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The sixth chapter is confession

The blind man opened the door and several women rushed into the bus…

“Goku…” The blind man stood at the door of the car and shouted.

Seeing that all five women were on the bus, Sun Wukong screamed, an invisible spurt took him as the center, and instantly spread out… The glass of the window shattered… The zombies around were swept away toward all directions… … smashing a wall, making this fairly beautiful hall a moment of broken can not bear, dust and smoke…

Watching Sun Wukong running away, while flying a zombie scene with a hand, a few women are stunned and stunned. “This… is this still man?…” Li looked a little lost. “This… this is a bit too strong?” The scorpion is also somewhat calm.

When Sun Wukong got on the bus, the blind man closed the door, and Shigawa Shizuka pushed Sun Wukong down on his seat. His face was excited: “Goku, you won’t be the superman in the legend? It is bitten by a spider. Have you ever eaten any potions?…”

At this time, Sun Wukong still has the heart to answer, he has been wrapped up in happiness! Feeling the softness from the face, Sun Wukong’s face is dark and cool: “Ah~~ This is heaven!… Why is my breathing getting harder? Don’t tell me I am going to die happily. ?……”

“Hey! Teacher Jing Xiang, do you want to smother Goku?” Gui Meilin really couldn’t see it, and pulled the static incense. “Call~~ finally lived!” Sun Wukong immediately took a few breaths, and then a serious saying to Jingxiang: “Silence, when you want to hold your brother, please don’t block my nose, thank you!”

“Ah~~ Sorry… I didn’t pay much attention to it!” Suichuan Shizuka weakened his voice and apologized, but there was no sincerity in how to look. A few women next to Sun Wukong turned a blind eye directly, this guy’s face is too thick, what is the future? I got a convenient and sold it.

Watching the zombies around have already arrived at the bus, Sun Wukong immediately said to Jingxiang: “Come on, the zombies are all around.”

“Oh ~ good… good!” Shizuka immediately returned to the driver’s seat: “This is a hand brake… This is the throttle…” For a moment, the bus started, all the way to the school gate rushed…

“It’s not a human… It’s not a human…” Watching a zombie wearing a school uniform, Shizuka stepping on the gas pedal, hitting countless zombies all the way, hitting the iron gate and rushing out of the campus…

The bus was driving smoothly in the driveway… “I finally escaped!” Gui Meilin watched the scenery outside the window and gave a sigh of relief. And the hearts of several women who have been nervous have also been put down for a while.

“So, who is going to go to the home now?” Shaye stood up, helped the glasses, and expressed his opinion.

“Who’s home is close, let’s go to the home first!” Sun Wukong looked at a few women.

“I only have one father left. He is in the martial arts hall abroad, but there is nothing to go to.” The scorpion is faint.

Shigawa Shizuka: “Ah, my parents are not there, there is nothing to go out… but I have a friend who lives in the city in front… but I think she should not be at home!”

“My family is in Zhongshan Road not far from the front, but I only live alone, so there is nothing to go.” Gui Meilin finished, looking at Gaocheng Shaye.

“I… I want to go back and see my mother…” Shaye’s expression was very strange, and she seemed to want to go home, but she didn’t want to go back.

“In this case, the home of Gaocheng is closer than my home, so still go to the home of Gaocheng first!” Li finally announced the result.

“So, Teacher Jing Xiang, drive to the home of Shaye!” Sun Wukong looks at Shizuka Shizuka.

“What about you?” Shaye asked in confusion.

“I didn’t say it, I am from China, there are no relatives here!” Sun Wukong did not care.

When the bus was driving all the way, it encountered a lot of zombies, but the zombies who were blocking the road were crushed by Jingxiangmei paper all the way…

Drive all the way to a quiet path where you can’t see the existence of a zombie. At this time, Gui Meilin was slightly reddened, and some embarrassed said: “That, teacher Luanchuan, can you stop the car?”

“Is there anything?” Shizuka looked at her with a puzzled look, and then suddenly realized: “Oh! I know! You wait a moment!” Then, the bus stopped and slowly stopped. And Gui Meilin’s pretty face is said to be so red, so it is even more red.

When the door opened, Gui Meilin hurried out…

“I will go out too!” Li followed. “I am with you!” Shaye also ran out.

“Since all went out, then I will go out for a walk!” The scorpion got up, picked up the wooden sword, and followed it out.

“Goku, don’t peek!” Shizuka snorted at Sun Wukong and got off the bus.

