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The fifth chapter of the zombie god horse is the slag

Sun Wukong curiously looked at the door, only to hear a rush of footsteps getting closer and closer, two familiar figures appeared at the door. Sun Wukong’s eyes suddenly brightened: “Poison Island Scorpion! Miyamoto! I didn’t expect these two girls to appear at the same time, wow kā kā ~~ The four sister papers in my heart finally arrived, it seems that it is time to leave here… …but how does Xiao Xiaoxiao with them not together?”

“Sand…Saya!” After seeing Saya, Miyamoto looked hurriedly and hugged her tightly: “Saye… eternal death… filial piety is dead… What should I do? What should I do?” Emotions Just after the stable, Li saw the acquaintance, and then burst into tears again, his eyes full of pain and helpless.

“What? Filial piety… Filial piety is dead… Dead? What is going on in the end?” Shay was shocked by the sudden news, and it was still good in the morning. Why was it suddenly gone?

It turned out that there was no prior warning of the small room in the original work. When the zombies broke out, the school was in chaos. The eternal tragedy is not killed by zombies, but is pushed down in the chaos to death (although it is a bit unscientific, but you must believe me)! The filial piety is to protect Li, the stairs are crowded in the chaotic crowd, and then the zombies below are given to the ‘divided body’.

The disheartened Li, who wanted to commit suicide, was saved by the nephew who had just arrived. After a while of comfort, Li’s emotions were much better, and then I heard Shayer’s scream, and rushed here quickly…

Ok, this butterfly effect is quite surprising. Originally, Sun Wukong thought that Xiao Xiao was the biggest obstacle to his own attack on Miyamoto, and he thought about finding a chance to kill him. He didn’t expect him to hang up! This is really time-saving and labor-saving.

Watching two people crying into tears, Sun Wukong patted their shoulders and said softly: “The festival is mourning! The end of the world has arrived. The dead are inevitable. Don’t say this school, the whole world has become The world of zombies is rampant! So you have to be strong, because people around you are likely to die at any time…”

A few women in the room were shocked. “All the world… how… how could it be…”

Scorpion watching Sun Wukong, calmly said: “Look like, what do you seem to know?”

“I came here from the outside… Before that, the outside was already a zombie street… Helping… or waiting for the rescue is no longer working. The only thing that can help us is ourselves. So Next We must hold the group together, so the chances of survival are bigger…”

“Has things gotten to this level?” The scorpion frowned.

“So, there are two ways for you to choose. One is: we kill and find a safe place to settle. Second, we must first confirm the safety of our family, bring them if necessary, and then look for it. A safe place.”

After self-introduction, several people discussed it. Still, as in the original work, everyone chose to confirm the safety of the family first… then go to a safe place to settle…

“In this case, then, after the scorpion and Li, I opened the road in front, set off!” Sun Wukong screamed with great enthusiasm, with five sister papers to kill it…

“The key to the bus on the playground is there?” Killed a zombie in front of him, and Sun Wukong turned to ask a few women behind him. “Just in the community room…” Xunzidao. “lead the way……”……

When I came to the community room, the nephew took a bunch of keys from the wall and said, “This is it!”

“You hold it!… sister paper! set off! target: the bus on the playground!” Sun Wukong yelled, and took the five sisters to the bus downstairs to kill the bus…

There is Sun Wukong, a non-human being in front of the road, all the way to kill, really no pressure.

“Save… Help…” At this time, more than a dozen students ran from the corridor in the distance, followed by a large group of zombies…

“Fast… Run… Zombies will catch up!” A male teacher followed behind and shouted loudly.

Xunzi: “It is the teacher of Wisteria in Class A for three years.”

“Wisteria!” Li watched the male teacher, gnash one’s teeth, a look of hatred.

„Ah!” Suddenly, a teenager fell to the ground, watched the impending zombie, looked at the fear, stretched out his hand and asked for help from the wisteria: “Teacher…save me…”

Wisteria slowly walked to the side of the teenager, and when the teenager looked surprised, he slammed on his chest. “Why… why… Wisteria teacher…” The boy was sullen in his chest, and his face was unbelievable: “You are not saying, do you want to safely take us out of here? Why… you want to…”

Wisteria helped the glasses, and the ugly expression on his face: “I originally wanted to find someone to delay the time… Since you are out of the team… then, the decision is you…” Saying, hey again He had a few feet, watched the zombies approaching, and immediately turned and ran… and the teenager behind him was drowned in the zombie group, and there was a scream of tears… just, the person ahead Just escaping from yourself, this ugly scene behind him, but no one saw… except for the Sun Wukong group who stood opposite them…

“This scum, scum, can not save people, it is still down the stone!” Five women look at the end. Sun Wukong killed a zombie by his side and watched the wisteria and other people who fled to the side. When watching anime, he was very disgusted with this wisteria: “Since let Laozi meet you, then you are ready to die!”

