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Chapter 10 Sun Wukong finally appeared.

Very loud roar, climbed from the gravel, and once again attacked Ginyu… Ginyu slammed up and hit the big one without any help. The strength of the two is too different, and the bull is not Ginyu’s opponent at all.

“This is not okay! The boss is so miserable! We have to go to help the boss.” The very big brother looked anxious, and did not want to rush to Ginyu.

“You guys want to bother Captain’s battle!” Guldo stopped in front of everyone, made a gold bond, trapped them all, waved them all, and smashed them all into the ground, just a blow. I have wiped out this group of two goods.

Niu Xing watching the old patriarch, the financial expression is very ugly, there is a trace of fear in the eyes: “The patriarchs, these people are too formidable, and even the mad Warrior in the legend is not their opponent, we still do not resist, Surrender! Otherwise we all have to suffer!”

The old patriarch watched and was stunned and sighed, saying: “Stop, don’t fight again, we surrender!” Their Taurens were originally a group of good people who surrendered to a stronger race than they did. Not too shameful.

“Oh! I didn’t expect your Tauren to look silly, but I still know the current affairs!” Ginyu threw the big hand into the Tauren, a face of calm and calm, such a battle, he even Warm up is not counted.

A group of tauren surrounded the past, the old patriarch raised the ground and said: “It’s quite big, forget it, don’t fight again, we still surrender! They…not what we can contend…”

“Supply? Grass! Laozi is too big to surrender!” suddenly loudly roared, shocked everyone, and once again attacked Ginyu. Although he is second, at the same time, he is also very embarrassed. He said that the ugly point is the brick and horn, and the things that are identified will never be easily changed.

“It seems that you guys are quite awkward!” Ginyu watching rushed to the big, flying a foot, directly flew him out, on the ground, pulled out a huge hole.

“Since you want to die like this, then I will be happy!” Ginyu immediately rushed to an Energy Wave.

“Boss!” The very big younger brothers suddenly screamed and screamed, they had the heart to save, but all of them were seriously injured and could not get up in the pit! Although they are second, although they are stupid, they are very loyal and very loyal.

And Niu Xing’s group of people couldn’t bear to look at it again. They turned their heads. They have lost the courage to resist for the formidable of Ginyu and others. Naturally, they will not go out and save the big.

When I saw it, I was smashed by Energy Wave. A figure suddenly appeared in front of the big one. I took a shot and took the Energy Wave from Ginyu and flew out. It fell a few kilometers away and exploded. , bring a huge energy repercussions, even the ground, it is also shaking…

“Who…who?” Ginyu was surprised to watch the guy who flew his Energy Wave with a single blow, but with Scouter readings, it was very doubtful: “Combat power-level is 8000? How can it fly? My Energy Wave?”

Sun Wukong smiled and said: “Oh! I just came over to make a soy sauce, but this guy, I watched is very pleasing to the eye, can you give me a face, spare him a life?” Watching the ae a while Sun Wukong finally appeared.

“Give you a face? We don’t seem to know?” Ginyu actually doesn’t have a very developed head: “And why should I give you face?”

“This way! That’s really a pity!” Sun Wukong sighed slightly. The figure suddenly disappeared and instantly appeared in front of Ginyu, punching his abdomen.

“呃~~” Ginyu suddenly licked the abdomen, stumbled on the ground, facial expression twisted, a face of pain and unfathomable: “No… impossible… your combat power-level is clearly only 8000, why is it so strong? ?……don’t tell me You are like me…can…free control of combat power-level?”

On the side of Li Gao and others, his Captain was actually given a KO by Sun Wukong, and suddenly he was shocked: “So possible… that guy actually gave Captain to the attack… This world, except for King Fliesa, Is there such a strong presence?” The four men were afraid of fear and had already resigned.

“Controling combat power-level is not your specialty! And, I don’t have any interest in garbage like you. You still go back and call Fliesa! I am looking forward to fighting him!” Sun Wukong watching Ginyu, A face of tranquil and calm.

“Haha~~ You guy is too arrogant! I admit that you are strong, but you can’t win the king of Fliesa! His strength is the strongest of the multiverse! Only people who have seen it before can understand To the greatness of King Fliesa!” Ginyu was very disdainful about Sun Wukong’s words, and said that Fliesa was a hot face to worship.

Sun Wukong directly ignored Ginyu, turned around and went to the big man: “Big man, are you okay?”

I climbed hard and looked at Sun Wukong’s eyes. It was a fiery adoration. I rushed over and hugged Sun Wukong’s thighs: “Boss, please accept me as a younger brother! Fight, fight, I am very proficient in the girl,” said the nose, and wiped the nose from Sun Wukong’s trouser legs.

“Go your mother!” Sun Wukong kicked him to the side: “You have two goods, don’t dirty my pants!”

Very big climbed up from the ground, very serious to Sun Wukong said: “Boss! Although I admire you, I am very grateful to you to save me, but please do not call me two goods, I am just a bit silly, just a little No, no!”

When Sun Wukong was about to talk, there was a sudden laugh from Ginyu behind him: “Haha! You guys are too big, ignore the Captain, but pay the price!”

I don’t know when Ginyu has flown to the sky not far away. “Drink ahhh ~~~” Ginyu crazyly raised his own anger, the earth shivered, and the clouds were shaken…

“Big “Change”!” Ginyu opened his arms and screamed, and a virtual shadow flew out of his body.

“Well?” Sun Wukong suddenly paused and found that his body was suddenly imprisoned, unable to move, and his soul seemed to be pulled out of the body.

“Sure enough, Captain is going to make that trick!” Jeice was surprised to have the expectation of unlimited, as long as he won the body of Sun Wukong, then they won.

“This is… interchangeable body? Hey! Such insignificant ability, also wants to take my body!” Sun Wukong disdainful cold snorted, shouted, and the sudden Ki outbreak. When the time came, the earthquake shook and cracked, and even Dashan collapsed under this formidable Ki…

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