things to your Strength, must be appreciated by King Fliesa!”

“Hey! Want to buy me? Go to hell!” Very angry and screamed, a big mouth, a beam immediately shot at Burter…

So close to the distance, in Burter’s mind, under the small vision of the opponent, Burter just rushed to the lower body and escaped the deadly attack, and was hit by the beam on the left shoulder, the armor on it was directly bombarded. Broken, revealing a blackened left shoulder.

“Bastard! I want to kill you!” Burter suddenly became furious, and Ki instantly skyrocketed, not holding hands, taking out the strength of TRUE, his body flashed, and his fist hit a pretty big face, quite a big pause. After being bombarded, Burter once again went to the big bombardment. He hurriedly blocked his attack with his arms, but he suddenly felt a pain in the abdomen and was directly blasted to the ground, pulling out a huge hole. ……

Although the power of the big one is tyrannical, his speed is not good, and the combat power-level is not Burter high. Nature is not an opponent of Burter. Burter floated in the air, facing the big hole in the big pit below is an Energy Ball… watching the power on it, if it is solid, it will not be dead.

“Grass! The boss is done! Little! Go to save the boss!” The military sergeant was very dangerous. He immediately screamed at the younger brothers behind him. The people spontaneously fired energy bombs and rushed to the Energy Ball from Burter. ……

However, their combat power-level is not high, and naturally they cannot interfere with Burter’s energy bombs. Seeing that it was too big to be hit, Niu Xing roared and opened his mouth and an energy beam shot at Burter. Burter had to sneak away from it, and the energy bomb in his hand was also missed a lot. Ten meters away, it exploded and left a huge hole a few hundred meters wide on the ground.

Although quite big, it was not directly hit, but it was also wounded by repercussions and suffered a minor injury.

“哞~~吼吼~~” At this time, it was quite big, like an injured beast. The strength not only did not fall due to injury, but it made him reveal a more beserrk, bloodthirsty Ki, and the combat power-level does not fall. Reverse increase.

At this time, the whole pair of eyes became red, and there was boundless madness and killing.

“This… This is… This is the madness in my family’s legend… I didn’t expect it to be done too much!” The old patriarch watched a big look and was excited. Even the two flowers that have always looked down on the big ones have a look of surprise. Frenzy, but the symbol in their tauren legend! Every canrical Tauren Warrior is a hero in the family.

“Wow~~ Wow~~ The boss is the mad cow in the legend…”

“It’s so amazing, it’s amazing~~”

“Boss, we love you…”

A very big young man screamed.

“combat power-level !76000! How is it possible! The instrument must have failed!” The value on the Burter watching Scouter was frightened and I didn’t believe it.

“Go to death!” A big roar, his body flung off like a cannonball, and a punch hit Burter’s abdomen… Burter suddenly flew out like a cannonball…

“Burter!” Ligao and others suddenly exclaimed. Captain Ginyu stunned and took over Burter in the air and landed on the ground.

“Team…Captain…” Burter painfully licked his abdomen, and said in a difficult way: “I’m sorry… I… I am humiliated.” With just a punch, Burter lost the Battle’s Ability.

“It’s no wonder that King Fliesa wants to send me to this planet. It turns out that this planet has such a strong guy. This guy is not something you can deal with. Still, let me come!” Ginyu put down Burter and slowly walked toward it. Go, stand in front of a big one: “Your combat power-level is good, so, do you want to join us Ginyu Force? I can let you be a Deputy Captain.”

“Less Luo! Go to hell!” The big man at this time has already been filled by the desire of the battle, and there is still nonsense. A fist hit the past and directly smashed a mountain behind Ginyu.

After escaping the big attack, Ginyu shook his head and said, “That’s a pity!” Hearing, Ki slammed, and the formidable gas swept a huge hole directly in his body.

“This is the strength of Captain! 12W’s combat power-level, that pretty bull is impossible to win Captain!” Four people like Ligao saw their Captain outbreak, a face of worship and excitement.

“So! I am going!” Ginyu’s figure flashed, and it appeared in the back of the big man. After a big reaction, he was directly kicked out by a foot…

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