Demons Beside You Chapter 3218


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Zhou Lin can’t sit still.

Even if Wang He is by his side, he can’t help but wink at Chen Zhao.

Unfortunately, Chen Zhao is just an iron bump, and he didn’t get Zhou Lin’s eyebrows at all.

“Mr Chen, are you interested in investing in a domestic movie?”

“No.” Chen Zhao blunt rejected Wang He’s proposal.

Just kidding, outsiders invest in entertainment projects.

There are 8-9 bones left to be swallowed.

Hollywood is the same, as is the domestic entertainment industry.

Be able to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry and pay the tuition first.

You’re welcome, even if Chen Zhao is the richest man in the world.

As long as you dare to enter the pit, then wait to be pitted.

Even in Hollywood, Chen Zhao only invests in Steven and James movies.

No, it cannot be said to be an investment, it should be said that it is lending money to them.

If the movie makes money, even their interest.

If the movie loses, then only pay back the principal.

Chen Zhao would rather buy a house, in fact, he does it too.

For example, in Magic City, Chen Zhao bought several high-end apartments.

However, Chen Zhao’s luck is good. Most of his purchases after the New Year have a slight appreciation.

Of course, this is also because of the development of the magic capital.

The better the economy of the city, the greater the room for appreciation.

“Chen, I remember that you bought several houses in China. It happens to be during the period when I came to China, let me stay for a few days.”

“f**, you and the film crew are going to the shooting location soon. My house is a new house, I don’t want to be polluted by you.”

Wang He and Zhou Lin are both bright.

Wang He asked: “Chen, where is the documentary that Mr. Steven shot this time?”

“Dragon Tiger Mountain.”

“Is there enough people in the production team?”

Chen Zhao looked at Wang He seriously: “This time the documentary is not a human being, do you still want to be on the scene?”

“Can’t it? It’s good to give a few scenes anyway.” Wang He said.

After all, Steven’s last documentary has attracted attention all over the world.

This is more successful than all current domestic shows or TV dramas.

If it can appear in Steven’s new documentary, it will definitely gain great exposure.

“The documentary has no scene for you at all, okay, do you still want to force it into the lens?”

It is not difficult to give Wang He scene, the key is how to give it reasonably.

Wang He is a celebrity, do you have to run a documentary to get a sense of existence?

“Really can’t it?”

“Get out of here, I’m sorry to ask you for a scene.”

Wang He laughed awkwardly, and did not continue to force Chen Zhao.

Even he himself is sorry about this.

Although I know that this documentary is a good opportunity to brush my face.

But he couldn’t think of a reasonable way to be included in the documentary.

Zhou Lin was unable to cut in the whole time.

Chen Zhao and Steven stayed at Wang He’s house for more than an hour.

In the end, Wang He and Zhou Lin personally sent them out.

“Brother Wang, who came with Mr. Steven, who is it?”

“Who, leave it alone.” Wang He said indifferently: “In short, he is not something we can offend.”

Wang He didn’t plan to share his dark history with Zhou Lin.

“He seems to be able to speak in front of Mr. Steven.”

“What you said? Did you look at Mr. Steven’s face without looking at him.”

Wang He knows very well that Chen Zhao nodded agreed with the role he could get.

At the beginning, I set up the company by myself and invited Chen Zhao to invest because Chen Zhao has huge Hollywood resources.

But these things, he wouldn’t tell Zhou Lin.

This kind of resource section is very scarce.

He will not share it with others.

Up to now, the domestic entertainment circle is also speculating.

Why Wang He can get Steven’s protagonist role.

Know that the original Wang He was nothing but a celebrity that was faster than his breath.

There are countless celebrity with better resources and better conditions than him.

However, the little-known Wang He got the role.

Only Chen Ke knows the specific reason for this incident.

And Chen Ke is also Chen Zhao’s cousin.

The two are now the pillars of the company.

Their market positioning does not conflict.

And Chen Ke is also a shareholder of the company.

During this year, both of them made a movie.

The box office is pretty good, and Chen Ke is better than Wang He.

She also participated in several variety shows and the effect was quite good.

At least, the exposure has topped many female artists in China.

There are box office, good looks, and talent.

In addition to his own pleasing personality, Chen Ke is already the highest female celebrity in China.

Wang He looks weaker.

Actually this is because of his age.

In China, there are a few more elder celebrities and ten billion box office gentlemen.

Wang Heding Tian is equal to them.

Of course, Wang He’s exposure is also not low.

Now his coffee position remains in the top line in the country and is quite stable.

This thing is difficult to get up, and it will not come down suddenly.

As long as he doesn’t get involved in pornography, gambling, and drugs, it is easy for Wang He to maintain his current coffee position.

Wang He thought for a while, and dialed the number of Chen Zhao who had just left.

“Chen… Brother Chen, ask something.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Well, can I tell the media about Mr. Steven’s arrival today?”

“Let me ask…” After more than ten seconds, Chen Zhao said: “Steven said casually, as long as it was not enough.”

Wang He was overjoyed and immediately contacted his agent.

Have the agent compile a briefing and send it to the partner media.


In the middle of the night, the entertainment industry exploded.

The No. 1 director of the world visited Wang He’s residence in the middle of the night.

Suspected of inviting Wang He to star in his new movie.

It won’t work if it doesn’t explode. Steven’s name is so easy to use whether it is at home or abroad.

A well-known entertainment reporter contacted Wang He’s agent. The agent positively affirmed that Steven really visited Wang He and confirmed that Wang He will indeed appear in Steven’s new movie.

Now the entire entertainment circle is speculating about Wang He’s approach.

I was able to get Steven’s movie character twice in a row.

Only one person knows the situation.

Chen Zhao and Steven have just returned to the hotel.

up ahead, come over two women, one of them is Chen Zhao’s cousin Chen Ke.

The other woman is Chen Ke’s assistant.

In front of Chen Zhao and Steven, Chen Ke took off his sunglasses.

“Mr. Steven, how are you?” Chen Ke glanced at Chen Zhao again: “Cousin, why didn’t you tell me when you returned home.”

“Just returned to China.” Chen Zhao scratched his forehead: “Steven, if you are tired, go back to the room first. I will talk to my cousin.

Steven nodded, while looking at Chen Ke with a smile: “Chen, it’s nice to see you again, but I’m really tired now, but I’ve been on the plane for 20 hours. If you are free, we Talk to tomorrow.”

“Of course, I wish you a good night’s sleep.” Chen Ke responded with the same smile.

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