Dao Testament – Shrouding the Heavens Chapter 1558

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ALL Heavens war, this is a chaotic period.

Heaven, Lower Realm All Heavens Myriad Domains, the strange plateau is in a war.

Too Terrifying, the centers, all kinds of Great Dao, All Heavens all kinds of CultiVation System blend, interoperability, which is both a unimaginable brilliant world, but it is also a Darkness era that is more than Terrifying.

In this era, Heaven’s Chosen competes, whether heaven is also All Heavens Myriad Domain, has emerged numerous Powerhouse and Heaven’s Chosen.

Among the battle of more than ten thousand years, there are also many LifeForms that successfully break the King Realm.

Ye Fan, Withnout Beginning, Ferocity, they first stood out, in the endless conquest and war, in the collision of various systems and Great Dao, breaking King Realm, became QUASIS -Immortal emperor level Powerhouse. The next time I turned to the emperor, Azure Emperor and the Others, even to the Late Stage, even Yan Ruyu, Breakthrough to this Realm.

and with Ye Fan their Breakthrough, Uncanny Omen has noticed the power of Way of Shrouding Heavens, and started to pollute this system, want to break this system later CultiVation. the road.

Not only that, there are some other, the CultiVation System from Heaven has also contaminated, but it is unknown, but it is a dead state of the two sides.

But at this day, All Heavens is like being cleared, and a Bright Radiance is in an endless pollen.

A woman has a sword to open the eukaum, making Between Heaven and Earth out countless.

The pollen war of countless years, in which brief moment is over, reappearing in all Heavens.

“Elder Sister! You actually resurrected!” Fayiry Luo confronted with a strange imminer-level Powerhouse saw this woman, could not help but have a heart, a desperate expression appeared in a happy expression.

“Spirit Fellow Daoist, you return too late!” Meng Hai finally exposed a silk jag.

The flower is reproduced.

Be aware of the confrontation and fighting in these years, there is still ten Immortal Emperors, these Immortal Emperors have no disaster, and the Lower Realm All Heavens Myriad Domains is because Fairy Luo and Meng Hai are topping.

Of course, this ten immortal emperor is definitely the batch of Zhou Tong, who just promoted the Immortal Emperor, even the strength of the immineor-level is not fully grasped; plus Corpse Immortal Emperor is chaos, which is topped, so these years, Fairy Luo and Meng Hai can barely stick to live.

However, with the war of the battle, the other party’s control is getting higher and higher, and the play of Stregth is getting better and better. Two gradually be more powerful.

Even if the strength of Kunpeng Old Ancestor is constantly become stronger, the feet is stable in the Immortal Emperor hierarchy and the true entry IMMORTAL EMPEROR level is the most test time. He has become a strong speed, far from mutation strong speed. .

But this time, the pollen is resurrected, once again, there is no more than a strong intensive agent, let Fairy Luo and Meng Hai have more fellow Daoist, but I can insist on a period of time.

War continues, Flour Emperor, Fairy Luo, Meng Hai Three Immortal Emperor in Heaven Wars, Corpse Immortal Emperor also contains two weird Immortal Emperors.

Unfortunately, the number of Immortal Emperors is finally STILL NOT ENOUGH, and the four IMMORTAL EMPERORs face ten people, and it is extremely difficult.

“hong long!!”

However, at this day, the heavens and earth collapsed, and a Terrifying Streg burst out of the strange and unknown plateau, swept the Heaven, swept all the year.

At the same time, Terrifying Natural Phenomenon echoed in All Heavens and Heaven, and the bloody rain flew, and everything was drummed.

This strangth Terrifying is enough to make all the wars; this Natural Phenomenon Terrifying, making everyone shocking in their hearts.

But everything IMMORTAL Emperor understands what this Natural Phenomenon is representing – the emperor! !

“There is Immortal Emperor to collapse !? This Aura and Great Dao feel very strange, Fellow Daoist Zhou kills a ancestor?” Fairy Luo somewhat tongue.

“He is still insisting? This Battle Stregth, this toughness, simple, unbelievable!” Meng Hai is also shocking.

The four big Immortal Emperors, they barely contain ten weird immortal emperors; and Zhou Tong, one of the people of the nine big ancestors, 100,000 years, actually can also be collapsed?

The flower of the flower is also a bit shocking, which is too fierce!

“speed back !!”

At the same time, above the strange plateau, a sound echoed, let the Immortal emperor among all the battle, and then Complexion Greatly Changed, the head is not returned back.

“Run?” The Flower Emperor stunned.

But soon MENG HAI’s voice came: “Not running, but Fellow Daoist Zhou played without retreat. Why not let him, so let these Immortal Emperor go back together. can’t run together They! “

Meng Hai reacts very fast, immediately attacks nearby IMMORTAL EMPERORs nearby.

Fairy Luo and Flower Emperor also shot at the same time, each interrupted two IMMORTAL Emperors.

“Mill? Don’t run !!” Corpse Immortal Emperor is fierce, directly abandoning the more powerful Immortal Emperor, racing the Immortal Emperor who runs slowly.

But with this “speed back” of Uncanny Omen, All Heavens and Heaven are also slowed back.

For 10,000 years of war, whether heaven or all heavens is tired, and this chaos and prosperity have come to a close, not only Lifeform exhaust, and even the whole world is like a little exhausted, all Heavens simultaneously entered the Dharma’s End era, even HEAVEN was also affected, Heaven and Earth Essence Qi weakened a lot.

Surprising, All Heavens Dharma’s End, this chaotic era is finally calm.

But the high-level war has not stopped.

Fairy Luo, Meng Hai, Flower Emperor, although each person is Against TWO, some difficult, but it is still possible to hold.

and Corpse Immortal Emperor also chasing a Immortal Emperor.

Surprise, the top ten Immortal emperor, seven are holding, and finally only three IMMORTAL Emperors returned to the plateau.

At this moment, above the plateau.


zhou tong is bleeding, body cracking, I don’t know how many times, but he fighting intent is not reduced, and Yang Tian is laughing: “Nine ancestors, also merely this, come again !!”

and opposite eight big ancestors Complexion Ashen are incomparable, they have a ancestor to be killed, and the coffin can’t resurrect. Although it also made the opponent’s cost, killing him, but he resurrected …

At this moment, they protect the Only ONE union coffin, and glared at Zhou Tong.

They also have some angry and wrogging.

This opponent What the hell, say good life? How did you live again?

They have known as ancient times, there is no such disgusting resurrection capability! !

“hong long!!”

At this time, one of the Immortal Emperor rushed back suddenly drilled into the owner’s coffin.

After a moment, accompanied by heaven and earth roar, another ancestor was born …

eight big ancestors, return to nine!

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