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Chapter III: Apocalypse of the Academy

In a street where zombies wandered, a colorful light door emerged strangely, and a figure slowly came out of it… The colorful light door disappeared…

Sun Wukong watching The zombies moving around and back are very excited: “Zombies? Did you really cross the “School Apocalypse”?”

Sun Wukong with one finger and one finger, a golden beam spurt out from the index finger, instantly piercing the head of a zombie not far away… At the same time, he received a hint to get the 1 point energy point.

“On 1 point energy point, it’s really a little pitiful!” Sun Wukong frowned, his mind was moving, and a virtual screen appeared in the upper right corner of the line of sight. The energy point is displayed as: 9014. At the same time, there is also a main plane transfer door, but it is a gray unusable form, even the energy point of the 10000 point can be used to return to its own world.

“Also in other words, I only need to kill 986 only zombies, can I go back to the world of Dragon Ball?”

Sun Wukong walked slowly on the street. Every time there was a zombie, he saw him waving his hand. The zombies were swept away by an invisible ‘qi’ and turned into his energy points…

Sweeping all the way, Sun Wukong has killed hundreds of zombies! The energy point of returning to the Dragon Ball world is enough. However, it is rare to cross once and naturally have to stroll around this world. Moreover, here is really the words in the “School Apocalypse”, if possible, Sun Wukong would not mind to abduct some of the beautiful girls here.

Countless zombies were attracted by his fighting…but this is no longer a problem for Sun Wukong, and with the slag of these combat power-level ‘5’, there is no qualification for breaking his defense. .

Unconsciously, Sun Wukong has come to the door of a school, watching the name of the school, Sun Wukong suddenly smiled: “Tengmei Academy, I remember “School Apocalypse”, those protagonists The school is the name? It seems that this is the world in the “School Apocalypse”! “Sun Wukong is excited when I think of those beautiful big breasts.” I thought that when I first watched the “School Apocalypse”, the beautiful sister paper inside was not YY by him!

Listening to the occasional readings, Sun Wukong couldn’t help but smile: “There is still reading, but also in other words. The zombies haven’t spread here yet… So the story hasn’t started yet? Oh~~ It’s really good news! “Speaking, Sun Wukong jumped straight into the school… slowly walked toward the school building…

Outside the school, countless zombies trailing Sun Wukong are getting closer and closer to this school…

First of all, the first zombie slowly walked towards the school gate… I saw that it stretched out his hands and slammed into the iron gate, as if there was no feeling of an iron gate in front of him…

Four teachers (three men and one woman) ran to the school gate… I saw the extremely sexy and beautiful girl who was holding the glasses and said something unpleasant: “This gentleman, is there anything?”

A bald male teacher holding a ‘fork’ in his hand is also very angry: “Please don’t make such a noise again!” But looking at his posture, it is obvious that aura is insufficient and belongs to a class of timid people.

However, the ‘person’ still at the school gate hit the iron gate with a deaf ear… Nonsense, the guy is a zombie, how could he listen to them, didn’t see the ‘people’ on the back of the waist with a wide expanse?

“Please stop! But I will call the police!” The beauty teacher obviously has some mad.

A self-righteous male teacher stopped the beautiful teacher: “Okay! Teacher Lin…you don’t need to call the police! Let me grab him!” While talking, he rolled up his sleeves toward that one. The zombies are gone.

I saw that the male teacher was very ‘dominant’ and grabbed the collar of the zombie. He pulled it hard and made the zombie slammed into the iron gate… and the zombie was unheard of, still with a man. The teacher’s hand hit the iron door back and forth, making it a harsh sound… This made the male teacher’s facial expression not change, and it could not stop the zombie movement…

The beauty named Teacher Lin immediately stopped: “Wait, teacher of Hand Island, don’t use violence…”

“No, it’s the strength of this guy…” The male teacher’s facial expression was a bit ugly.

Suddenly, the zombie bite into his wrist, and the blood splattered and screamed…

“Ah!~ Ah!~ My hand~ Wow!~~”

“Fast… call… call the police…”

“Hand Island Teacher… Stop!”

“Meat… the meat is bitten off!…”

Teacher Lin was directly scared and sat down on the ground. The bald male teacher hurried over and grabbed the wound on the island. He shouted: “Hurry up to stop the bleeding, come on! Come to the school doctor, teacher Luanchuan…”

“Call the police! There is an ambulance!”

“Mr. Oshima, please cheer up a little… No! Blood can’t stop!”

