Demons Beside You Chapter 3229


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“Shao Young Lady, we checked from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. The major shareholder of the animation company that rented our 19 layers is that person, named Chen Zhao, who is currently developing overseas. The specific background is not known.”

“It turned out to be an animation.” Shao Jiaqiu touched the chin.

“I also found out from the optoelectronics side that they filed an animation film project and the investment is quite large.”

“It’s already going on?” Shao Jiaqiu asked.

“Yes, in progress.”

“Manager Liu, if I want you to suspend the lease contract of the office building, how much liquidated damages do you have to pay?”

“Shao Young Lady, their company rents a floor for a year, the cost is 1.2 million soft sister coins, and the contract is three years. If it is interrupted in the middle, it will need double the annual rental cost. In addition…this will affect our Reputation, and the vacancy of the slab floor is also a loss. It is difficult for us to find a second company that can rent an entire floor in a short time.”

Shao Jiaqiu groaned for a while, and said: “I will give you 3,000,000, you will cut off the water and electricity of their company today, and order them to move out of the office building immediately.”

Manager Liu is embarrassed: “Shao Young Lady…”

“I know the chairman of your group very well, or I can speak directly to him.” Shao Jiaqiu said.

“Okay…” Manager Liu also had a headache.

Their group is not the kind of house in a small alley.

They are a big group with a market value of hundreds of billions.

He makes a little movement here, if it is magnified.

It will have an impact on the entire group.

Liu Yu is the regional manager of the Magic Capital Feihong Group.

Manage four office buildings in Zhumodu.

Basically, the tenants of these office buildings are covered by him.

Shao Jiaqiu is not an industry insider.

She thought it would be solved by opening her mouth.

In fact, the operation is far more troublesome than imagined.

Do you really think that a switch can solve the problem?

If you really want to do this, any small company can cause the stock price of one of the top few real estate companies in the country to plummet by several percentage points.

even more how the other party is doing anime, so entertainment and media must have contact.

Don’t offend anyone in the entertainment industry these days.

Of course, Shao Jiaqiu is also in the entertainment industry.

She knows the top of the group.

This is why Liu Yu gave her face.

Of course, face must be given, but skill is also required.

I really want to ignore the reckless past, I guess I should get in.

After Shao Jiaqiu left, Liu Yu began to consider how to deal with this matter.


“Chen, have you returned to the demons?”

“Your information is really well-informed. I now think more and more that you are doing spy work.” Chen Zhao teased.

However, Chen Zhao guessed that Wang He probably inquired from people around him.

Either inquire from the airline.

This kind of news is not difficult to inquire whether it is domestic or foreign.

“Are you free?”


“It’s up to you.”

“My dinner tonight is not yet settled, so let’s tonight.” Chen Zhao said.

“That’s OK, I will order the restaurant.”

“Don’t behave like last time. Find a Sichuan restaurant. I haven’t eaten Sichuan food for a long time.”


Although Wang He is a big celebrity, it is not difficult to find a Sichuan restaurant with better privacy.

The time was set, and Chen Zhao arrived on time.

But to Chen Zhao’s surprise, Wang He came earlier than him and brought a friend with him.

“Chen, let me introduce you. This is Lu Yibo.” Wang He said.

“Hello, Mr. Chen.”

“Hello, Mr. Lu.” Chen Zhao recognized this Lu Yibo.

He is not celebrity, but he likes news, and it’s entertainment news.

He is China’s richest man and a large real estate developer.

The reason why he keeps on the entertainment news is that all his girlfriends are celebrity.

Of course, his reviews are pretty good.

Before Chen Zhao made his fortune, Lu Yibo was already an influential figure in the entertainment industry.

Chen Zhao did not reject the acquaintance of Lu Yibo.

The three of them ate and chatted, from the entertainment circle to the business circle.

Anyway, you can insert a sentence on any topic.

“Recent business is difficult.” Lu Yibo said with emotion.

“Mr. Lu is kidding, you are the top richest in China. If you say that business is difficult, we may have to beg on the roadside.”

“I am engaged in real estate. Recently, banks have tightened money supply and the amount of loans has been drastically reduced. Real estate developers across China are looking for funds.”

After hearing this, Chen Zhao understood.

Why does Wang He bring Lu Yibo to this dinner?

It turned out to be to attract investment.

“Mr Lu’s company shouldn’t lack investors.”

“Mr Chen, to tell you, investors have, but all they can get is dirty money. If that money enters the company, it will be interviewed every minute.” Lu Yibo said, and his eyes looked sincerely. Chen Zhao: “Is Chen always interested in participating?”

“Is it your company? Or a project?”

“The company’s board of directors currently has no plans to expand shares, so it is a single project.”

“What item?”

“The tourism development plan on Da’ao Island.” Lu Yibo said.

Chen Zhao looked puzzled because he didn’t know what Okushima was.

Lu Yibo took out a document from his package and handed it to Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao opened the file, and only then did he know Da’ao Island.

This Da’ao Island is located in the Sea Territory off the magic city, and its geographical location is very similar to Los Angeles and Magic Island.

From the plan contained in this document.

The positioning of the Ooshima Island is similar to the Magic Island.

Perhaps because of the success of Magic Island, there has been an upsurge of island development all over the world.

The domestic market is no exception. Developers of all kind of sizes are all eyeing this Daodao Island.

This Dao Island itself is not at all Divine Item creatures.

However, it is said that there are treasures of immortals, and immortals flourish in every few moments.

This kind of scene is still very marketable in China.

Together with the help of the people who are interested, it has caused a lot of enthusiasm in the country.

Of course, there is still a long way to go before enthusiasm is transformed into benefits.

The success of Magic Island was also through waves of promotion.

Chen Zhao finished reading the documents and plan.

At this time, Lu Yibo said: “Now that the Magic City Government is bidding on Da’ao Island, is Chen always interested in participating?”

“How much does it cost to win the development rights of Ooku Island?”

“It is still unclear. At least 5,000,000,000 soft sister coins. I can take out 1 billion. I have raised 2 billion soft sister coins. There is still a 2 billion gap.” Lu Yibo said.

“If I buy a share, how much do I contribute, do I hold the share year-on-year?”

“Yes, it will hold shares year-on-year, but if you really get the development rights, the subsequent development investment will also be a year-on-year amount. The total investment is expected to exceed 20,000,000,000 soft sister coins.” Lu Yibo reminded Chen Zhao, don’t have money to invest Bidding, no money to develop, when the time comes is embarrassing.

“In other words, if I want to take the remaining share, I need at least 10,000,000,000 soft sister coins, right?”

“Mr. Chen, do you want the remaining 40% share?”