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Chapter VII rare calm

“Hey? Dimension’s door? You shouldn’t be like ‘unlimited players’ in the novel? Just get some kind of system, then you can go through the world of various anime novels, right? I also like it. This type of novel!” The scent of the excited watching Sun Wukong seems to have seen his idol.

“Hey~can say that! I can walk through the world of two Dimension, but it is not a limited player.” Sun Wukong was also somewhat surprised. I didn’t expect this world to have a novel of limited type.

The scorpion frowned at the moment: “Also in other words, we are all people who exist only in the Di Dimension world?”

“Hey? Is that really the case?” The other four women were also taken aback.

Sun Wukong smiled a little: “Don’t care about this detail! If you are given a thing that can cross two Dimension, the person in the other world is also the second Dimension person for you! Maybe, in my original Earth For others, it is also the second Dimension!”

“There is also reason to say it!” Several women finally no longer tangled on this issue.

“So after we left with you, can you still come back?” Shay again raised questions.

“Can! As long as you spend enough energy, you can!”

After getting a positive answer from Sun Wukong, although some women felt that they were unfathomable, they were not ordinary girls. They were very strong in accepting Ability, so they believed Sun Wukong. After agreeing to wait for the things here, I must go back to his world with him to see. Traveling to other worlds, it’s exciting to think about it…

The bus is no longer in use, and they can only walk to the home of Shaye. Perhaps it is a distant relationship from the town, but along the way, I have not encountered any zombies. And Sun Wukong also explained to them the story of ‘own’ growth, until the ‘self’ defeated the Piccolo Great Demon King, listening to a few women is amazed again and again, and more or less learned what the world of Sun Wukong is like. . This makes them look forward to the trip to Dragon Ball world.

The sky gradually darkened, and the group finally met the zombies in twos and threes on the roadside. This also shows that they are not far from the city… It doesn’t matter, it didn’t take long for them to appear in front of their eyes. A desolate city.

Walking on the street, Sun Wukong and Xunzi opened the road in front, and after Lisie broke, he would be in the middle of the three female guards who had no combat power-level, such as Shizuka.

“It’s so hungry! Let’s find a place to get something to eat!” Shizuka touched his stomach, and he was pitiful.

“I remember there was a supermarket over there…” Shay pointed to the street on the right.

“Then go get some food first!” Although Sun Wukong ate a senzu bean before crossing, he can keep him from eating or drinking for ten days, but a few women obviously can’t.

“Look, this is the supermarket.” Shaye pointed to a supermarket in front and looked happy.

“I am going to take a look at it!” Sun Wukong walked into the supermarket and quickly solved the zombies inside. He called out at the door: “Can come in!” After the five women entered, they each looked for their favorite food. Come……

A mess of footsteps came… Six men of different colors and tattoos came to the door of the supermarket.

“Boss! There is a lot of food here! Finally, you don’t have to go hungry!”

“Ah~~ Boss! Look, there are not only food, but also beautiful women!”

“Women are good! Women are the best thing in the world!”

Six slags came to Sun Wukong and others, directly ignoring Sun Wukong, and the red fruit was swept away on several women: “Beauty! The beauty of true TM! Especially the son, rely on! Can’t stand it!”

“Kids! Your blessings are not shallow! One person and five, can you cope with it? Is it better to divide a few brothers?” The leader in the slag is playing with a police gun and his face is arrogant.

The five women are frowning, and Saya is even more uncomfortable: “Goku, these people are very troublesome, and they can fly them directly!”

“Playing Laozi? Did I get it wrong? You are coming to try it!” said, ‘Touch~’, the lead slag shot at Sun Wukong.

“Ah~Goku, are you okay?” Apparently, a few women were shocked. They didn’t expect this guy to suddenly shoot.

“If you shoot me, it will be dead!” Sun Wukong slowly released his palm, and a bullet fell from his hand to the ground.

“This…this is impossible…” The six slags were stunned by the scene in front of them.

“The empty hand picks up the bullets… too… so handsome…” Gui Meilin began to make a flower idiot. Li’s eyes lit up and shouted: “This guy is no longer a human…”

“Grass ~ I don’t believe it! Let’s kill him together!” The slag that led the way shouted, and together with the remaining five slags, opened a good machine gun against Sun Wukong… until the pistol stuck, no more Bullets, only to stop.

Sun Wukong’s hands were turned into an afterimage, and one of the remaining bullets that they had shot was picked up.

“Nima, this guy is a monster, run!” Finally, one couldn’t stand the excitement, turned and ran… Sun Wukong reached for a bullet, a bullet flew out of his hand and directly pierced the man’s back. , fell to the ground, and screamed.

“Heroes! We don’t know Taishan, let’s spare us!” The remaining five slags were very rude.

Sun Wukong was too lazy to sneak out with these slag slogans, and a huge boxing wind directly blasted five slags out of the slag. He fell on the tens of meters of the road and disappeared.

“Ale~ These people are really pitiful!” Shizuka bit the sausage in his mouth and shouted.

“I don’t know how, I feel this way too!” Li Shen nodded with the same feeling.

“Damn! It’s hard to clean up the place and it’s dirty! You still have to eat!” Shaye glanced at Sun Wukong with a look of anger.

“Then don’t eat, now the sky is getting dark, let’s go find a place to stay! Let’s eat enough.” Sun Wukong watching the body not far away, some embarrassed, had to transfer topic.

“If it is a place to rest, there is just a house for us to use, not far from here, still apartment…” Jingxiang listened to can rest, immediately.

“Boy’s house?” Shaye’s right hand akimbo, a look of gossip watching. Jing Xiang Qiao face suddenly reddish, panic straight hand: “No, it is my female friend’s room, because she is busy at work, usually at the airport, so gave me the key, told me to help her room breathable.

Sun Wukong nodded, a pair of expressions like this: “Well~ En~ Is this the case? It turns out that Shizuka likes girls!”

“Hey? Hey? Is that true?” Shaye and other women looked at Shizuka with amazement.

“Yes…only…only…not…is it…” Jingxiang’s pretty face is red, and his forehead sees sweat, and he’s already incoherent.

“Stupid, don’t say such rude words to girls!” Li Yi knocked on Sun Wukong’s head.

“Apartment? Is the surrounding environment ok?” asked the nephew for a moment.

Shizuka: “Well, because it is a single-family rental house by the river, and there is a convenience store next to it, ah~ Also, her car is also placed there, like a tank…” Open his hands: “So big! ”

“Well, what are you waiting for, set off!” Sun Wukong couldn’t wait, which reminded him of the passionate scene in the original work, when the girls took a shower: “Is this a sign that the brother is going to bid farewell to the virgin body?” What?”…

After the group came to the apartment that Jingxiang said, the sister papers warned Sun Wukong and walked into the bathroom…

Listening to the inside of the bathroom, the voice of several women’s laughter, Sun Wukong listened to the heart itch, I really want to see it, but finally still shakes and shakes, gave up this tempting plan! Brother is a man of festivals, how can you do this kind of thing! As he said, the door of the safe was opened, and the rare guns in N were revealed in front of Sun Wukong.

After more than 30 minutes… Sun Wukong is still still doing the guns on the ground. Suddenly, a fragrant smell… The sound of the soft and seductive voice of Shigawa Shizuka rang in the ear: “悟~空~君~” Speaking, the soft lips blocked Sun Wukong’s mouth…

“Hey~~ Brother was pushed back…” Sun Wukong was so excited…

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