After the island screamed a few times, there was no sound… Several people were shocked, and the bald teacher’s face was frightened: “Dead? Dead…”

Teacher Lin rubbed his lips with his hands, and his face was unfathomable: “How… how can it…”

“Well?” The repeated screams naturally caught the attention of Sun Wukong. When he came to the corridor on the third floor, he couldn’t help but look at the sound. He just saw the zombie biting the picture of the male teacher. He couldn’t help but frown. “Is this scene somewhat familiar?… Yes, this is In the Garden Apocalypse, the first episode of the zombie outbreak? Also in other words, the story has begun?”

Sun Wukong shifted his gaze and looked at the beautiful teacher Lin. His eyes suddenly brightened: “It’s really beautiful! I remember that in the anime, she seems to be bitten to death? Well, such a beautiful woman is so dead, still It’s a pity! Then, I will save you a life!”…

Suddenly, the fingers of the island lying on the ground moved, the eyes burst, the blood was thick, and the face was black and scary, it looked very terror!

Teacher Lin is overjoyed: “Mr. Shoudao! Are you okay? Teacher of the island! Very good…”

Hand Island suddenly got up, grabbed Lin’s neckline and bite into her neck…

„Ah!” The beautiful teacher was scared and screamed, and its loud level went straight through the sky! However, for a moment, I didn’t feel pain. Instead, I felt the sound of my own voice screaming. It seemed to be taken into my arms. Doubtful eyes open, can not help but suddenly a red, found that he was actually embraced by a handsome boy with a princess in his arms. Feeling the other’s powerful arms and chest, smelling the strong man Ki, the beauty teacher’s pretty face is redder, and the heartbeat is accelerating…

“Ah~” Suddenly, a scream called the beauty teacher to wake up from the daze, and when he looked at it, the hole suddenly shrank: “What happened?” I saw the former teacher of the island, now at the moment The bald man fell to the ground, ruthlessly biting… and the male teacher on the side had already scared his legs, and his face was full of fear… When he reacted, it was too late to be changed. The two who became zombies fell ruthlessly to the ground…

“To…in the end…what happened? Why did they become like this…” Watching the male teachers who were bitten to death and stood up again, Teacher Lin was a face of unfathomable and fear, Sun Wukong can clearly feel her trembling body.

“They have become zombies! It has not been saved!” Sun Wukong slowly put down the teacher Lin, picked up the fork on the ground, and flew away, directly swept the four zombies coming close, head The department crashed into the iron gate and was immediately smashed by the smashing.

Seeing Lin’s direct eyes, fainted… Sun Wukong hugged her directly and shook his head: “This nerve is really weak! No wonder it’s just a soy sauce role!… but then again Why is the small room filial piety not appearing on the platform over there? When the animation started, did he not stand there and saw the whole process here? Don’t tell me because of the butterfly effect in my appearance?”

In fact, Sun Wukong is right, because his appearance, the story began to advance more than half an hour, now the small room filial piety, still squatting in the classroom! ……

I smashed the middle hole of Teacher Lin, and lost a little ‘qi’ to her. Teacher Line woke up… but when she saw the scene at the school gate, she saw her head and decisively retched up…

Sun Wukong watching The group of zombies getting closer and closer outside the school, shrugged helplessly: “It seems that I changed the development of the story! Hey hey! When watching anime, I did not see such a group of zombies besieging schools. what!”

Sun Wukong took a picture of Lin’s back and said, “Is it enough? If you spit it out, we still have to leave, or it’s a little trouble!”

Teacher Lin looked up and looked outside the school, his face suddenly changed: “That… that group…don’t tell me are…”

“Yes! They are all zombies! The world has now entered the end of the world, the whole world has become the world of zombies, and humans will step into the ruin of Era/Time!”

“How…how is it possible…” Teacher Lin still looks unfathomable: “Zombie or something…not only in the movie?…don’t tell me is…the dark death of the fourteenth century Did you break out?”

“I said, now is not the time for inference! We still have to leave!” Sun Wukong watching the group of iron gates hitting the gate of the school ‘Dangdang’, the faint road.

Teacher Lin was scared and stood up, hugged Sun Wukong’s right hand and hid behind him: “So, are we going there?”

“Take me to the medical department! We have to have a doctor to follow…” Of course, this is just an excuse for Sun Wukong to find the ‘abduction’ of Jingxiangmei paper.

“Okay! Please come with me!” The beauty teacher did not suspect it, and immediately ran with the Sun Wukong school hospital…

However, five or six minutes of time, the school has been surrounded by countless zombies, and some have even broken the wall to the campus… Occasionally, I can hear the screams of fear in the school…

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