Demons Beside You Chapter 3226


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The two-legged snake looked at the woman.

“Are you courting death?” said the two-legged snake.

The woman calmly looked at the two-legged snake: “Are you still qualified to threaten me now?”

“I can eat you in one bite now, but you can’t resist.”

But the woman is still calm as usual, her face calm.

Instead, he looked at the two-legged snake with that kind of contempt and mockery.

As if their status has been exchanged at this moment.

“Are you not afraid of me? You were scared to death before.”

The woman seemed to have not heard the threat of the two-legged snake, and stood calmly watching the two-legged snake.

“You won’t end up much better than me.”

“Although that person caused me a little trouble, do you think this little trouble can really kill me?” The two-legged snake is still very confident.

Chen Zhao never showed any abilities beyond common sense from beginning to end.

The former Dragon Tiger Mountain priests also chose to stand by.

It makes him feel safe.

“One day is like this, two days is like this, three days is like this… what if every day? He seems to enjoy the process, how long are you going to endure? This is more painful than death.”

The two-legged snake is hearing this, falling silent.

“How do you untie this seal?”

The two-legged snake looked at the woman in surprise: “What do you mean?”

“My condition is very simple. I will help you lift the seal, and then you will kill that person.”

“Are you afraid that I will eat you first after I undo seal?”

“So we still need a guarantee between us to ensure that you will not lose faith.”

“I can swear.”

“A snake monster’s oath, do you think I should believe it?” The woman sneered.

“I am not a snake demon! Besides…what do you want?” The two-legged snake first corrected the woman’s name to herself.

The next day, Chen Zhao came again.

This time he brought many new props.

Even the sprinkler and generator have a set.

Sprinkle water while generating electricity.

The two-legged snake is suffering from torture.

Chen Zhao played until it got dark, and then he reluctantly said goodbye to the two-legged snake.

Not long after Chen Zhao left, the woman came again.

“How is it, how is your day?”

The two-legged snake does not speak, but even if he does not speak, the scars on his body cannot be hidden.

The big two-legged snake looked at the woman for a long time, protruding a black bead, and then said: “This is my poison pearl from the refining sac, which can avoid poison. For me, if I don’t use the poison pearl for three months , Then I will be poisoned to death by my own toxin.”

The woman picked up the poison pearl: “You give me this poison pearl, that is, if I destroy or throw this pearl, you will die?”


“Then is there such a possibility, you give me the poison pearl, I will undo the seal for you, and then when the poison pearl is needed for detoxification for the first time, I will return the poison pearl to you, when the time comes, I will I have lost the restraint on you.”

“You can find a cultivator and let him teach you how to refining poison pearl, or I can teach you.”

“Okay, let’s get back to business, how to unlock your seal?”

The woman is quite satisfied with the sincerity of the two-legged snake.

In fact, the seal of a two-legged snake is not difficult.

Just move one of the artifacts in the formation eye.

Two-legged snakes can get out of trouble.

So even an ordinary person can easily unlock his seal.

Under the guidance of the two-legged snake, the woman easily unlocked his seal.

“Finally free.” Two-legged snake exclaimed excitedly.

But at this time, a spiritual influence emerged from the untied formation eye and skyrocketed.

The two-legged snake complexion changed.


“What’s wrong?”

“There is something in this formation eye.”

“What? Didn’t you seal it?”

“No, I am also part of the seal.” The two-legged snake suddenly realized this at this moment.

It was precisely when he saw the change in the formation eye that he noticed it.

“Let’s go, that thing is coming out.”

“Go? Let’s not stay? You promised me to kill the man.”

The reason why women are so persistent that they want Chen Zhao to die.

Because Chen Zhao knew her black material.

She didn’t want to go to jail, nor did she want to be ruined.

She can trick her friends into feeding snakes here to survive.

It is also possible to kill Chen Zhao, an insider, for the sake of reputation and escaping from guilt.

So she was very reluctant to leave.

“Stay? If the thing below comes out, we will all have to die.”

“You can’t beat it either?”

“Just kidding, this is a seal with mountains and rivers and me as the core. The sealed thing is probably a hundred times stronger than me. If that thing comes out, it can kill us in minutes.”

be that as it may, but women are still not very affectionate.

Furthermore, she didn’t know what the two-legged snake said true or false.

“If that person comes and meets the sealed thing, he will definitely die, and we don’t need to act.”

Women hearing this, this is relaxed.

“Are you sure that person is dead, right?”

“I’m pretty sure.”