Demons Beside You Chapter 3224


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Chen Zhao picked up the phone and was about to dial Daoist Wu’s number.

Suddenly a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl was drilled out of the cave, and moved towards Chen Zhao and bit it.

It was a big snake, and it had a pair of forelimb claws.

But it has no hind limbs, just a two-legged snake.

The body length is estimated to be more than 20 meters.

Chen Zhao grabbed the woman’s back collar and instantly exited the two-legged snake’s attack range.

The two-legged snake kept poking in Chen Zhao’s direction.

However, it has been extended for about 20 meters, and the body seems to be frozen, unable to move forward.

Chen Zhao uttered a soft question, but it suddenly appeared.

This two-legged snake monster should be sealed in a cave.

Then he used this woman to trick the innocent into feeding the two-legged snake.

The two-legged snake tried hard to Chen Zhao’s direction several times but failed.

He straightened his body, only half a minute away from Chen Zhao.

The fishy smell has assaults the senses.

But Chen Zhao is smiling and a little bit ridiculous.

Slowly took out the phone and looked at the two-legged snake: “If you don’t work hard, I can notify the priests of Dragon Tiger Mountain.”

“Woman, it’s time to use you!” shouted the two-legged snake.

The woman suddenly pushed Chen Zhao behind Chen Zhao.

But Chen Zhao is completely motionless.

“Are you in a group?”

The woman was a little dumbfounded. Did she use her strength just now?

Chen Zhao looked at the woman in front of him with interest: “I don’t know what benefits you can have in cooperating with this monster. Does he give you money or give you rights?”

The woman cried and said with a sad face: “I was poisoned, and I was poisoned by it. It said that I had to bring three people over and give it to eat before it would detoxify me.”

Chen Zhao glanced at the two-legged snake: “Quite thoughtful.”

“I was forced…I can’t help it.” The woman cried.

“Where is your so-called friend?”

“hehe…he has been eaten by me.” Two-legged snake said: “This woman lured her friend over without any hesitation.”

Suddenly, the two-legged snake moved towards Chen Zhao and breathed out a black smoke.

The black smoke directly enveloped Chen Zhao and the woman.

Seeing Chen Zhao being enveloped, the two-legged snake was overjoyed.

“haha…now you are also poisoned, now let me be obedient, otherwise, you will fester and die within three days.”

“Is that true?”

“hehe…you hold your life in my hand now, you must believe it if you don’t believe it.”

“I can change the method.”

Chen Zhao glanced around, then trot to a short distance and picked up a stone.

Then hit the head of the two-legged snake.

The big snake in two feet hurts, and it screams immediately.

“Human, you have the courage to be very big! You don’t want to live anymore.”

Chen Zhao picked up another stone and hit the two-legged snake.

“Anyway, I still have three days, and I can’t live after three days. Then I won’t let you get better.”

That woman looked dumbfounded, she had never seen such a naive one.

Anyway, she can’t do what Chen Zhao is so naive.

The two-legged basilisk is about to shrink back into the cave with a cry.

“If you dare to retract, I will go down the mountain to buy gasoline and pour it into your cave. I don’t believe you can neither water nor fire can approach.”

“Human, you are bully intolerably!”

“You are a snake, not a human.”

Chen Zhao, let’s go to another stone.

The two-legged snake also doesn’t understand how Chen Zhao is so powerful.

His body is so big that Chen Zhao can’t stand the strength of a stone.

Every time a stone falls on his body, he will be battered.

The two-legged snake is so painful that he wants to shrink back into the cave.

But I am afraid of Chen Zhao’s threat.

He has never seen such a difficult human being.

Even the Taoist priest of Dragon Tiger Mountain is a hundred times kinder than him.

“Woman, you are going to stop this bastard, do you still want to live?”

The woman hesitated for a long time, looking around.

Chen Zhao glanced at the woman: “Woman, you think carefully, even if you meet his conditions and trick three people into giving him food, will he definitely honor his promise? Not equal to me. He took out the antidote. Anyway, he is a turtle in the urn. He can’t attack us or run away. He won’t let us get better, and we won’t let him get better.”

The woman was silent for a while, and finally clenched the teeth, picked up the rock and hit the two-footed snake.

Where can her strength hurt two feet of a snake.

But the two-legged snake is mad.

“Woman, I want you to die! You are all! After I get out of trouble, I want you to die!”

“Hey, Lao Wu, I’m Chen Zhao, I’m in the woods halfway up the Dragon Tiger Mountain… Do you know what’s here? Oh… Give me something, there are more things, I send Text you.”

In half an hour, Daoist Wu came, and he was still riding a three-car.

There are a lot of disorderly things on the car.

Among them is the gasoline mentioned by Chen Zhao.

Daoist Wu stopped the tricycle firmly, and could not see the two-legged snake in the distance.

“What’s the matter, did this evil creature offend you?”

“He sprayed a black air at me just now, and then said that I will live a good life for three days. Didn’t I force him to have an antidote.”

Daoist Wu was speechless for a while, are you kidding me?

Just this snake demon who doesn’t even have a flood, can he threaten you?

“Then this woman is…”

“She was also poisoned, and she was threatened to send two rounds of benefits to the snake monster.”

“You are having fun, the camera crew is still busy.” Daoist Wu said, turning around and leaving.

The woman and the snake demon were a little surprised to see Chen Zhao and the Taoist priests of Dragon Tiger Mountain so familiar.

The woman saw Daoist Wu not panic at the two-legged snake.

I immediately guessed that Daoist Wu might have a solution to the trouble.

The two-legged snake thinks that Chen Zhao may also be a cultivator.

This made him even more alarmed.

If Chen Zhao is only an ordinary person, he will pass by just carrying it.

But if the other party is a cultivator, then the nature is completely different.

A cultivator faces a sealed monster and has 10,000 ways to make it worse than death.

Chen Zhao flipped over on the tricycle, picked up a circle of firecrackers, and suddenly showed harboring malicious intentions on his face.

The two-legged snake became more panicked and immediately yelled: “Humans, I will give you an antidote… I will give you an antidote, don’t mess around.”

“I don’t believe you will give me the antidote. You must be perfunctory, or you want to sneak attack me while I relax my guard.”

Chen Zhao had already lit the firecracker fuze, and then while the two-footed snake opened its mouth, he directly slammed the firecracker into the two-footed snake’s mouth.

When the two-legged snake reacted, the whole bundle of firecrackers had been stuffed into his throat.

crackle ……

The two-legged big snake produces smoke from its seven orifices.

He was very uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

The firecrackers wouldn’t hurt him, but it was uncomfortable.

I have seen a disgusting person, I have never seen such a disgusting person.