Dao Testament – Shrouding the Heavens Chapter 1560

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All Heavens Myriad Domains, the war again.

shi hao, Ye Fan and the Others’ secret, some of the Heaven’s Chosen and Powerhouse in this life, “accidentally found” Uncanny Omen’s trail, and then chased past and pulled the war with all Heavens .

“What is that?”

However, shortly after the start of the war, all the sky seems to have become likely, as if as if Dreams and visions in a bubble, I saw the endless distant place, something is gradually clear, presenting In front of everyone.

This A INSTANT, all parties of the people of WORLD shocked, everyone is uneasy, Between Heaven and Earth is like Heaven-Shaking, Earth-Shattering Major Event burst.

I saw a new altar slowly emerged from in the sky, it was in the world, although it looks ambiguous, but there is a magnificent and pound of breath. Sorrow.

During this time of All Heavens Dharma’s End, Uncanny Omen is naturally not idle. Their ancestors are still with the Zhou Tong war and confrontation, but the following Immortal emperor began to rebuild the altar.

The esteem sacrifices are their fundamental, is the source of their strengthenth, especially for so many years, they have been consumed by Zhou Tong, they don’t make it, if they are not big, I am afraid they will slowly Point done.

At this moment, all of ALH Heavens, with the appearance of this altar, no matter who, no matter where you are, there is a feeling of ending.

“big sacrifice, will !!”

Icy ruthless sound comes from above the altar, Uncanny Omen’s Immortal Emperor once again, once again, ALL Heavens.

“hong long!!”

is almost a instant, a big world is dying, I saw a golden hair, the cold, ruthless, ruthless from the top of the sky, directly to the entire big world crash.

Even if there is a fairy King-Level’s presence against the sky, but everything is futile, they have not collapsed directly, and they are directly collapsed.

“ah !!” Countless screams from the big world.

However, it is still useless, the person who is out is Immortal Emperor, he will break the whole world, all Lifeform is all blod Mist, and finally he grabs his hand, put on the altar.

The whole process is very bloody, a big world LifeForm is so direct sacrifice.

But this is just a beginning. Uncanny Omen is really no way by Zhou Tong. Only the big festival that is unprecedented is likely to make up for their losses.


I saw this scene of WITHOUT BEGINNING angered, and he rushed throughout him, killing it directly to the altar.

is already the Immortal Emperor hierarchy, he is fearless, strong, and directly enters the altar.


Seeing Ferocity Great Emperor also wants to shoot, Ye Fan stops in time, said: “These two IMMORTAL Emperor should not be WITHOUT BEGINNING in a short time, just see what UNCANNY Omen has any means.”

Altar Hao Muran, WITHOUT Beginning Great Emperor Turn on the horns Heaven and Earth Reverse, Years Backward

“hong long!!”

But at this time, we also fell out, and many stones flew out, they were not targeting without beginning, but to other big world, the most important thing for them is the sacrifice.

Only enough sacrifice can we let them pass this robbery.

Turn over a day, countless big world collapse, and see this scene, Ferocity Great Emperor can’t help but shoot, with her strength of Emperor-Level, natural can be unknown. Dao Ancestor kills.

Have her hold, the existence of the Dao Ancestor hierarchical Impossible continues to find a sacrifice for their great sacrifices; and the existence of the Dao Ancestor level is completely fixed by others.

The strength of a strange group is largely dependent on the Uncanny Omen substance.

But now, their ancestors, their existence of the immortor-level is not a sufficient migrant, and the rest of the ordinary clandsman rely on the mystery of Breakthrough?

So these years, their strength has increased much, far less than ALL Heavens and Heaven growth.

However, at this time –


Suddenly, a palm is pressed from the sky, and it is heavy to take him with the WITHOUT BEGINNING.

“hong long!!”

When you play 2nd strike in this palm, Ferocity Great Emperor shots in a timely manner.

and then the body of WITHOUT Beginning is re-condensed in the direction away from the altar.

However, after WITHOUT Beginning recovered, Pupil Light died in a direction. It is a figure that is bolding Black Blood, and there is a coffin made of fairy gold behind him.

This person comes out from a weird plateau overlooking everything below Silhouette.

Although he attaches the proud of ALL Heavens, no matter who can see, his status is not very good. His body is just like sticking with a tape, even even his fairy coffin behind him is covered with cracks, like almost being thrown.

“the beginning ancestors !!”

“What about that ghost?”

The two Immortal Emperor above the altar can’t help but exclaimed. Their the ancestors have come out, and the ghost thing that has been fighting for thousands of years in the plateau has been resolved by their ancestors. ?

is right, weird call Zhou Tong is “ghost thing”.

Because he resurrected too much, it seems that no matter how to fight, no matter how to kill, you can re-resurrect, so complicated, so they call Zhou Tong as “ghost things”.

“Even if his life force is more stubborn, we have killed thousands of years, and we will always be willing!” This ancestor said with a sneer.

“The strangement of the ancestors came out, it seems that Zhou Tong is really dangerous !!” Ye Fan is also sinking.

“However, he came out, turned out or dragged the body? And why only have him a ancestor? Other ancestor?” shi hao eyes slightly, secretly observed.

If the number of the ancestors returns a few times, he will also take care of what plans and shoot directly.

“In fact, the ghost thing is quite amazing, Alone is more than nine people, but can still achieve such a game.” At this time, the second ancestor appeared, he also Like the ancestor, it is horrible to hurt.

The wooden coffin behind him has also been hit hard, and it seems to be a boasting machine. Nowadays, it is a dead.

“For thousands of years, our ancestors have been completely changed by him.” The third ancestor appeared.

“However, he still defeated, we killed him sixty five times, and killed the last one hundred years ago, he finally did not appear again.” The fourth ancestor also appeared.

“So, we concluded that he is gone!” The fifth ancestor came out.

“Today’s big sacrifice ALL Heavens, the big sacrifice Heaven!” The sixth ancestor appeared.

but only six people, the strangement of the ancestors have graduated to the final six people.

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