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Chapter 11 ends, target Planet Namek

Under the sudden formation of Sun Wukong’s formidable Ki, the Scouter of Jean et al. was directly smashed, and Sun Wukong also broke free from the big “Change”. The formidable gas directly smashes the soul of Ginyu. In this regard, people like forinable as Ginyu have fallen.

Ginyu’s death is that he underestimated the strength of Sun Wukong. How can his little tricks succeed in the face of absolute strength? If even the body of an enemy with too much forformable is able to win, then he has already given Flish’s body a chance, or he has won a more formidable existence, then he has to train a fart. It has long been invincible.

Ginyu’s death directly gave Sun Wukong 36W’s energy point, which made his eyes suddenly bright, and looked at Jean et al.

“No, everyone is running away!” Jeane and others, who were still in shock, suddenly became shocked and jumped away, fleeing in four directions…

“Hey! Can you escape?” Sun Wukong coldly snorted, flashing, instantly appeared beside Ligao, punched and punched his chest directly to get the energy point of 11W. Flashing again, Jiice broke into the depths of the ground, got the energy point 98000, and flashed again. As a result, Guldo and Burter got the energy points 24000 and 86000 points.

Watching suddenly has more energy points of 678000 points, Sun Wukong is called an excitement: “hey hey ~ ~ Sure enough, collecting energy in the universe is the best fit! I don’t know how much energy point I will get when I get rid of Fliesa. What?”

“Boss, you are so handsome, accept me as a younger brother!” The big man once again fell to the feet of Sun Wukong, hugged his thigh. Just now, Sun Wukong broke out in a flash, and almost didn’t scare him.

“Grass! Let’s go to Laozi!” Sun Wukong saw the disgusting look of the big man, and directly kicked him out…

In the universe of remote, in a planet, Fliesa is carrying out his violence, killing the last to resist his Warrior and occupying the planet.

“Haha~~~ From then on, Yuda Star will also be placed under the banner of King Beverly Shah, haha~~” Fliesa stepped on the head of a dead star, and laughed proudly. No.

At this point, a small spacecraft suddenly flew in the distance, and one person quickly flew out of it, and anxiously came to the front of Fliesa and said: “Reporting King Friesa… There… There is news to go to Qatar The star’s Ginyu Force is completely annihilated!”

“Well? What? The whole army is annihilated? It is impossible for the Taurens to win Ginyu. What is this in the end?” Fliesa was a little surprised when he heard the news. Ginyu Force But his carefully selected Warrior, how many more people can be their opponents in this universe?

“It doesn’t seem that the Tauren killed Ginyu Force, but from an outsider called Earth!” said, playing a video that was captured from Ginyu et al. Scouter.

“Hey? This person…don’t tell me is…Bardock?! Impossible…Bardock has been killed by me… then this guy don’t tell me is… oh~ interesting, didn’t expect, except Vegeta, they still have a Saiyan existence, and this Saiyan is stronger than Saiyan in the past! Lahm, is there a specific combat power-level of readings to this Saiyan?” Sun Wukong in the influence of the watch, a blow Failed to defeat Ginyu, Fliesa was surprised.

“Only readings to 100W, Scouter can not bear the burden of explosion, I think his combat power-level should be above 100W, 200W below?”

“Oh, the combat power-level below 200W? The wild monkeys in the area, is there such a high combat power-level?” Fliesa was really surprised. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, his face could not help but change: ” Don’t tell me This guy is…legis…Super Saiyan? Impossible, it’s just a legend it doesn’t matter! No, this guy has to be removed!”

“Ram, we will go to Kada Star right now, and my carefully selected Warrior can’t die so vainly!”

“Florida King, are you looking for that Saiyan? But before that, I want you to watch this video.”

In the video, it was Sun Wukong who killed Ginyu and others. After a big kick, he whispered alone: ​​”Freisa? I didn’t expect to encounter Ginyu Force so quickly. It was really depressed. Ah! It seems that I have to go to the Planet Namek in advance!…”

“Planet Namek? What does the guy go to that desolate planet? Lahm, how long does it take to get to Planet Namek?”

“About 15 days or so.”

“Five days?! It’s really a distant planet! Then set off! Oh, yes, Vegeta, they are also called, I think it would be interesting to meet several Saiyan.”

“Yes! King Fliesa!”

Kada Star, Sun Wukong was invited by the Tauren family to their village, and he was given 200% warm hospitality for his savior who saved their Tauren and whole planet. Some cow heads are even secretly sending the autumn wave, and the Sun Wukong egg is so painful that it only broke out after dinner. To be honest, the Tauren’s looks made him watchful and panic!

However, for the big and his younger brothers, Sun Wukong is a little helpless. This group of people is simply no face, no skin, too enthusiastic, Zhangkou old boss, closed old boss. The so-called “not to smile”, but Sun Wukong saw their face, Sun Wukong still couldn’t help but lick their K, they were still happy, met such a monk He is not a discount.

In the end, Sun Wukong had to teach them Sky-dance Art, and finally sent them. Although quite a bit big, but learning Sky-dance Art is just using the time of quite a while, learn, maybe he knows the use of gas, so I learned so fast!

The next day, I was very married with the very big cow. Although this guy is very young, he has been looked down upon by the old patriarchs, but who told this guy to become the mad Warrior in the legend of the family! In the battle with Ginyu, but won the appreciation of the whole family, even the cow who always looked down on him agreed to marry him.

On the second day, Sun Wukong bid farewell to a group of crying huā lā two goods, smashed his own spacecraft, left the card star…

In the spaceship, Sun Wukong waved his hand and the women who were included in the world ring appeared in front of him: “Sister paper! Go to our next target Planet Namek!”

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