Watching five women disappeared in the corner road not far ahead, Sun Wukong wretched hey hey smiled: “don’t tell me urinating will also have a chain reaction? I in the end is to peek … no, I Is to protect them with the past!” After that, Sun Wukong went around on the other side…

Although there are still lanes here, it is also a remote place. There are quiet and silent places, so the five women found a place where they could still hide. Pull down the pants and squat down…

Sun Wukong squatted on a high platform and watched five white tender little ass underneath. Listening to the pattering sound, his heart was swaying… Although, from his current perspective, he could only see the looming corner. However, this is even more tempting…

Just as Sun Wukong was screaming at the birds, a few women had already started to mention the pants and went back… Sun Wukong decisively jumped into the high platform, a flash, returned to the bus, tilting his legs, if nothing happened. There is a whistle…

Several women returned to the bus and sat back in their seats. Only Shigawa Shizuka’s tempting watching Sun Wukong: “Goku, you color! Even climbed so high to peek at us…how, we five, which one do you like? Still, you~ five~ ~都~喜~欢!”

“Hey!” Sun Wukong listened to the next heartbeat: “Nima, don’t tell me Laozi was discovered? Impossible! With Lao Tzu’s skill, it is impossible for them to find out… well~ almost When she was on the paper, it seems that she is not as boring as she is!”

“What? This guy is peeking?” Shayton yelled at Goku. The other three women also looked at each other.

“Swelling is possible! Brother’s exercise is full…” Sun Wukong looked upright, but in the dark he wiped a sweat, Nima, guilty.

Just when a few women were preparing for torture, they just saw a bus in front of them rushing towards them…

“Ah~ there is a car coming!”

“No, it rushed over to us…”

“There are all zombies in the car, Shizuka teacher, just avoiding…”

Just in the screams of a few women, the bus is getting closer… Suichuan Jingxiang flustered toward the driver’s seat… but it is already late, the bus has already crashed…

“Ah~~~” In the screams of a few women, Sun Wukong smashed and smashed the front windshield and flew straight out, directly with his hands against the bus that rushed quickly. Touching ~~”, the two collided, the head of the bus directly under the hands of Sun Wukong, deeply recessed, the door and glass were shattered away to shatter…

Sun Wukong, because he was rushed to shoot, did not have time to spare, the body was hit back to fall back about two meters, the back directly hit the head of the bus behind him, and the bus is also under this huge impact to Fall back a few meters, then slammed over to the ground…

There were a few women’s exclamations in the car…

“I am a grass Nima!” Sun Wukong suddenly became angry, aura soared, the surrounding sandstone, vegetation were swept into the sky by an invisible formidable ‘qi’… Then, fly a foot and directly take the bus The car flew out like a football… It fell on a mountain road a few tens of meters away and exploded.

“Are you all right?” Sun Wukong anxiously rescued five women one by one from the bus. Fortunately, the five women are fine.

A few women are staring at the fire that is tens of meters away… It’s hard to believe, so a big car, Sun Wukong actually took it to such a far away place…

“Hey~ I didn’t expect Goku to be so powerful. I just took a big car and flew it out… don’t tell me. You are the superman in the movie?” The only thing on the scene that was not surprising was the natural stay. Shibukawa Shizuka.

Going back to the nephew of God, he came to Sun Wukong and watched him hotly: “Goku, this…don’t tell me is the ancient martial art in your Chinese legend?”

“You are in the end is human? Still alien?” Shay helped her glasses and looked up and down Sun Wukong. She was also stunned by the reasoning. At the moment, Gui Meilin looked at Sun Wukong. The white horse Prince in her mind, isn’t it a man who is formidable like Sun Wukong and is standing on top?

Li, also a strange looking Watching Wu Wukong, his performance has been amazing enough, and now can only be described as non-human.

“So far, there is nothing to hide yours! In fact, I am not a person in this world!”

“What?!” The five women were taken aback and watched him, waiting for the following.

Sun Wukong said his origin: “I came from a world called Seven Dragon Ball, and it is another Earth!” Because he believes in a few women, he said it without hesitation, at Sun Wukong. It seems that the five women are already his own. Even if the news spread, with his strength, there is any pressure on the wood.

“Explaining in the academic field of science, is it called parallel world?” Shay helped the glasses and analyzed it carefully. It’s one of the heroines in original work. It’s strong to accept Ability.

“Also let me say this! I came to your world through the ‘gate of Dimension’! I will leave when you send you to a safe place! Of course, if you like, you can go with me. My world is better than the world that is going to be a zombie!”

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