Demons Beside You Chapter 3230


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Lu Yibo originally thought Chen Zhao was an ordinary rich man.

After all, it was introduced by Wang He, and it is estimated that it is the same grade of assets as Wang He.

He also knows a bajiu who is the top richest man in China.

not at all Chen Zhao.

But didn’t expect Chen Zhao to open up the remaining 40%.

If it is calculated based on this 40% share, then at least 2 billion soft sister coins will be required during the preliminary bidding.

Moreover, this is still estimated investment, and this money is for the government.

If the development rights are taken, a year-on-year investment will be required in the later stage, at least eight 1 billion soft sister coins.

In other words, Chen Zhao has to spend 10,000,000,000 soft sister coins back and forth.

This is not a small sum.

Even Lu Yibo himself is a piece of cake.

Only then managed to make up 1 billion.

The man in front of him is silent, can he come up with 2 billion soft sister coins at once?

He is not a money launderer, is he?

He dare not ask for this kind of money.

Especially when black money is invested in such a large project.

A stolen money may directly lead to project failure.

“I don’t know what business Mr. Chen does?” Lu Yibo asked euphemistically.

“I paid twenty six billion dollars in taxes this year.” Chen Zhao said.

Lu Yibo sucked in a breath of cold air.

Chen Zhao does and so on, can he pay so much tax?

Being able to pay so many taxes also shows that Chen Zhao’s business is a legitimate business.

The unit of settlement is in U.S. dollars, which should be in Europe and America.

Otherwise, I have never heard of it.

After all, the top richest people in China are those.

A few up and down every year, basically counting with one hand.

Lu Yibo looked towards Wang He, Wang He nodded.

Lu Yibo was relieved immediately.

The look in his eyes towards Chen Zhao was much eager.

“Mr. Chen, in principle, I agree to your shareholding, but I have to declare in advance that although you own 40% of the shares, you only have one vote at the shareholders meeting.”

“I know.”

Chen Zhao has played these things anyway, and knows these rules.

This kind of rule is mainly created by the founder in order to prevent his power from being occupied by the majority shareholder.

It is mainly based on the establishment of a board of directors with all shareholders or agents above 5%. Whether it is 5%, 10%, or 40%, there will only be one vote.

This is conducive to the founders’ ability to win votes and prevent them from being kicked out by major shareholders.

Magic Island also adopts this mechanism.

However, Chen Zhao has three votes in the decision of Magic Island.

“Although we have reached an investment intention, I need to see a more detailed plan.”

“Of course, I understand that tomorrow I will give you the project plan and plan.”

Although Chen Zhao is still optimistic about this project.

But what we have seen so far is only a preliminary plan.

Compared to this, Chen Zhao didn’t know where Ookushi Island was.

To make a decision, it still needs to be handed over to a professional for market evaluation.

An enthusiastic conversation followed.

In the past, Chen Zhao saw Lu Yibo on the entertainment media as a prodigal son in love.

However, during the exchange, Chen Zhao felt that Lu Yibo’s emotional intelligence was very high.

It is also understandable that there is no high EQ impossible to have today’s assets.

The second fool really cannot survive in the market.

What I said is very comfortable, not a constant compliment.

It’s more like a friend’s ridicule, or find some interesting things to describe in a witty tone Chen.

“Chen always has a child, right?”

“There are two.” Chen Zhao nodded: “All are daughters.”

“How about my daughter, my three sons, wait another 20 years, and it is estimated that they will be staged a grievance from a wealthy family. What a headache.” Lu Yibo said in distress.

“Um…Mr. Lu is married?”

“No, I gave birth to my ex-girlfriend.”

“It’s Ye Lin, the female lead of “Mysterious”, which has a high TV ratings recently.” Wang He added.

Chen Zhao has never watched this TV series, but Ye Lin knows that she has been a domestic first-line actress for more than ten years and her main business is TV series.

Wang He and Lu Yibo are both people in the entertainment industry, so Wang He will not say anything.

Almost every girlfriend of Lu Yibo is a female celebrity, so both of them know everything about the entertainment industry.

The three of them talked mostly about the entertainment industry.

“President Chen, are you free tomorrow? Let’s go to Ooku Island together.”

“Okay.” Chen Zhao has nothing to do anyway, and he needs to personally examine the specific situation before investing.

This investment is not a small amount, and no sloppy is allowed.

It’s one thing to be optimistic about this project, but you will be more cautious when actually investing.

Eating a meal for three hours also reflects the domestic wine culture or wine table culture.

Many things are decided at the wine table.

But none of the three drank much alcohol.

Lu Yibo also wanted to invite Chen Zhao and Wang He to play.

Chen Zhao still refused, and Lu Yibo explained the content vaguely.

Chen Zhao is even less interested.

“Mr. Lu, I just took a plane today, and I haven’t had time to rest. Let’s have another day.”

“Well, I’m familiar with the magic city. Chen always contact me whenever he has time.”

“Chen, I will go with you.” Wang He obviously had something to say with Chen Zhao.

After bidding farewell to Lu Yibo, he took Wang He’s special car.

Wang He took the lead in opening the mouth and said: “The person from President Lu is okay and capable of doing business. The family is in politics, has background and ability. If President Chen is interested in domestic investment, you can consult He, but the amount of domestic bank loans has been tightening recently. Now everyone is short of money and is looking for external capital.”

Wang He said this, mainly to avoid misunderstanding Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao nodded: “But there are still few good projects.”

Chen Zhao’s investment goal is very clear, and that is what he can understand.

If it is something that only has a concept and cannot be seen in the actual product, Chen Zhao will never vote.

When converting concepts into income, it is certainly a huge profit.

But what can actually make a profit is in ten-thousand does not have one.

Chen Zhao never buys lottery tickets because Chen Zhao does not believe in speculation.

Speculation and investment are two concepts.

“I also invested some money in that Okushima Island.”

“Oh, how many did you vote?”

“Not much, just 200 million.”

Chen Zhao couldn’t help but glanced at Wang He deeply.

I didn’t see that Wang He was able to save 200 million net worth after two years of fortune.

“President Chen, that…… do you have any money left? I want to borrow some.”

“How much to borrow?”

“How much is it convenient for you to borrow?”

“You can borrow as much as you want, not more than twenty times your annual income.”

Chen Zhao is not interested in waiting 20-30 years to collect the money.

“You don’t need that many, maybe 100 million was enough.”

“You don’t have enough money invested?”

“It’s an investment, but it’s not a Daodao project. It’s a movie I invested in, a China Film Project.”