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    第四章 鞠川静香与高城沙耶

Chapter IV Shigawa Shizuka and Gaocheng Shaye


School room, Sun Wukong watching The big breasts sister, the sly is amazed. “Sister! Like such a superb master, it really only exists in the world of Dimension!”


“Hey? Teacher Lin, is there something? Is it uncomfortable?” When they saw the two coming in, Suichuan Shizuka shouted. Sun Wukong, who looks like a natural, confused look, really wants to rush over…


Calm down the heart, Sun Wukong once again looked at Shigawa Shizuka: “Bring the basic medical items, just follow me.”


Jingxiang doubted watching him: “Walk with you? Where are you going? Is there anyone sick?”


“Tell you to go, there are so many nonsense, I can’t explain it to you now!” Sun Wukong recovered from the stunned, waved with impatience, with this natural confusing sister paper There is nothing to explain. Lin teacher on the side also said: “Mr. Luanchuan, you still have to clean up! We will explain to you later!”


Although Shigawa Shizuka is very confused, still began to pack up…watching Shizuka, the breasts that are shaking from time to time, Sun Wukong secretly swallowed his mouth: “Nima, this girl looks really a bird.” !”


“Is it very good to see? Look at your look!” Somehow, seeing the look of Sun Wukong, Lin’s heart was a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps because Sun Wukong saved her life, she made an inexplicable affection for Sun Wukong!


“cough cough!” Sun Wukong’s fake cough, and he turned his eyes away. I saw a mop in a corner and my eyes were bright. I hurried over and pulled out the mop’s ‘hair’ directly. Watching this hand has a stick that is more than one meter long. Sun Wukong nodded with satisfaction. With this thing, he can make a chance for the zombie. At the same time, he can hide his inhuman strength.


It didn’t take long for Shigawa Shizuka to pack up the thing. Sun Wukong left the place with two women. When she thought of the few women left, she was very excited. “Beautiful girl paper, let me save it!”


Although it was only twenty minutes in the past, the school at this time was completely messed up. Countless zombies have begun to spread. When the broadcast was only broadcasted in half, there was a scream of horror, and then there was no sound. When the time came, the school was in a mess. No matter the teacher still students have fled from the classroom… The scene has suddenly lost control, and countless students have become a member of the zombies in this panic… The zombies are increasing at the speed of terror…


In fact, these zombies don’t look really good. They are powerful, but they are very slow. As long as they overcome the fear in their hearts and are not surrounded by zombies, there is no difficulty in fighting them. However, people in a peaceful world will be afraid to see the dead, let alone the zombies that will only appear in the movie. Therefore, their hearts have been completely shrouded in fear, and in the face of the zombies have completely lost the courage of the battle, which is why the zombie spread quickly.


Sun Wukong smashed the zombies who stopped the road and watched the zombies in front of them. They couldn’t help but sigh: “MD, this zombie is expanding too fast? Only then, basically infected the whole school. This Nima is decisive and unscientific!”


Shizuka hid behind Sun Wukong, watching the zombies in front of him, looked confused: “He… what happened to them? How do you want to bite when you see us? Don’t tell me Is it sick?” So, staying natural You can’t afford to hurt, and I haven’t figured out the situation yet.


Sun Wukong is not angry: “I am sick of your sister! Have you not seen that those have become zombies?”


“Zombie? Just like in the movie?” Suichuan Shizuka’s doubting watching Sun Wukong.


Sun Wukong nodded. “Oh, yes! So don’t get bitten by them, or you will become like them!” “Does it become like them when you bite? I think so.” Have seen it!” Shigawa Shizuka bit his finger, a look of contemplation.


“I just want the black death of the fourteenth century…” Teacher Lin behind him reminded me.


“Ah! Right, that’s it!” Suichuan Shizuka’s hands patted, and his face suddenly realized: “At that time in Europe, one third of the people died…”


“I don’t have time to listen to you now, still squatting behind me better!” For the sexy of Shigawa Shizuka’s grave, Sun Wukong is speechless. At this time, there is no tension or fear of emotions. Is this a natural happiness?


After killing the zombies beside him, Sun Wukong seemed to think of something and couldn’t help but turn to look at Lin Mei’s paper: “I don’t know what your name is?”


