Demons Beside You Chapter 3223


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The shooting didn’t go well. The main problem was not the lack of cooperation in prison.

It’s just that he plays too much, he is too expressive.

Steven doesn’t want a creature that looks up at the sky at a 45-degree angle every time he remembers.

When communicating with humans, you don’t call the other person’s name directly, but use an aloof and remote gesture to call the other human being.

If you really filmed the true face of the prison and broadcast it.

People will find out where the protagonist of this documentary is the tall Divine Beast.

Simply is a salted fish.

At least through Steven the past few days.

The more you know about jail, the more speechless he will be.

This is a real salted fish.

The salty ones can’t be saltier.

Unwilling to go out, gluttonous, undisciplined, and unhygienic, the four characteristics of a house are vividly and thoroughly displayed on his body.

Chen Zhao is also speechless. Originally, he came to give Steven peace of mind and act as a translator.

But during the filming process, Chen Zhao’s biggest role is to feed the prison.

But apart from the many jailbreak scenes, there is no other trouble.

With the help of Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master.

And the shooting location is Dragon Tiger Mountain mountainside again.

So there is no danger.

Those who could threaten the film crew were basically eliminated by prison.

The shooting this time was smoother than the last time I shot Amon.


“Tong, don’t watch the scene. The following scenario is that the hell gap opens again, and then a lot of Evil Spirit Legion gushes out. When you came, the situation was already very dangerous, but you still abide by your duties and try your best to stop Evil Spirit Legion’s invasion, when you were in a battle with Evil Spirit Legion, the Great General of Evil Spirit Legion, that is, the big boss hiding in Evil Spirit Legion, attacked you. You were seriously injured, and you still managed to seal the hell gap. For this you have to return to Dragon Tiger Mountain and ask the cultivators of Dragon Tiger Mountain for help.”

“The Great General of Evil Spirit? Why not the King of Evil Spirit? I feel that the King of Evil Spirit is more imposing manner.”

“Do you still want the second season? If the results of this season are good, then the second season must be launched. You have killed the king of Evil Spirit now. What will you play next season? Will you play Death God? ?”

“Uh…not impossible…”

“What about the third season?”

“Well, I’ll listen to you…” Steven convinced him through prison.

Chen Zhao took out a pack of cigarettes: “You are busy, I will go outside and smoke a cigarette.”

Chen Zhao hasn’t smoked for a long time. Originally, he was not a big addiction to cigarettes. Later, with children in the family, he smoked even less.

However, after listening to the brainless words of going through prison all day, Chen Zhao still felt that he needed to go out to relieve his boredom.

Otherwise, I can’t help but kill this guy.

Tong the same character as Zhang Tian.

Chen Zhao suspects that this guy is whether or not Zhang Tianyi’s illegal child.

It didn’t take long for Steven’s roar to spread throughout the mountain stream.

Chen Zhao exhaled a long breath.

I knew that the protagonist of this documentary was this virtue.

At the beginning, Zhang Tianyi should not be promised.

Don’t say that I paid for Zhang Tianyi.

Don’t even come even if you give money.

Chen Zhao thought about it for a while, and didn’t go down the mountain for several days.

Anyway, I am not a professional translator. Steven has Daoist Wu beside him.

In addition to appearing in the documentary, Daoist Wu is also responsible for translating Steven and prison.

So Chen Zhao decided to take a walk temporarily.

The way down the mountain is not easy.

However, Chen Zhao didn’t plan to fly down, but respected Dragon Tiger Mountain and walked down the mountain.

Any Sect will not tolerate others flying around on their heads.

even more how is such a top sect taught by Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master.

Half Chen Zhao walked, he heard a voice from the forest beside the mountain road.

Chen Zhao stopped and saw a dirty woman rushing out.

The woman looked yellow and thin, with messy hair.

Looking like I was xxed.

The woman was very excited when she saw Chen Zhao.

moved towards Chen Zhao rushed over: “save me ……save me ……”

Chen Zhao tilted his head and looked at the woman: “Young Lady, what happened to you?”

“I… my companion and I got lost here…” the woman cried hoarsely.

I looked like a pretty woman, but at this moment, I could not care about the image. Tears and nose kept coming out, wipe my face and body.

“Do you have anything to eat? Give me something to eat first…”

“Sorry…no.” Chen Zhao took out the phone and glanced: “I found no signal.”

“I will send you down the mountain, and I will report to the police.”

“Wait first…My companion is still inside, can you help me carry my companion out first, he is already unconscious.” The woman cried.

Chen Zhao thought for a while, but still agreed to the woman’s request.

“Is it far from here?”

“It’s not far, not far, about a thousand meters.”

“Then you lead the way.”

The woman slightly hesitated a moment: “I don’t want to go in anymore… I’m afraid I will get lost again. May I show you the direction?”

Chen Zhao looked at the woman and said seriously: “I am also afraid of getting lost. If you are unwilling to take risks for your companions, why should I take risks? Or you can report to the police now and go down the mountain and it will only take an hour .”

The woman obviously hesitated a little, her hands tightly squeezed together.

“Then…then I…then I will go in with you.”

“Let’s go.” Chen Zhao said in a tranquil voice.

The woman walked a bit slowly, and it seemed that she was not willing to move forward.

Chen Zhao looked back at the woman: “If you are not so active, I think you should go back now.”

“Wait…Don’t go, just ahead.”

“Then go faster, I don’t want to see a corpse.”

The woman is afraid that Chen Zhao will leave, so she can only speed up her pace.

It took more than ten minutes to walk for more than a kilometer.

The woman finally took Chen Zhao to a cave.

“My friend is in the cave. Please help me to carry him out.”

“This cave looks dark, are you sure there is no danger in it?”

“What can be dangerous, my friend and I spent the night in it.”

When facing the question raised by Chen Zhao, the woman seemed to lose one’s head out of fear.

The explanation was also mixed, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that she was lying.

In fact, Chen Zhao found a little suspicious when he discovered this woman.

There is a heavy monster qi on this woman.

At the beginning, Chen Zhao thought she was a monster.

But then it turns out that she is not a monster, but an ordinary person.

It’s just that you have been in close contact with monsters, so you have such a heavy monster qi on your body.

And this close distance may be as close as your lips.

Chen Zhao took out his mobile phone and dialed Daoist Wu directly.

Chen Zhao’s mobile phone has always had a signal, but Dragon Tiger Mountain has a full coverage of the 4G network.

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