Dao Testament – Shrouding the Heavens Chapter 1559

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Years long, The Blue Sea Turned Into Mulberry Fields.

The glory has already ended, and the magnificent remains and wrecks were closed. The new era is coming, reconstructed in the ruins, blooming in the wither.

Thousands of years of war, empty all heavens, empty HEAVEN, even if it is very strange and unknown. Among the cultivation, whether heaven or all heavens myriad domains, it is calm down, especially All Heavens, which has fallen into a long Dharma’s End era.

The THIS TIME DHARMA’s End era is long, surpassing past, no one knows that this era wants Dharma’s End to when, maybe millions of years, perhaps tentative time.

“hong long!!”

On this day, Heaven, who calm for a long time, finally broke out a Heaven-Shaking, Earth-shattering, IMMORTAL EMPEROR HIDING THE SKY and COVERING THE Earth, shocked the entire Heaven, fluctuated years .

A huge kunpeng flew from Heaven’s land, came to Heaven’s most dangerous battlefield.

The battlefield, there are nine shadows, six people bloom the horror unknown substances, they have become a piece, almost completely suppressed opposite three people.

Although the IMMORTAL Emperor of the Supreme, although it is fast, it is Immortal Emperor, which has experienced such a long war and confrontation, and their strength is very good. So six people teamed up, naturally suppressed the three people opposite.

“Haha, I am coming!” Kunpeng Old Ancestor rushed into the battlefield, with Fairy Luo and the Others to further resist the strange STRENGTH.

Stregth, which is incorrectly imbalanced, this A INSTANT is once again balanced.

Time has been in the past, whether heaven or all heavens myriad domains, is a calm, the whole world is like a dead, River of Time, such as Ancient Well Without Ripples, almost no he tianjiao comes out. tide.

is a little bit of vitality, but the DHARMA’s End era will slowly, whether heaven or all heavens myriad domains, you must usher in a new life.

The major CULTIVATION SYSTEM is basically contaminated with a total contamination, only a few minorTal emperors have the Cultivation System that is impounded in front, can resist strange pollution.

, Pollen System naturally calculates one of the most powerful systems, all of All Heavens and Heaven, with large blocks of area CultiVation.

is at this day, in Heaven –

“hong long!!”

Roading, the Atmosphere of Imperor-Level once again hiding the sky and covering the Earth, shrouded the entire Heaven.

Dharma’s End era 10 million years of silence, did not affect the pace of true Heaven’s Chosen, ending in this Dharma’s End era, All Heavens and Heaven have once again usher in a flourishing era, Heaven once again born again IMMORTAL EMPEROR.

This Immortal emperor’s breath is born in Tyrant Body Lineage, the people who appear, and it is the best little son Zhou Rui, Zhou Connecting Heaven.

“Good! One Double Emperor!” After this Aura, the closed Azure Emperor could not help.

Zhou Rui is the son of Zhou Tong and Yan Ruyu, within the body naturally has azure emperor’s Bloodline, his Breakthrough also makes Azure Emperor.

Breakthrough, Zhou Rui is still like Kunpeng Old Ancestor, a flying sky, coming to the battlefield for more than a thousand years, assisting Heaven’s four major Immortal Emperor in the world.

Today’s situation has changed, and now Heaven is the Emperor of Heaven.

After abandoning the SHINE UPON HISTORY years, Heaven’s truly Terrifying Terrifying is displayed.

Today’s five Immortal Emperor is the same, the opposite IMPERIAL CAPITAL does not take care of it. This is still because of the confrontation of thousands of years, Fairy Luo, Meng Hai, the three people consume huge.

However, with the emergence of Kunpeng Old Ancestor and Zhou Rui, these three IMMORTAL Emperor have a chance to breathe, and the situation will reverse it.

at the same time, the other side.

In the extremely hidden World.

shi hao and ye fan, without beginning, Ferocity They have relatively relative.

Now Liu God has not completely recovered, so their fairy emperor-level powerhouse is four.

“I feel that there is no need to continue to show the plan.” WITHOUT Beginning said.

“For so many years, UNCANNY Omen has nothing to move, and the initiative has never been dispatched. As for other immortal emperors, it is basically dragged by Heaven. It is foreseeable that Zhou Tong should be really dragged the nine ancestors. “Ye Fan also said,” When we shot at this time, it may become the final blow to break the balance. “

“But how do you not know if this is a trap?” Shi Hao asked for a while.

This time, Dharma’s End has never dare to explore the situation there.

Because he knows, if the strangement is not dead, as long as he explored, it will be a strangement to be ancestral, so that all the plans must collapse.

In this case, he not only did not actively release any Streamth, but even constantly converge, preventing the uncanny Omen to be perceived.

At the same time, he does not believe in Zhou Tong, because this is not practical.

The same as the court, Shi Hao is very clear about this Battle Stregth, even with an enemy, absolutely impossible, especially after he insisted on more than ten thousand years later, after the ancestor Other IMMORTAL Emperor, which is unknown, has not been stunned, has all been returned.

At that time, it is no longer as simple as an enemy.

There is no presence of Dao Realm to take such an attack.

“Let’s fight again!” YE FAN SAID SOLEMNLY.

“All Heavens has already sinking such a long time, now in the world, it is in the war. It is also a thorn of Uncanny Omen’s virtuality. The situation there is really worrying over the plateau!” Ye Fan said.

shi hao is silent, then Nodded.

Today’s situation is really much better than what he has envissed.

Originally, the real fairy emperor-level exists only one of him, even Liu Shen is still cultivated in his Law Pool. SHI HAO calculates all Heavens Heaven, can’t find a hope. Heaven is only Fairy Luo and Meng Hai, and they are still unrealistic want to recover past history.

But with the appearance of Zhou Tong, everything has changed.

Heaven has a Kunpeng Old Ancestor that exceeds him expect. This is what he did not count in Lifeform; after it was more expected, it was reasonable to say that the pollen didn’t have this. Quick rescue is true; there is also the son of Zhou Tong, and it has become Immortal Emperor.

The appearance of these three IMMORTAL EMPERORs can be rewritten to a large extent.

and they, in addition to ourselves, there are YE FAN, WITHOUT Beginning, the three people, even if Liu God has not completely recovered, this strength is also called a slanting.

The only thing is not enough, the rituals are still only reached by one person, even close to this Ye Fan, there is currently no REACH THIS REALM.

“Such strength, can you really completely die of the ten ancestors?” Shi Hao is unclear.

But with their decisions, the battle is once again started.

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