Teacher Lin squatted and said: “My name is Gui Meilin (because I don’t know what to call, I took one myself), you can call me Lin teacher directly.”


“My name is Shuchuan Jingxiang! It is the school doctor of the school. You can call me Jingxiang teacher!” Jingxiang replied on the side.


Sun Wukong nodded. “My name is Sun Wukong, Chinese, come here… well, it’s a tour!”


“Wow! You are Chinese? I didn’t expect your Japanese to say so well!” Shigawa Shizuka watched him with surprise.


Sun Wukong himself also succumbed, the language in the Dragon Ball world is not Japanese, but Chinese (through the translated seven Dragon Ball). But when did he learn Japanese? Is this decisive unscientific? Don’t tell me is the reason for crossing? The language translation that comes with the system? Regarding him, it is a good thing, it is also convenient for the brother to go to other worlds. ”


With two beautiful MMs, Sun Wukong is seeing a zombie is a stick down… For energy points, but also in front of the beauty! Didn’t you see the kind of adoration that the two beautiful women behind him looked at him?


In fact, with the strength of Sun Wukong, it is not difficult to save the people in this school, but he does not recognize himself as a savior, nor is he a good old man, so he is too lazy to save. But the most important reason is still because the people here are theoretically Japanese… As for the reasons you know.


Now he is most interested in finding the four heroines in the original work, and then cultivating their feelings with them, and abducting back to their own world…


At this time, the school was very chaotic, and there was a scream of fear from time to time…


With two beautiful sister papers, Sun Wukong rushed all the way. When I was not far from a utility room, I heard a scream of boys and a scream of fear of girls… although I didn’t want to do anything, but miserable Just in front of him, Sun Wukong still couldn’t help but kill the past with two women in the sundries room… “Well! Look at it anyway, if it’s a pretty sister paper, it’s okay to save it… hey hey ~~~ ”


Near the doorway, there were three zombies roaming, and they were slowly swaying into the sundries room… Sun Wukong walked in front of the road and took the road to kill the zombies. For him, these zombies are simply weak.


Looking into the sundries room, a fat man was thrown to the ground by two zombies, biting, blood, then, screaming… and a beautiful pretty girl, already scared by the scene of this error Facial expression pale, sitting in the corner, screaming straight… Three zombies are biting towards her…


“It’s a beautiful woman!” Seeing that the girl was going to die in the mouth of the zombies, Sun Wukong’s figure flashed like an instant movement next to the girl’s body, picking up the stick in her hand like a hamster. The zombie’s head was smashed and smashed, and the beautiful giant breast paper was saved… Then he turned and walked over, and the two zombies who were still biting the little fat man also burst their heads…


At this time, Shigawa Shizuka and Gui Meilin also came in, watching the scared, screaming big breasts sister paper, Gui Meilin holding her for a while, and the girl who came back to the horse immediately hugged her loudly. Cried up…


Watching the girl will be a pretty face in the greatness of Teacher Lin, Sun Wukong is an envy! However, when she saw the familiar figure, she could not help but frown. When she raised her face, Sun Wukong finally realized: “No wonder so familiar, Gaocheng Shaye, one of the four female masters…”


At the turn of the moment, watching the lying on the ground, becoming a fleshy little fat man, Sun Wukong mourned for him for a second. The second male protagonist in this original work, because of the arrival of Sun Wukong, attracted more zombies, a butterfly effect, and so hangs! It’s really weird.


Looking around, the chainsaw in the original work is gone, the little fat man has not made the guns himself. The butterfly effect has changed too much. The weapon that survives is gone. For no guns, it is the scum male. For the little fat man, it’s hard to die.


The death of the little fat man, the fear of the edge of life and death, the blow to Gaocheng Shaye is too big, so he did not complain as arrogantly as in the original work, but cried with Gui Meilin…


“Anla ~ An La ~ ~ has passed, a teacher is here!” Shigawa Shizuka also went over, holding Shaye a while comfort.


In the warm embrace of the two women, Shaye gradually calmed down: “Thank you! I am fine…”


At the time of the corridor, the two quick footsteps are getting closer…

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  1. bob shaggy says:

    the moment I saw that he wanted to take the 4 girls back with him to his world suddenly gave me nightmares about the unlimited anime works light novel where the mc just took some girl from every world and the harem got so big that you would get frustrated just by trying to remember the names of all of them