Demons Beside You Chapter 3228


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Although Zhang Tianyi and Chen Zhao both fell into the pit.

However, Chen Zhao still firmly believes that he was pitted by Zhang Tianyi.

Where is such a coincidence.

And the thousand-year corpse demon that was killed last night was outrageously powerful.

Even Chen Zhao himself is a little struggling.

And he also has a huge and terrifying Legion.

Proclaims to be the Millennium Legion.

Chen Zhao almost used the energy of milking.

Such a powerful enemy, if you say that you met by coincidence.

I didn’t believe Chen Zhao killed.

So Chen Zhao firmly felt that he had been pitted.

And in those thousand years of Legion, Chen Zhao has not been wiped out.

The environment in the crypt is mainly tangled and complicated.

Chen Zhao killed a thousand-year corpse demon.

If a big move is used, Millennium Legion may be able to eliminate seven to eight eight.

But this crypt cave is just below Dragon Tiger Mountain.

As soon as Chen Zhao made a big move, he would sink half of the Dragon Tiger Mountain.

When the time comes, Zhang Tianyi came back, afraid that he would really want to fight with himself.


“Chen, why are you so listless today.”

“If you have a friendly exchange with tens of thousands of robust men at night, you will also lose energy.”

“Sure, I remember your sexual orientation is normal.”

“I said I saved the world again last night, do you believe it?”

“If you don’t believe me, you have never been a character that can save the world.”

“It seems that you still don’t know me enough.” Chen Zhao lay lazily on Steven’s director’s chair: “How is your shooting? How long will it take?”

“It’s smoother than expected.” Steven said.

He didn’t expect himself, this time the shooting progress will be so smooth.

Much smoother than even the first documentary.

On the one hand, it is the cooperation of prison.

The other way is to shoot on land.

Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master taught and cooperated very hard.

So there is no trouble.

Secondly, the setting of the plot is in a controllable range.

“It will take about two weeks to complete the shooting of the material.”

“It’s still two weeks.”

“If you get bored, go out and play for a while.”

Steven is very generous this time, after all, he strongly asked Chen Zhao to go with him.

The main concern is that the risk is uncontrollable.

After all, they are not photographing people, but wild beasts.

But now I have been in contact with prison for a long time.

They discovered that the jailbreaker is a person wearing a wild beast.

His behavioral habits, way of speaking are no different from people.

Also have learning ability, and it’s pretty good.

During the shooting of half a month, the level of English through prison advanced by leaps and bounds.

“Are you sure you don’t need my help here, are you?”

“How can you help? Your original translation job is now almost unemployed.”

“Really unsympathetic guy, then I will go to the magic city first, and I will go there when you finish shooting.”

“Okay, let’s go, you are the biggest obstacle to the camera crew now.”

Steven is now abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal, and the film crew no longer needs Chen Zhao.

So Chen Zhao as it should be by rights was expelled.

In fact, Steven also knows how boring Chen Zhao is in the mountains.

I heard from Daoist Wu that Chen Zhao also got into a disaster neither too big nor too small.

Chen Zhao is not like Steven or other people on the crew.

Once you enter the working state, you are completely immersed in the shooting atmosphere.

So Steven still followed Chen Zhao’s wishes and drove Chen Zhao away, and Chen Zhao was also making trouble everywhere.

Chen Zhao’s whole body is exasperated when he hears Steven drive him away.

Chen Zhao has never been a person who can calm himself down.

In the past few days, Chen Zhao’s quietest time was to browse the classics in the Book Collection Pavilion taught by Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master.

Chen Zhao not only reads, but also takes pictures with his mobile phone.

After all, what Chen Zhao needs is not just a little bit.

Then print out the photographed things.

Chen Zhao bought a ticket to Magic City on the same day.

Away from Dragon Tiger Mountain, Chen Zhao could feel happy even when he was on the plane.

The mountains are so boring.

And Chen Zhao is always on guard against the pits Zhang Tianyi digs for him.

Because you never know when he was sold.

It’s not that Chen Zhao used a villain’s heart to save the abdomen of a gentleman. It is really that old man is a real villain.

“Sir, do I need something?” the flight attendant in the business class asked with a smile.

“Thank you, there is no demand for now.”

At this moment, a woman came over wearing sunglasses: “Thank you, please.”

Chen Zhao put her feet away, and when the woman passed by, she was slightly shocked.

Chen Zhao also noticed this woman’s momentary absence.

But Chen Zhao didn’t know this woman.

Chen Zhao thinks she may be the wrong person.

Silent all the way, only two hours of flight time.

When Chen Zhao got off the plane, Zhang Ting and Ye Ziqing came to the airport to pick them up.

“Boss, let me get things.”

“No.” Chen Zhao didn’t let the two women push the suitcase for him, because it didn’t weigh much anyway.

“Boss, are everything done?”

“No, Steven is still filming. I am bored at Dragon Tiger Mountain, so I will run away to relax.”

“Should I go to the hotel or go shopping in the city?” Ye Ziqing asked.

“Let’s go shopping first.” Chen Zhao said.

“Why don’t you go to the company to transfer first?”

“Okay, let’s go to the company.” Chen Zhao step one stopped: “This is also about to celebrate the New Year, or else go shopping first and give employees benefits.”

“Boss, we already have arrangements here, so you don’t need to spend money.”

The main thing Chen Zhao gave was pretty scary, or expensive.

A company manages its employees, not the higher the benefits, the better.

High welfare can make people lose the motivation to make progress.

So they think Chen Zhao should be restricted in this regard.

“Well, then… or everyone should give a mobile phone.” Chen Zhao said again.

Zhang Ting and Ye Ziqing smiled bitterly, and Zhang Ting could only be nodded: “Well, I will arrange it later.”

“You don’t need to take the company’s account, I will send it personally.”

For this result, both Zhang Ting and Ye Ziqing are used to it.

But now they also know Chen Zhao’s net worth.

If you talk about actual wealth alone, it is estimated that Forbes’ top ten combined are not as many as his.

So there is no need to repeat this little thing.

At this moment, Chen Zhao noticed a line of sight.

Chen Zhao turned around and saw the woman sitting next to him on the plane from a distance.

She is looking at herself in the distance.

“Wait a moment.”

Chen Zhao turned his head and walked towards the woman.

Only, seeing Chen Zhao coming, the woman immediately turned and left.

She seems to avoid Chen Zhao intentionally.

Chen Zhao not at all catch up.

After all, he and that woman really don’t know each other.

It seems rude to catch up hastily.

“Boss, what’s wrong with you?”

“No…nothing.” Chen Zhao shook the head.

Zhang Ting and Ye Ziqing have arranged a vehicle for Chen Zhao.

The three went to the animation company together. This is the second time Chen Zhao has come to the animation company.

Different from the first time, when I first came, the animation company was just a small workshop.

Now I have rented an entire floor in a famous commercial building.