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Chapter IX Alice

Sun Wukong’s figure flickered and appeared in front of Alice. Several feet flew out the zombies around him… I picked up Alice and asked with concern: “Are you okay? Where is the injury? ?”

Suddenly hugged by a brother wearing big pants, Alice’s shameful facial expression turned red and shook her head. Seeing the father at the door, he said: “Dad…”

Sun Wukong frowned and watched the closed door and said, “Is they killing your father?” “Well!” Alice nodded.

Sun Wukong hugged her, walked to the body of Alice’s father, and blasted a large pit in the yard with Energy Wave, burying him in. Let Alice put a few wild grass flowers in front of the grave, pick her up and fly into the sky, with one finger and one finger, a beam directly smashes the door of the house below…

Numerous zombies were immediately attracted by this loud noise, and they went to the door of the house… For a moment, there was a scream of fear in the room…

“Well, your father’s hatred has already been reported, and then follow your brother! Your brother will protect you!” Sun Wukong gently licked Alice’s head.

“Brother! Are you Superman? Can you fly? You can also send that strange beam!” Alice watched Sun Wukong’s excitement. On TV, isn’t Superman the embodiment of justice? At this time, she has temporarily forgotten the sadness of losing her father.

“Okay! So, my brother will protect you!” “Well~”…

With Alice, Sun Wukong flew back to the apartment. I came to the side of my nephew. Just now, the nephew naturally saw it.

“Alice! This is the sister-in-law, my brother’s girlfriend!”

“Sister Sister is good!” Alice hid behind Sun Wukong and screamed her sister. Obviously, the previous misfortune, still left a shadow in her young heart.

Sun Wukong touched her head and said softly: “Don’t be afraid! This sister is my brother’s girlfriend! So it is also a good person.”

After comforting Alice for a while, Sun Wukong asked her to take her to the rest area of ​​the room! But for a moment, Alice fell asleep.

On the balcony, watching the zombies on the streets, Sun Wukong shook his head helplessly: “It seems that I have completed the ‘task’ as soon as possible! It is a tragedy to sleep well in this world!” For the safety of a few women, he must watch the night.

I was bored, Sun Wukong opened the ‘Dimension shuttle back and forth system’ and looked at the energy point at this point: 10678 points. At the same time, there has been a new news on the above: successful recognition of the two Dimension sister paper, and the relationship with it, the partner through the system activation, you can spend the energy value of 1W point, you can put the other two Dimension sister Take the paper back to your main world: The World of Seven Dragon Ball.

“No! It takes a little energy to bring the girl back. It’s a bit of a pit!” Sun Wukong was depressed. For a moment, it was relieved: “But 1W is 1W! When you are too big, you will kill him in a city. How do you say there are some 100,000 zombies? Hey hey ~~”

The next morning, the girls climbed up from the bed…watching Shizuka and the scorpion walked the strange posture of the obvious, the other three women had different expressions, but they all said nothing. After a simple breakfast, bring a few guns in the room and they came to the parking room…

Open the door, Shizuka stood in front of a Hummer, and said: “How? Is it like Tucker…”

Watching this windy Hummer, Gui Meilin’s face is curious: “What kind of person is your friend in the end? There is not only a gun at home, but also a limited edition of the car that can’t be bought or sold. Hummer, and still waterway dual-use…” It seems that Guimeilin seems familiar with the car.

After Alice opened the door in Shizuka, the first one ran in and said happily: “Wow! It is really comfortable sitting in this position!”

A few women have been seated, and the space has become crowded. At this time, Sun Wukong and the nephew have not yet got on the bus. “The space doesn’t seem to be enough! Alice, come over, I hug you!” Gui Meilin held Alice in her arms and only vacated a seat.

“In this case, the seat is just wow!” Sun Wukong sat down in the ass, reached out and pulled the scorpion in his arms: “Jingxiang, driving!” The face of the scorpion was reddish, but there was no objection.

Say came to the acid slick: “Your feelings are really good!” The nephew smiled and said: “How is it better for us to change positions?” “Who… who wants to change with you… stupid!” A big red face, turned over.

The Hummer galloped in the driveway. It didn’t take long for Alice to scream: “Goku brother, there are people over there…” Several people suddenly looked in the direction of Alice’s finger and found five belts. With a hood, the man in heavy clothes was surrounded by a group of zombies in a corner, trying to resist the attack of the zombies…

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