Demons Beside You Chapter 3221


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When Chen Zhao got up for activities on 2nd day, he found that the hotel lobby was already full of entertainment reporters.

Fortunately, the security of the hotel is still in place.

No entertainment reporter broke into the floor of their bag.

Chen Zhao went in and out of the hotel generously, after all, no one knew him.

Also, Ye Ziqing had arranged a professional security team last night.

Of course, the security team that Ye Ziqing looked for was paid by Chen Zhao.

This team has 20,000 soft sister coins a day. There are no other characteristics, only three points, professional, professional and professional.

It’s not the kind of thing that looks like wearing a suit and sunglasses, it’s really high-level.

He is quite famous in the industry and has served many celebrities.

At noon, Chen Zhao and Steven went out.

There is the service of a security team, even if there is entertainment media blocking the door.

They also left the hotel smoothly.

For some entertainment reporters, whether at home or abroad, it is quite bad.

So Chen Zhao needs to take it seriously.

There was once a paparazzi deliberately hitting a celebrity car.

Then use first-hand news to create topics.

For them, there is nothing they dare not do.

At the restaurant arranged by Wang He.

Chen Ke has also arrived.

Wang He has taken over the restaurant, so there is no need to worry about disturbing them.

“Steven, after this meal, you won’t have any good days to live.”

“I always feel that I will go to the execution ground after this meal. Is the executioner ready?”

Wang He invited the chef this time.

There are two main dishes.

Fortunately, everyone has a good appetite, so there is no waste.

Steven was quite satisfied.

“Chen, Wang, next time you go to Los Angeles, I will treat you to the best.”

“Steven, isn’t my restaurant the best? I always feel like you are going to my place again.”

Steven gave Chen Zhao a middle finger: “I also have a restaurant, and I recently hired a chef who used to work in a Michelin restaurant.”

“But it’s still the best in my restaurant.”

Chen Zhao will not admit defeat in this regard.

“It will not be long before the best restaurant in Los Angeles will become mine.”

“I have the ingredients you don’t have, and you have the ability. Don’t steal ingredients from me in the future.”

Steven’s stealing food is not one or two times.

In fact, Steven’s new restaurant is positioned as mid-range.

The chef of the Michelin restaurant he invited actually served him personally.

So Steven’s restaurant and Chen Zhao’s restaurant basically have no competition.

Wang He has a restaurant in Moyu, but the restaurant he invested in is considered a high-end restaurant.

But his restaurant is still in a fan-oriented restaurant.

The three have their own restaurant experience, so the topic has become more.

Chen Ke does not run a restaurant, but she can answer the conversation.

It doesn’t seem to be left out.

And Chen Ke’s own cooking skills are pretty good.

At least it belongs to the edible type.

And also said that if there is an opportunity, you can invite everyone present to taste her cooking.

A meal is eaten from noon to more than three in the afternoon.

Then one after another said goodbye.

Chen Zhao and Steven are the least urgent.

Because they have to wait for the consignment of filming equipment to be delivered to Dragon Tiger Mountain.

Chen Ke and Wang He both have jobs.

As long as they wish, they can receive more than 30 programs in a month.

Make one or two billion soft sister coins in one month.

Of course, the consequence of doing so is moral damage.

After the dinner, Chen Zhao asked Ye Ziqing to go to Dragon Tiger Mountain first.

First communicate with Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master.

However, Chen Zhao arranged express consignment.

The so-called express consignment is to add money.

Under normal circumstances, shipping companies have express consignments.

If the service staff tells you no, it can only mean that the money you added is not enough.

Chen Zhao did not encounter such an answer.

On the 3rd day, the consigned equipment reached the Dragon Tiger Mountain boundary first.

Yi Ziqing also contacted Chief-In-Charge taught by Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master.

When Chen Zhao and the others arrived at Dragon Tiger Mountain, an Old Daoist Priest was in charge of receiving Chen Zhao and the others.

The authentic English spoken by Old Daoist Priest also saves Steven and the others from worrying about some problems.

“Hello Mr. Chen, I am Daoist Wu, and I am a grandson of Heavenly Master. I am responsible for receiving you this time, and I am also responsible for communication and cooperation during the shooting.”

“Hello, do you know me?”

“Well, the last time Mr. Chen visited Dragon Tiger Mountain, I was with Heavenly Master at the time.” Daoist Wu said, “But Heavenly Master didn’t seem to say that you will be there in the past few days. Nothing to prepare.”

“We are also in a hurry, so I didn’t notify you in advance.” Chen Zhao said: “Let’s talk about the shooting details now.”

Steven took out a script: “Mr. Wu, take a look. This is the script. At the same time, we also have a character that connects me, the protagonist, and Dragon Tiger Mountain. In the setting, this person It’s my friend. I came to Dragon Tiger Mountain to visit my friend, which is the serial character.”

Daoist Wu’s eyes lit up: “Mr. Steven, do you think I fit this role?”

“It is best to have some experience of going abroad. According to the setting, I originally wanted to study abroad, and then worked in my studio, and then I still contacted after returning to China…”

Daoist Wu added: “I have taught abroad.”

Chen Zhao is in a trance, teaching abroad, and now runs Dragon Tiger Mountain to be a Taoist priest.

Are Taoists so popular now?

Steven thought for a while, although there are roles in the script.

But this small change is not a big problem.

Chen Zhao looked at Daoist Wu, he was indeed different from the average Taoist priest.

The feeling he gave Chen Zhao and Steven was wisdom and peace.

It can be seen in some of his gestures.

He must have been abroad.

His English is not only fluent, but also does not have a domestic accent.

Some words are also quite routine.

“Yes, you can take a look at the setting of this character. Let’s talk while walking… By the way, when will we see the protagonist of this shooting.”

“I will take you there now.”

“There is no danger, right?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Steven, the Divine Beast of Dragon Tiger Mountain is a psychic. You can communicate with him in the same way as normal people. He can speak, but he can’t speak English.” Daoist Wu said. He glanced at Chen Zhao again: “Also, with Mr. Chen here, you shouldn’t need to worry.”

Daoist Wu knows Chen Zhao very difficult to deal with.

After all, I dared to go to Maoshan Inner Sect to make trouble.

Chen Zhao is the only one who can still jump around.

Steven nodded, indeed, he is also worried about security issues, so he strongly urged Chen Zhao to return to China with him.

Chen Zhao must be present especially during the filming.

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