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Chapter Fourteen Battle

Sun Wukong grabbed a punch of Vegeta angry with one hand and shook his head. “Maybe you will become stronger in the future, but now you are not my opponent!” said Sun Wukong. Vegeta saw it for Fei Fei…

“Damn! You guy! Go to hell!” Vegeta wandered out of the gravel and threw dozens of Energy Balls against Sun Wukong…

Sun Wukong is too lazy to avoid, directly let countless Energy Ball hit his body…

“Haha~~ hit! This is a small look at me!” Vegeta smiled happily. When the dust smoke dissipated, it revealed the unharmed figure of Sun Wukong. Vegeta suddenly unfathomable: “How could it be, there is nothing at all!”

“Are you ticking me?” Sun Wukong watching Vegeta, a look of disdain. For Vegeta’s real killing of him, he clearly felt it. As a Saiyan Prince, his pride is not allowed to be surpassed by a small low-level Saiyan, so he can’t stand the existence of Sun Wukong.

At this time, Sun Wukong has already been murdered by Vegeta: “Since you want to kill me, then I don’t mind killing you!” Sun Wukong is not a kind-hearted person, for his own enemies, He will not hesitate to kill it!

The current Vegeta is like a time bomb, with too many uncertainties. Bulma has become his wife. The best way to get a potential rival to Vegeta is to get rid of it! And without Bulma, Sun Wukong can’t believe it, and who else can make this sinister guy rectify! In order to permanently eliminate the aftermath, still directly kill it!

Friesa also felt the killing of Sun Wukong, facing the Sab and other people beside him: “Saab, let’s go together! Vegeta is not his opponent!”

“Yes, Master Friesa!” Saab and others immediately flew up and surrounded Sun Wukong with Vegeta.

Sun Wukong watching Raditz, the financial expression is very ugly: “Why, don’t tell me, do you want to deal with me with them?” For his convenient brother, really, Sun Wukong still didn’t want to kill him.

However, Raditz is indifferent to Sun Wukong’s words: “The King of Flisha is not you can resist, Kakarrot, come back! Come with us to help King Fliesa rule this universe!”

Sun Wukong is the financial expression of Raditz. “You guy, our father can be killed by Fliesa. Do you want to help your father to kill your brother? And kill your brother? Are you still a man?” ?”

“Hey! Strong person is respect, it has always been the way we live in Saiyan! Father is just a loser that’s all ……”

“I am a grass Nima! Hey ~ ~ Grass Nima is not equal to me myself! Grass! You bastard, I want to destroy you!” Sun Wukong was mad at Raditz. He has long known that Saiyan has always been very faint about feelings, otherwise there will be no disintegration of Sun Wukong brothers in original work!

Sun Wukong wanted to change something, but he found that it was impossible at all. The scum like this helped the father and the enemy to deal with his brother! Nima! It is also a scourge that such scum stays in the world. It is better to kill it directly!

At this time, Sun Wukong’s heart was very angry, roaring, and the formidable moment burst out of his body, sweeping the whole ground and the mountains…

“Well…very powerful…” Vegeta and others were stunned by the anger of Sun Wukong. “56W…76W…88W…100W…”


Vegeta et al.’s Scuter exploded directly…

“Great…Great Elder…” Neil’s financial expression changed and rushed into Great Elder’s home to protect Great Elder.

“War…combat power-level…100 multi-ten…how…how could it…” Vegeta and others were incredibly watching Sun Wukong, a shocked look. Suddenly, Vegeta seems to think of something, the facial expression is not changed: “Super…Super…don’t tell me He is…Impossible…low level Warrior, how could it be Legendary Super Saiyan…to change …that is also my Saiyan Prince! Damn…”

Saab’s watched Sun Wukong: “Well…very powerful…this guy don’t tell me…the only fear of King Fliesa…Super Saiyan?”

Sun Wukong stopped Kim’s soaring, faint watching Vegeta and others, saying: “I originally wanted to see you not killing you in the same Saiyan, but you are too disappointing!”

Sun Wukong’s figure suddenly disappeared, punching in the heart of Vegeta, causing him to fly out immediately, coughing up a large mouth of blood, crashing into a mountain, buried in the gravel.

“How…how could it…I…but…Saiyan…Prince…what…maybe…will die here…my…ambition…” Vegeta looked unwilling, painful thought To climb out of the gravel, but for a moment there is no sound. Sun Wukong also received a prompt to get the energy point of the 24000 point.

“You… you actually killed Vegeta…” Raditz and Naba were also shocked by what was happening. Sun Wukong’s formidable, already exceed their imagination. They fled to the front of Fliesa: “The King of Flisha…Save us…”

“Hey! Since you are here, don’t go!” Sun Wukong looked at Saab in a faint light, and appeared in the back of Saab. A hand knife came directly from Saab’s back heart. The 42000 point energy point is obtained.

“No…Impossible…” Saab fell to the ground in an unfathomable face.

“What? Even… even Saab…” Naba and others were shocked by the things in front of them. The speed of escape is even faster.

“Can you escape? This is all energy!” Sun Wukong smiled lightly, reaching out and shining a few beams, instantly piercing the heart of Naba and others.

“Kakarrot…you even even me…” Raditz grabbed the blood hole in his chest and watched Sun Wukong: “Kakarrot, save me… I know it is wrong… I am your brother… Please… save me… I will deal with Fliesa with you…”

“I know that today, why should I have given you a chance, you don’t cherish that’s all!” Sun Wukong turned his head and didn’t look at Raditz.


At this time, Friesa slammed his hand and threw an olive branch against Sun Wukong: “Yes! It’s really good! I didn’t expect Saiyan, there is such a formidable existence! How, do you want to come to my subordinates to do things… …”

“Do you MB!” Before Wulisha finished, Sun Wukong opened up: “Even if you give Laozi a shoe, Laozi does not do it! Don’t sneak into the urine to see your frustration!”

“You…very good! Very good! You succeeded in angering me!” Friesa’s sullen face turned blue, and the battle was on the go!

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