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Chapter XIII Unexpected Meeting

As a result, Butch and Randol suddenly stumbled in front of Sun Wukong, pleading: “Please, save us Planet Namek! Save our Great Elder!”

“Well? What? What are you doing? What happened?” Sun Wukong was shocked by the actions of the two.

Rando said with a look of resentment: “Our planet, suddenly came a group of aliens this morning, and it seems like a cosmic emperor Friesa! They don’t know what method they used, they know. We planet seven Dragon Ball things, for the Seven Dragon Ball, they killed many of our compatriots… I heard Great Elder said that the only people who can save our Planet Namek from Earth are I come from Earth. I beg you, save our Great Elder! Fliesa has already assembled Seven Dragon Balls and is now heading towards the Great Elder home, trying to force the use of Seven Dragon Balls…”

“What? Fliesa is already here? And he also raised Seven Dragon Balls? This Nima’s joke!” Sun Wukong was shocked. Carefully touched it, looking at the direction of the southeast, immediately frowned: “Sure enough, there are several formidable Ki there, just touched this band, I didn’t even find them in Friesa, I didn’t expect Frysha to come. It’s faster than me, this is a bit of a trouble! My wish has not been realized yet, and it’s a bit of a loss with Flies!”

“However, in order to summon Bologna, you must use the Planet Namek language. It seems that Fliesa can’t realize his wish for the time being, then I have to hurry up…” Sun Wukong looked at the girls beside him, saying: ” This time the enemy is very formidable, you should go back to the world ring first! I have to hurry to the home of Great Elder, otherwise the seven Dragon Ball will be robbed by others!”

“Goku, you must be careful! If you can’t beat it, don’t be reluctant!” Watching Sun Wukong, who is worried about her daughter. For the first time, they saw Sun Wukong’s expression of such a dignity. It is not easy to come to this opponent.

“Reassured, can’t beat, I still can’t escape?” Sun Wukong tranquil and calm smiled, waved his hands and put all the women into his world ring. Lucky Sky-dance Art, looking for the Great Elder’s gas, steep straight, instantly disappeared at the end of the horizon. And Rando and the two follow, but the speed is much slower.

At this time, Great Elder’s home. Fliesa and others landed slowly in front of the Great Elder’s house. Neil walked out of the house, watching Friesa and others, the financial expression was very dignified: “You, is there anything?”

Friesa stepped down from her car and said faintly: “I am Friesa, who wants to use Dragon Ball to reach a wish! I have put Seven Dragon Balls together, and strangely, our wish still can’t be reached. So I specifically came to ask you, what can I do to achieve my wish?”

Neil said with a blank expression: “Then you still please come back! I can’t tell you this kind of person with a heart of sinister!”

“Enhum hum ~~~” Friesa sneered, wearing Scouter suddenly ‘dí dí’ ringing, couldn’t help but look up at the sky and found that a figure was flying fast over here…facial expression not one Change: “Bardock… No, it’s the Saiyan from Earth. It’s really slow! I am here waiting for you big quite a while! But why is this combat power-level only 8000? He really can’t be free Control the combat power-level?”

Fulisha and others under Sun Wukong watching, excited in the inexplicable heart, glanced at it and found that even Vegeta, Naba, and Sun Wukong’s convex brother Ladizi are also there, and there are two other comparisons. The familiar person, Dodoria and Saab.

“Kakarrot!” Raditz watching Sun Wukong, who was slowly landing, blinked and didn’t know what he was thinking.

“This guy is the lower Warrior Saiyan on Earth, killing Kakarrot from Ginyu Force? His combat power-level but 8000, how could it kill Ginyu Force?” Vegeta watching Sun Wukong at this time is very doubtful. Since he learned about the Seven Dragon Balls, he has given birth to betrayed Fliesa. As long as you have an undead body, with the characteristics of Saiyan, what is the fear of the district Fliesa?

“Raditz, Vegeta, I didn’t expect you to come! It’s an accident!” Sun Wukong watching, surprised. As for Naba, well, he was directly ignored by Sun Wukong!

“Hey! You guy, do you remember me? We sent you to Earth not to call you and Earthling! Kakarrot, you are too disappointing!” Raditz watching Sun Wukong’s attitude, a look of discomfort.

“Sorry, I am not calling Kakarrot. My name is Sun Wukong. Although you are my honorary brother, you are not qualified to teach me!” Sun Wukong watching Raditz said faintly. Raditz was half dead by Sun Wukong’s words. Sun Wukong can ignore him and look at Flisha. “You are the universe emperor, Fliesa? I am very interested in you! How, do you want to do it with me?”

“What? This guy dared to challenge King Fliesa? He didn’t want to die? It’s really ignorant!” Saab was surprised to watch Sun Wukong, a look of disdain. Even Vegeta and others are a horror, and Friesa is still unable to resist the existence of a resist.

“Oh? Challenge me? Interesting! Actually, I am also very interested in you! However, I don’t know if you are qualified to fight with me, Vegeta, you tried his strength in the past!” Friesa saw Sun Wukong glanced at Vegeta behind him.

Vegeta frowned, and still went forward and said: “Yes, King Friesa!” Although he has now betrayed Fryssa’s heart, but still can’t be shown on the face.

Sun Wukong sensed the gas of Vegeta and found that his physical strength at this time was only around 12000. Also, in the distance original work, he attacked Earth for several years, and the weakness is also reasonable.

“So! Let me go try the strongest Saiyan you said in the mouth of King Fliesa!” Vegeta’s tone is very uncomfortable, too, he is Saiyan Prince, how could he be convinced by Sun Wukong this low-level Warrior gives it a comparison?

“Freisa, do you want to see my strength? There is no need to use this slag to test me! I am not interested in this kind of small cockroaches!” Sun Wukong said faintly.

“What are you talking about? You bastard, don’t underestimate me! I’m Vegeta, Saiyan’s Prince! It’s not like your low-level low-level Warrior!” Vegeta is furious, and Ki rises to the top, directly A punch hit Sun Wukong.

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