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Don’t block!” The students are coming to the moon, and a little yellow-haired boy screams at Sun Wukong and others.

A few women frowned, but still stood up, but Sun Wukong was still standing in the middle of the corridor, faintly watching the students who came to this side…

The former person ran around him, and the yellow-haired boy ran to the side of Sun Wukong and stopped. His face was arrogant: “Boy! I told you to flash, you didn’t hear it, right? Look for death.” “Speaking, punching Sun Wukong…

Sun Wukong lifted his foot and squatted on his stomach, causing him to fly out and slammed into the wall, and his body fell softly…

“Garbage!” Sun Wukong spit on his mouth. Although a few women can’t bear it, still didn’t say anything.

After seeing Sun Wukong’s hand, Wisteria couldn’t help her eyes. When she saw a few women behind Sun Wukong, her eyes were brighter: “This classmate, I am the Wisteria of Class A for three years. I see your skills. Yes, it’s better to join us how? I am a teacher, I will protect my students’ safety!”

“Protect Nima B, you are disgusting!” Sun Wukong grabbed the wisteria’s neck and volleyed him: “The scum sees more, the scum like you still sees for the first time.” “Speaking, in the struggle of the wisteria’s fear, he threw him downstairs… “Ah~~~” The scream of fear broke through the sky. For a moment, ‘啪~~’, the world is quiet. You know, this is the third floor, and the results can be imagined. The students who watched the pace, watching Sun Wukong, showed their expression of fear, but no one dared to say anything.

A few women were very surprised by Sun Wukong’s actions, but they did not blame, but felt very happy. Especially Miyamoto, she is the happiest one: “Good job! Goku, scum like him, damn it!”

Sun Wukong smiled, turned his head and looked at the students on the side, saying: “Okay! The garbage has been cleaned up. Do you want to be with us?” The crowds smashed like Demon. They dare not go to the ‘Demon ‘together that kills people like this…

“But, a group of soft eggs!” Sun Wukong BS looked at them and said to the three women next to them: “So, we also set off!” Then, with a few women heading for another staircase…

On the first floor, in the watching hall, there are countless zombies walking around. Sun Wukong put the ‘golden hoop’ (that is, the mop stick) on the shoulder. It is very domineering: “I am going to attract the zombie’s hatred.” ‘, you took the opportunity to go out…”

“This is too risky. In my observation, these zombies seem to be particularly sensitive to the sound. As long as we are careful not to make a sound, we should be able to go out… However, this is only my speculation. I have to have someone to test it… “Saye helped the glasses and analyzed it carefully.” At this point, her contact lenses could not be used, so I changed the pair of glasses.

The scorpion watched the zombies in the hall and said: “still, let me come…”

“Why must be such a trouble, the zombies are a group of slag, small meaning!” In order to show their mighty in front of the sister paper, Sun Wukong decided to make a small outbreak. Ignore the prevention of a few women, it is very domineering to go to the hall…

“This… this idiot, it is too hot-headed!” Shaye was mad at the blushing face.

“still look at it, since he dares to boast, he must be quite sure.” Xunzi’s strength to Sun Wukong is still ‘know’.

However, seeing Sun Wukong walking to the hall, the zombies around him were slamming, and suddenly attracted countless zombies to besiege him… The five women were finally scared.

“This guy’s brain will not be broken? Why is it so messy! Even if you want to attract the attention of zombies, should you run far?” Gui Meilin looked at the impatience, but also a burst of worry.

“Ah La ~ Goku is surrounded by zombies, you are going to save him…” At this time, Sun Wukong has been surrounded by 3rd Layer in the zombies, outside the 3rd Layer, and the ‘golden hoop’ in his hand. Already unable to wave in flexibility. The look of Jingxiang looked anxious.

When Xunzi and Li Zheng wanted to save Goku, they heard a roar: “Nima! Tigers don’t show up, you are a sick cat!” I saw Sun Wukong throwing away the sticks in his hands. If you play a ball, you will fly a zombie to the cockroach…

Watching the crackle and rattle flying up the zombies falling down the sky, the five women were shocked: “Well… great…”

“I thought that he was very strong, I didn’t expect it to be so strong…” The voice of the blind man flashed and his face was excited. Watching the zombies in the hall were attracted to Sun Wukong, and the scorpion immediately sighed and woke up five women: “Fast, oh now, let’s go!” After that, the first one rushed out, a few women After the reaction, immediately followed…

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