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Chapter 12 arrives at Planet Namek

In spacecraft, Sun Wukong, holding Alice, while holding Alice pinching his nose, complained to Bulma: “I said, Bulma, have been fifteen days, haven’t reached Planet Namek yet? From Ginyu’s space map found in their spacecraft, it takes only 13 days from Kada Star to Planet Namek!”

Bulma directly whiteed Sun Wukong: “That is calculated according to the speed of their spacecraft. Our modified spacecraft is much behind them! You can’t be a little patient? Actually, I am also very bored! We have a good time!”

“This can have!” Watching Lily, who is reading a book, Sun Wukong recruited and waved: “Come here, play with the brothers and fight two landlords, whoever loses will take off a dress!”

Yuriko turned a blind eye directly, but she also saw that Sun Wukong was really boring, so she had to play with him for a while…

Half an hour later, in front of Sun Wukong watching, there was only the lily of the black Valese side, and the Bulma with only one small pants left. I looked at the three eight in my hand, and the eyeball turned and watched the lily. Eight, reaching out at the speed that others can’t see, the three eight in the hand have become four eight.

“10 to A, one left.” Yuli took the last little king and looked proud.

Sun Wukong hey hey smiled, “Bomb, doubled, fast off!”

The pretty faces of the two women suddenly became red, and when they were off, she was really naked. Although she had been seen for many times, I didn’t know how many times, but in the presence of so many sisters, Mr. still was embarrassed.

Aside from the side, Shayton sighed: “No, I had a 3 to 8 before I saw my mother. Why do you have 4 8 in your hand?”

“Well! This guy turned out to be cheating! No wonder he always won!” Li also screamed. They are all the audience coming on the way.

Gui Meilin helped her glasses and said: “With the speed of Goku, if it is cheating, we can’t find it! But the card is cleared, you can’t deny it.”

“Cheats are four blows, you have to take off eight clothes, take off!” Bulma and other women stared at Sun Wukong with a pair of sharp eyes.

“Nima! Four bombs! This is unscientific. I only have three pieces in total. This dislocation is not a light ass? Grass! This is different from the imagination! I want to see you ass!” Sun Wukong The face is depressed, but since I was arrested, I have to recognize it. This is also a kind of fun in the game. Otherwise, you still need to play a card to undress, directly a word, the women have to get rid of the light!

“Attention! Attention! Please note! 10 will arrive at Planet Namek in minutes, please be prepared, please be prepared…” Just when Sun Wukong took off only one small pants, spacecraft tips Sounded up.

Sun Wukong decisively stopped the action in his hand, and went to the control room with surprise. The planet outside the watching was very excited: “Is this the Planet Namek? It is finally here! The Dragon Ball here can realize three wishes. As long as I get it, my wish can be fully realized! Bulma, full strength forward!”

“This is Planet Namek? It looks so big! At least 10 times of Earth!” Shay looked surprised.

The nephew and other women came to Sun Wukong’s side, and they helped him get dressed and sat back. As for the gambling contract, they have long been ignored by them! They are very clear about the business and the play.

After a very long time, spacecraft crashed down countless big trees and finally landed on the Planet Namek successfully…

“Successful, arrived at Planet Namek!” Bulma exclaimed excitedly.

“Is this really a Planet Namek? A lot of fog, I can’t see it at all.” The nephew watched outside, a look of doubt.

“Is it really here? Bulma, can’t you be wrong?” Shaye looked at Bulma.

“Reassured, here is the Planet Namek. The map is marked here. There will be no mistakes. This is my transformation with my father. You have to believe me! Let’s go and see!” Bulma I The face is definitely.

“Bulma, take the Dragon Ball radar out and see.” Sun Wukong opened the door to the spaceship, watching outside, and road. He can feel that the people here are very similar to the ‘God’. It should be that the Planet Namek is correct.

“Why?” Bulma wondered about taking out the Dragon Ball radar and opened it. It showed seven flashing spots, and suddenly he was shocked. “What happened? This planet actually has seven Dragon Ball reactions, don’t Tell me …… There are also seven Dragon Balls on this planet? Goku, don’t tell me, is this the purpose of your planet?”

Sun Wukong watching Dragon Ball radar, a smile on the face: “Ah! Here is the birthplace of ‘God’ on Earth, and the seven Dragon Balls of his creation are uploaded from this planet!”

Bulma’s face was astonished: “Yeah! It turns out that the ‘God’ on our Earth is an alien!”

“You world is really unfathomable!” Lilyzi and other women’s face surprised.

“Hey~Goku brother, look at it, there are two strange people coming over here! Yeah, they are also aliens?” Alice pointed to two Namekian coming not far away. A look of curiosity.

“Wow! These two guys look like Piccolo!” Bulma saw the two, shocked and went directly behind Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong smiled: “You don’t have to worry, this is the appearance of Planet Namek. In fact, the Piccolo is differentiated from the evil thoughts of ‘God’. Namekian is very kind.”

“Hello, Earthling, welcome to the Planet Namek, I am Butch, this is Rando!”

“Nice to meet you……”

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