Demons Beside You Chapter 3222


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Daoist Wu took Chen Zhao and Steven to the mountainside of Dragon Tiger Mountain.

Stopped in front of a cave with an iron gate.

This is on the side of the cliff, and the narrow plank road is the only way to get here.

Under the cliff is a cloud-wrapped scenery, quite the impression of Immortal Qi surrounding.

Daoist Wu knocked on the iron door with the brass handle.

At this moment, a rough voice came from the cave.

“The door is open, come in by yourself.”

Daoist Wu pushed the door hard.

But I didn’t push it away.

Chen Zhao stepped forward and extended a helping hand, pushing the iron door open.

There are lights in the cave, and a large-screen TV, which is still on at the moment, playing a program.

There is also a strange animal nesting in the corner, about four meters tall, looking lazily at the person.

There was no reaction when I saw Daoist Wu.

When I saw Chen Zhao, he paused slightly.

But the moment he saw Steven, the strange beast stood up suddenly.

Then trot in front of Steven: “Hello, I am your fan.”

Steven can’t understand the Chinese of the strange animal in front of him.

Originally, when he looked at this strange beast, he was not at all particularly frightened.

After all, after I am used to seeing Amon, I will look at other demonic beasts.

The strange beast in front of me is far worse than Amon.

But when the strange beast ran in front of him, he was still taken aback.

After all, he doesn’t know if this strange beast will bite him.

“Chen, what did he say?”

“He is your fan.” Chen Zhao shrugged.

It was the first time he saw such a humane beast.

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Steven, he is the Divine Beast in Zhenshan taught by our Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master. He passes prison.”

Steven was a little disappointed, and pulled Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao said to Daoist Wu: “Does this name have any special meaning?”

“Penetration is heaven and earth Spirit Beast, he can recruit the soul of the Netherworld, and he can also infuse the spirit body into the Netherworld Hell.”

“Can it be bigger?” Steven asked.

“Yes, but Transformation Technique is not very good.” Daoist Wu replied.

“Chen, do you think he is a little small.” Steven secretly glanced through the corner of his eyes, “I feel so weak.”

“Weak? He is more powerful than Amon. I don’t know how many times.” Chen Zhao rolled his eyes and said, “Amon is big, there is nothing but big, but this way, he… you can think of him as A child bred from heaven and earth.”

“But it’s not big enough…”

Chen Zhao rolled his eyes vigorously, and it was really difficult to communicate with laymen.

“He can summon the soul of the world of the dead, or send the soul into the world of the dead. You can rely on this in the setting of the plot.”

Steven thought for a while and said, “You help me tell him, can you summon the soul of the dead, and I will see the effect.”

Chen Zhao nodded, said to the prison: “You use your ability to show us.”

“It’s not possible here. Go to an open place outside.”

The crowd came to the mountain stream below the cliff.

The prison lifted his front paws and slapped them heavily on the ground.

In an instant, a hole cracked in the ground.

Then the opening kept being torn apart, getting longer and longer.

The crack has been spreading several dozen meters, and flames are burning below the crack.

Immediately afterwards, hundreds of spirit bodies emerged from the crack.

Steven can’t see the spirit body, but feels vaguely cloudy winds.

“Chen, whether or not a soul came out of this crack?”

Chen Zhao nodded, said to Tong Jail: “Can you summon some of the stronger spirit bodies? If you summon these ordinary spirit bodies, the audience will not see them even if they are photographed.”

“Understood.” The prison immediately understood Chen Zhao’s needs.

moved towards the sky with a loud roar.

one after another Black energy rose from the rift.

What follows is a huge and terrifying spirit body.

This is not a human soul, but a fierce beast soul.

This beast’s soul is very big, and there are fifty-sixty meters in half of its body.

The whole body is steaming black gas.

The prison is in front of it, like a little chicken.

But through the prison, he opened his mouth to the huge beast soul.

The beast soul was sucked into the mouth of the prison uncontrollably.

Then he hiccuped.

“Can summon be bigger?”

“Yes, but I can’t finish it.” Replied through prison.

“Did you eat that?”

“Yes, otherwise, what do you think heaven and earth Spirit Beast eat?” The answer to the prison was quite humane.

Maybe it’s been a long time in contact with people, except that they don’t look like people.

Actually, the thinking mode is no different from that of human beings.

Chen Zhao repeated the sentence to Steven.

Steven’s eyes lit up, and he already had a general idea in his mind.

“Chen, I have an idea. This crack can be regarded as the entrance to hell. It has always existed in the depths of this mountain. There is always a terrifying Evil Spirit who always wants to lead his Evil Spirit army. Invading the human world, the duty of prison is to stop the powerful and terrifying Evil Spirit.”

“It feels a bit like the first documentary.” Chen Zhao said his feelings.

The protagonist replaced Amon with a prison, and the villain replaced the king of demonic beasts with Evil Spirit.

“Appropriately add some side stories, such as the past through prison, his grievances with Evil Spirit, these are all very good gimmicks.”

“Anyway, you are an expert in this area, you have the final say in the story.”

Chen Zhao also helped Steven convey his thoughts, Chen, to the prison.

Tong Prison is very interested in filming and has ideas.

So when I learned that I had a lot of stories, I was even more excited to tell my story.

Then Chen Zhao and Steven went down the mountain and returned to the hotel.

Steven needs a relatively complete script, at least there should be no obvious loopholes.

This process takes another three days.

Of course, these three days are not that absolutely does not have filming.

For example, some scenes related to Daoist Wu.

First of all, Daoist Wu will pretend to be an Old Acquaintance old friend Steven has not seen in years.

In Steven’s plot setting, Daoist Wu used to be a university lecturer on the American side.

I met Steven over there.

Of course, when Teacher is true, the second half sentence is false.

After writing the script, Steven will check the draft with Tong.

Although he is not a human being in prison, his wisdom is not low, and his memory is also very good.

One thing is that he always likes to join his performances.

Every time you read a line, use a deep, hoarse voice.

“Hey, don’t speak in this tone, what I want is mysterious, not mature uncle.”

“I think I am a mature uncle in your human world.”

Steven had a headache, and Amon was much better than this guy.

At least Amon won’t add drama to himself.

“If you do this again, you better change the director.”

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